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Bobby Guy was an American musician – who played the trumpet with great dexterity, that it heralded very melodious tones in the ears of the listeners of his music. He was a member of one of the best bands in America, and he played his chosen instrument so well, that it brought him fame and recognition.

Bobby Guy is also a US Army veteran, who took up the call to serve and defend his fatherland when the time and need arose. He is, in addition, a very loving husband, to a popular American actress and singer Rose Marie. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Bobby Guy Biography

Bobby Guy was born on March 28, 1916, as William Robert Guy in Lambertville – a small town in New Jersey, in the United States.  No information is available about his parents, who they were, or what they did to provide for their children. There is also no information about his educational background or where and how he learned to play the trumpet – the instrument that really made him famous.

Bobby Guy joined the very popular Kay Kerser band in 1936 when he was 20 years old. He had very distinctive body features; he was a lanky man and was well built. His physique presented him, as a bully, but he had a very amiable personality and brought his great sense of humor to liven up the atmosphere around the band always.

After spending a few years with the band, and making great music in the process, he left them briefly to join the US Army albeit his exact duties in the Army was never revealed. After serving for a while in the Army, he was honorably discharged and returned back to the Kay Kerser band, to continue making music.

In 1949, Bobby left the band and decided to seek new opportunities that were available outside the band. He joined the NBC orchestra shortly after his freelancing days were over, just before Johnny Carson took over as the show of the program. He stayed with the NBC Orchestra for 9 more years after joining them, until he finally left.

Bobby Guy’s Family Life

Sometime in the early or mid-1940s, Guy was performing with the Kay Kersey band in a nightclub, when he spotted a very beautiful lady, called Rose Marie Mazetta – who was also performing at the club. While giving an interview later on in her life, Rose Marie said that within three days of meeting Bobby Guy, she immediately knew that he was the one that she wanted to marry and settle down with.

Soon after they met, they began dating each other, which eventually culminated in marriage in 1946. Guy and Rose Marie, were married for 18 years, and had a child – a daughter they named Georgiana Marie Guy, whom they also affectionately called “Noopy”. At the time of their marriage, Guy was about 30 years old, while Rose Marie was 22, and approaching her 23rd birthday.

Sadly, Bobby Guy died suddenly on May 27, 1964, in Los Angeles, California. He was aged 48 at the time of his death and left behind a very devastated and inconsolable wife and a young daughter. The news of his death shook his fans, as he was such a brilliant instrumentalist.


Other Facts About Rose Marie’s Husband

  • Bobby Guy died from what his physician called “a sudden and overwhelming infection of his bloodstream.”
  • He was so good at playing the trumpet, that he featured on several albums of the legendary Louis Armstrong.
  • After the passing of Guy, his widow, Rosie never remarried – such was the depth of the love they shared, even though she was still a young woman in her very early forties. Rose Marie found the death of her husband a very hard pill to swallow, but for the sake of their daughter, Georgiana, she found the strength to continue her life and raise up their daughter.
  • For six months after Guy died, Rose Marie could not sleep alone in their bedroom, as it would bring back very painful memories of the loss of her husband. Even after her husband’s death, Rose Marie was still very fond of him and in his remembrance, she left the home they shared together “untouched” – to remind her of the good times they shared together.
  • Their daughter, Georgiana, is a television and movie producer and is carving a niche for herself in Hollywood.

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