Carl Thomas Dean – Biography and Net Worth of Dolly Parton’s Husband

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is an iconic country singer who commands a great deal of respect for being one of the industry’s most prolific singer/songwriters. Although she is well-loved for her forthright personality, there’s one part of her fascinating world she has carefully guarded for many years: her over five decade-marriage to the man of her dreams, Carl Thomas Dean. Unlike his superstar wife of many years, Dean doesn’t have a connection with the spotlight – he is reclusive to the point that he has never watched Parton perform or appear at public events with her. Nevertheless, this has never impacted their age-long relationship rather they’ve been a major inspiration to the younger generation within and beyond the entertainment circle.

Carl Thomas Dean’s Biography

Regardless of Parton’s eccentric and influential status, Carl Thomas Dean has successfully spent many years with the legendary singer and counting. It is no longer news that Dean is of a reclusive nature, but that has never stopped the media from sniffing around his life. Dolly’s husband was born in Nashville, Tennesse on July 20, 1942, to his parents; Edgar Henry Dean (father) and Virginia Ginny Bates Dean (mother). Carl was raised in Tennesse together with his two siblings, whose identities are not known to the public.

As a result of his very private nature, there is no information available online about his childhood, early life, family background, education, and career although he is said to have managed an asphalt-laying company which dwelt on pavements, in the ’70s in Nashville. At the time, he was living with Dolly in a 23-room mansion situated outside of Nashville. Carl Thomas Dean, until his retirement, was a businessman who comfortably some of trained Dolly’s nephews and nieces with his earnings and that of his wife.

Ever since the couple started spending their lives together under the same roof, Dean has never slowed down in showing his support for his wife’s flourishing career. The pair met for the first time when Parton was just eighteen years old. Carl reportedly hooked up with Dolly while he was driving by Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville. He had stopped his car to advise the singer to stay away from the sun to avoid sunburns and soon started a conversation with her. It was during the conversation that the country legend and her retired businessman husband felt the enchanting spark which has kept them together till now.

Nearly every aspect of their personalities compliments each other. When Dolly is not working, she and her husband enjoy each other and do a whole lot of things together. Some times, they embark on mini trips in their “little camper”, go for low-key dinners at their favorite local restaurants, and also have picnic lunches in the Tennessee countryside.

Parton and Carl Thomas Dean got married on May 30, 1966, in a little church at Ringgold, Georgia, United States, after they eloped because Parton’s record label had preferred her to stay unwed. The private ceremony was attended by Dolly’s mother (Avie Lee Owens).

Their marital relationship hasn’t produce kids and Dolly believes God wants it that way. Though the mic queen doesn’t have children of her own, she has plenty of nieces and nephew to dote on. She is also close with her superstar goddaughter, and has donated about 100 million books to children through her non-profit organization Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Carl and her superstar wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a quiet vow renewal ceremony in the year 2016, at their “big ol’ house” in Nashville.


Net Worth of Dolly Parton’s Husband

Over 50 years and counting, Carl Thomas Dean and his wife have loved and supported each other while respecting each others independence and career.

Despite Parton’s prominence on the big screens, Thomas has been private about his personal endeavors. The retired businessman may not have made wealth as enormous as his wife during his active years, but it is believed that he made wealth in his own way, though not publicly known.

To dwell a bit on the iconic country superstar, she boasts an eye-popping net worth estimated at $500 million; which is quite reasonable for a woman of her class. Carl Thomas Dean and his wife are into charity as well as known supporters of the Dr. Thomas Foundation.

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