Dana Loesch – Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Family Life of The Political Activist

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Following every case of gun violence in the United States, one person who usually comes out guns blazing in defense of the wide use and ownership of firearms in the country is conservative political analyst Dana Loesch. The writer and radio talk show host, has become famous for her appearances on TV networks such as Fox News, CNN, and ABC, among others. In addition, Dana is also a gun rights activist. She currently serves as the spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, a position that has brought her constant death threats. Read on to find out more about her work as well as about details about her personal life.

Dana Loesch Bio

Dana Loesch was born Dana Lynn Eaton on September 28, 1978, in the City of Missouri, United States. Details about her father are not known as she was raised in an extended family of Southern Baptists by her mother, Gale Eaton. Through her parents, she is said to be of Irish and Cherokee descent.

Loesch attended and graduated from Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, before enrolling at St. Louis Community College. There, she spent two years before transferring to Webster University to study journalism on a scholarship. Her stay at Webster was, however, cut short after she found out that she was pregnant. This prompted her to drop out of school. In order to support herself, she went ahead to find work as an investigative writer for St. Loius Magazine.

After a few years, Dana Loesch launched her own website called Mamalogues. Mamalogues got a huge boost after her work began to feature as a weekly column on a regional newspaper, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 2006 to 2008. In 2008, after winning the Riverfront Times’ “Best Newspaper Columnist St. Louis” award, Loesch switched to radio hosting. She launched the program, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative, on KFTK-FM in St. Louis. The show later became a national syndicate on Radio America.

In 2010, the late Andrew Breitbart hired Loesch to become the editor-in-chief of the conservative website, Big Journalism. Her stock continued to rise in the following years as she was hired by CNN to work as a political analyst in the build-up to the 2012 elections. Since then, the outstanding analyst has also worked for other mainstream networks including Fox News Network and ABC, among others.

Her Net Worth

Ever since she first appeared on television as a political analyst and commentator, Dana Loesch has become somewhat of a star. Her views and opinions are highly sorted after by a good number of news networks. As a result, the Conservative receives good remuneration for her work and her net worth is pegged at $2 million.

One of Loesch’s best paying jobs is working as the spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, who pays her an annual salary of $400 thousand dollars. She has further received good pay as a writer. She has published a few books including Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America (2014) and Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To (2016).


Family Life of The Political Activist, Husband

Dana Loesch is happily married to music producer, Chris Loesch. Chris is famous for his stylish goatee and mustache as pictured above. Just like his wife, Chris, is also an ardent gun rights supporter, as well as a writer, editor, and journalist at danaloeschradio.com. He also serves as his wife’s manager.

As alluded to above, the pair met and began dating while Loesch was still a college student at Webstar University. After a few years in the relationship, Loesch found out that she was pregnant, which forced her to drop out of school. At the age of 21, Dana and Chris welcomed their first child together before going ahead to exchange vows a year later in 2000. They have since increased their family to four members with the addition of a son who was born at a later date.

Loesch has credited her husband for making her become a conservative, as she had earlier on been a Democrat. As the story goes, the two clashed repeatedly earlier on in their relationship due to their different political views. Chris was raised in a politically conservative home that preached firearms and Christianity, while his wife was a staunch democrat who even worked on Democratic Party President, ‘s reelection campaign. However, following the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the September 11 attacks, the couple were able to align their views as Loesch got disillusioned with democratic politics.

Today, they have formed a formidable force for the conservatives as she has gone ahead to be a well-known critic of the opposition.

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