George Clooney’s Wife, Sister And Girlfriends

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This actor has found his way back on to our radar and we welcome him with open arms. Once a play boy, now a husband, you must be a little curious about the woman that finally locked him down. Well so are we, that’s why we are going to be checking out George Clooney’s wife… and just to spice it up we will be looking at his sister and his other girlfriends too.

Well, without further ado, let’s get to it.

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George Clooney’s Wife

OK, here is a story worth telling; two women altogether have held the title of George Clooney’s wife and we are going to meet them both.

George Clooney’s Wife; Talia Balsam

Clooney and Balsam were married from 1989 to 1993; They got married in Las Vegas in 1989, and then divorced in 1993. George has admitted that he did not give Talia a fair shot during their marriage and that it was a totally wrong time for him to get married.

Balsam on the other hand seems to harbor no hard feelings towards him and doesn’t mind being associated with her ex-husband. She told the Sunday Express in 2013  ‘ I’m totally used to it now. And he does talk about it more than I do! It’s funny because it’s still in the present somehow, even though it was a long time ago. Now it’s just a fact. It doesn’t even enter my head any more.’

Make no mistake, she is in no way still dwelling in the past relationship, she has since moved on to marry Mad Men star, John Slattery. The two have a son and are also starring alongside each other in the TV show, Mad Men.

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George Clooney’s Wife; Amal Alamuddin

His marriage to this  Lebanese-British lawyer took the world by surprise because after his marriage to Balsam, Clooney swore off the institution of marriage. Also, the world was shocked because the couple had literally nothing in common and Amal despised the Hollywood scene. The couple was first spotted together on October 24, 2013, having dinner in London but Clooney’s rep denied that they were dating.

The frequency of their meetings begged to differ though, by February 18th, 2014, the couple was seen holding hands at the White House screening of Clooney’s movie, The Monuments Men. Then came the romantic getaway to Zanzibar and Tanzania.

The proposal was said to take place around April 22, With George making Amal a home-cooked meal and asking her for her hand in marriage during a small, intimate meal at his house, and by May 1, the ring made it’s first appearance. The ring was said to cost over $750,000 and it is a 7-carat, emerald cut diamond set in a platinum band.

Now that’s what we are talking about, you go big or you go home! Another thing that got people scratching their heads was the fact that they only dated for a short period of time, a mere 5 months. By September that same year, the couple was hitched. No need for those long engagements that mostly end in break ups.

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George Clooney’s Sister

Clooney has had a lot of women in his life and they all have gotten maximum coverage whether they wanted to or not. There is one that has probably not gotten a share of the attention at all and that is his sister Adelia Zeidler. Her life is not as flashy and glamorous as her younger brother’s, but she’s doing pretty well.

The 52 year old mom of two lives in Augusta County, Kentucky, close to her parents, and works in payroll and accounting. She once considered acting as well but in her own words ‘ I enjoy acting and I was fairly okay at it but I did not have a thick enough skin for it.’

She is now a single mum by default, as her husband passed away in 2004. As for her relationship with her little brother, well she doesn’t have his phone number, but that’s for security reasons on her part. The email each other and meet once a year when he visits home. They seem to have a good thing going.

George Clooney’s Girlfriends

There’s quite a list, so rather than spend all year checking out his past lovers, here’s a list for your convenience.

Dedee Pfeiffer- 80’s

Kelly Preson: 1989

Talia Balsam: 1989-1993

Karen Duffy: 1995

Celine Balitran: 1996-1999

Lucy Liu and Charlize Theron: 1999-2000 (Wow!)

Renée Zellweger, Krista Allen and Lisa Snowden: 2001-2006

Sarah Larson: 2007-2008

Elisabetta Canalis: 2009-2011

Stacy Keibler: 2011-2013

That all led him up to his current wife, we told you the list was long.

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