Biography of Heather Watson – Who Are Her Parents, Husband And Net Worth

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It’s a common knowledge that not everyone can impress a crowd with swinging a racket. Even among those who can make this happen, only a handful of them gained fame and fortune out of it, including Heather Watson – a woman who has proved herself as a force to reckon with in British women’s tennis. She is easily one of the big names in the sport as she is among other things, a Wimbledon mixed doubles champion.

In 2012, the beautiful and talented Heather Watson became the first British woman to win a WTA singles title since 1988 when Sara Gomer attained the same feat. Earlier, in the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games, she emerged a gold medalist. Before then (in 2006), her great skills landed her the British Under-14 Championship.

At Wimbledon in 2015, this British beauty commanded the attention of the world as she came close to trouncing the almighty . The following year, she was a doubles partner of . These are just a few of the heights that Watson has impressively attained since her career began. Don’t stop reading if you want to find out more about this tennis player.

Biography of Heather Watson

Miriam is the middle name of this dazzling sportswoman; she was born in 1992, on May 19. Her place of birth is Saint Peterport, Guernsey. Heather Watson picked up a keen interest in sports at a tender age, you wouldn’t search hard to find that she started playing tennis at age 7, and went as far as testing the waters in softball by participating in a softball competition at the age of nine, and bringing the trophy back home.

Her parents played tennis regularly and supported her to develop her killer two-handed backhand. On attaining the age of 12, she landed a spot at Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida and in 2009, she ended up graduating from Pendleton High School. She once described the experience in the academy as a lot of fun as it was clustered with gorgeous boys.

Heather Watson set foot on the International Tennis Federation circuit in 2009 after competing for Bath $10,000 event but did not win a match. In 2010, she became a professional tennis player and in the same year, participated in the $25,000 ITF event in Sutton where she reached the quarterfinals. Her career skyrocketed to the top after her incredible play at the 2009 US Open where she emerged as the first British female junior in history to win in New York, as well as the second British player to claim the junior title. In the first round of the 2011 US Open where Heather lost in three sets to , she got commended by the tennis icon as being a great up-and-coming player.

Isn’t it said that there is no gain without pain? Heather has had her fair share of injuries. She suffered an ankle sprain in early 2012. It cost her a match with Victoria Azarenka in the first round of the Australia Open. In 2013, she was down with glandular fever.

Looking at Heather’s long legs, it is not hard to guess that she is tall. She stands at 1.70 m (5 ft 7 inches). Watson resides in Le Tennis, Maresfield, Sussex. She cites Serena Williams as her idol growing up.

Her Net Worth

Reports have made the rounds that Heather Watson is quite the saver when it comes to her money. Her exact net worth is still unknown, but rumor has it that it is under a million U.S. dollars.


Who Are Her Parents and Husband?

Heather’s father, Ian Watson began working for Guernsey Electricity in 1992 as a Financial Manager. He served as managing director of the electricity company from 1995 until 2010 when he went into retirement. Her mother hails from Papua New Guinea and goes by the name, Michelle. In 1988, the interracial couple crossed paths while Ian was working in the Pacific nation’s capital, Port Moresby. Both of them had both been previously married, giving Heather two sisters and one brother. From Heather’s stories, it is obvious that Ian and Michelle sacrificed a lot for their talented daughter to be where she is today.

To the best of our knowledge, Heather Watson is not married to anyone. But then, it is known that she is in a relationship with Lloyd Glasspool. Lloyd is also a British professional tennis player. Disregarding that, he’s famous at the younger brother of Parry Glasspool, the Hollyoaks actor.

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