Ashly Perez Biography, Career at BuzzFeed, Is She Gay? Who Is The Girlfriend

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A lot of people would agree that Ashly Perez is one of such famous individuals who have made a name for themselves across the globe whereas virtually nothing is known about who they really are and what their story was before they attained their celebrity status.

If you are hoping to learn a thing or two about Ashly Perez online, you are most likely to be frustrated. It doesn’t matter how long and hard you dig, you’d be frustrated as you will probably only get to learn about her stint with BuzzFeed.

Anyway, we have done our own share of digging and here are the things we thought you should know about Perez; what we have here covered the basic facts of her biography, career at BuzzFeed and her love life. Is Ashly truly gay as widely speculated; if she is, who is her girlfriend? Get the facts here!

Ashly Perez Biography

If you ask the dame to tell you who she is, she would in all probability introduce herself as a producer, actor, and director. She would equally point out that she is a writer, and then tell tales about her accomplishments with BuzzFeed.

Presuming you press for more details, Ashly would stress her passion for creating content for the internet, declare her love for stories and assert her beliefs about women being favourably disposed towards changing the world.

Ashly Perez was born on the 8th day of July 1989 and we have authenticated that her place of birth was in California. It was equally confirmed that the lady is of mixed heritage – Korean, Filipino and Cuban descent. Owing to this, it was pretty difficult for Ashly to exclusively identify with a particular group while she was growing up. She had no option but to blend in and find an identity for herself wherever she finds herself.

To the best of our knowledge, Perez’s career in digital media wasn’t facilitated by a deliberate effort but a thing of chance. In fact, what she studied (international studies) at the private, non-profit Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, had nothing to do with the profession that brought her fame.

Career at BuzzFeed

Nope! Ashly Perez isn’t just a member of the BuzzFeed Community where everyone gets a chance to make a post. She was initially employed by the New York-based Internet media company where she got to take part in pre-production, production, and post-production activities of the social news and entertainment media outlet.

Her career at BuzzFeed started after a piece she wrote for the BuzzFeed Community went viral. According to Perez, she applied for a job with the outlet a few months earlier but didn’t get any feedback until her article circulated rapidly and widely on the internet. As it happened, BuzzFeed reached out to her and invited her to join its editorial team. She joined the digital media company in 2013 as an editorial fellow and subsequently became famous as a video producer and development partner of the company.

Starting out as a staff writer with the organization, she joined BuzzFeed Motion Pictures the next year and served as one of the creators of BuzzFeed Violet which instantly became a success story. As culled from VidCon, Perez is at the moment working with both traditional and digital media establishments. It is said that her focus is geared towards bettering the lots of coloured and queer women.


Is She Gay; Who Is The Girlfriend?

Disregarding the foregoing, Ashly Perez is known for her support for the LGBTQ+ community. Due to it, it has been assumed by many that she is a part of the community whereas others speculate on her sexual orientation.

Well, it was first revealed that Ashly Perez is sexually attracted to both men and women (bisexual) in BuzzFeed Violet’s You Do You production. She described the decision to reveal her sexual identity the way she did as an evolution, expressing that she only wanted to be more honest about her life. Specifying that the BuzzFeed Violet characters are based on real people, Perez contended that it was absurd for her to keep hiding her real-life queerness from viewers.

If there was any doubt still hanging around concerning her sexual orientation, Ashly cleared it on the 30th day of April 2007 when she that she’s gay, proud and happy. We can’t tell at the moment who her partner is.

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