Demetria Obilor – Bio, Husband or Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth and Career

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ProfessionMedia Personalities

Demetria Obilor is popularly known as a traffic anchor and journalist at the ABC media station in Dallas, Texas. She has carved a name for herself in the media sector through her exceptional work. Demetria studied broadcast journalism and followed her dreams to build a career in the field and today, she has become very popular among the American community and has a lot of followers on social media to attest to her earned popularity.

On any day, she could readily pass for a curvaceous model. She is aware of her amazing body and she doesn’t fail to flaunt it in tightly fitted and highly fashionable wears. For her dressing, she has received mixed reactions; while others admire her sense of dressing, there are others who think otherwise. Recently, she was body shammed on Instagram for looking ridiculous on a red gown she wore on air. The critic stated that she wore clothes too little for her body. Admirers of the journalist took to their social media accounts to discredit the claims of the critic and show their full-fledged support for the anchor. Demetria also replied her in a very calm way that made headlines for weeks and even increased the broadcaster’s popularity.

Much is not known about the anchor as would be revealed below. She lives a low key life and only shares little details of her life with the public through her social media pages but she had amassed a considerable amount of wealth over the years. These and more we would explore in the following paragraphs. Keep reading!

Demetria Obilor’s Bio (Age)

Demetria Obilor was born on the 29th of March 1991, and although she was born in America, her actual birthplace is still shrouded in mystery. Though she is an American citizen by birth, Demetria hails from diverse backgrounds. Her father is Nigerian, from one of the three major tribes in Nigeria called the Igbo tribe. Her mother, however, is of German-Lithuanian-Russian descent. This is all that is known about her parents as their identity and occupations are not disclosed.

The names of her siblings are given as Uzoma, Ikenna, and Kelechi – all brothers. No further information is disclosed about her siblings besides their names. Also, her private life remains a secret. The only information about her education that is known is the name of the college she attended and the course she majored in. Demetria Obilor attended the University of Kansas where she majored in broadcast journalism. Information about her elementary and high school education is not known.


Journalism is not one of the most alluring or most talked about professions but it is one of the most important. In an age where information is power and worth a lot, a world without journalists to gather and disseminate information would be a powerless one. Journalists help convey information on events happening around the world to those who need them. Although it is not known why Demetria Obilor studied journalism we know that she might have realized its importance and decided to take up the career.

After graduation, she applied for and got a job at KSHB-TV. At this media company, she wasn’t employed as a journalist, but rather a production tech personnel. She worked there for about a year before finding her true passion at WFAA. She worked there as a journalist and traffic anchor. She also worked at Channel 8 on ABC. She is based in Dallas, Texas as has been nicknamed “Traffic Bae”.

Is Demetria Obilor Married? Husband or Boyfriend

Demetria is neither married or in a relationship. In fact, nothing is known about her relationship life. Her past relationships, if any, are not disclosed on the internet, however, credible sources suggest that she might be single. Ironically, Demetria makes it an obligation to use her social media platform to give certain opinions and advice on relationships which is rather strange for somebody who is not in any known relationship whatsoever.

She has also used this platform to prank her followers on her relationship status. She once told her admirers on social media that she was in a relationship only for her to reveal the next day on Instagram that it was a prank. She surely got a lot of people fooled. It is definitely a surprise that the steaming hot journalist is still single.

Net Worth

Demetria Obilor has been a practicing journalist since 2011 and is not known for any other occupation. She worked as a production tech at KSHB-TV before she moved on to WFAA and 8 News NOW/KLAS-TV, where she works as an Ensemble Traffic Anchor. Journalists who work with WFAA earn an annual wage of $83,000 – according to research. Furthermore, statistics drawn from her estimated net worth shows that the anchor is worth a whopping sum of $2 million.

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