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Quick Facts

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ProfessionMedia Personalities

Gina Darling is an American model (many don’t think she’s worth that title though) whose picture-posing prowess has garnered her a lot of fans on social media, especially Instagram. However, YouTube personality best fits her description as not many people think she’s worthy to be called a model, “import model,” her critics say is a better description but Gina just hates that.

An average gamer, Gina has appeared on many YouTube gaming and non-gaming channels, most notably DavidSoComedy’s channel and ExSuperVillain. Reality TV star is also a worthy addition to her repertoire as she is a cast member of Roll Models. Her appearances on JK Film productions have also helped to boost her popularity. And did we mention that she is a Machinima Dark Room host? Yes, she is…

Gina Darling Age, Quick Facts/Wiki

Darling was born on July 25, 1989, in San Jose, California where she was raised until the age of 15 when she relocated to Los Angeles. She is of Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian descent. Her Russian root is said to originate from her great-great-grandmother. However, many argue that Darling has any Russian roots, their point being that she looks 100% Vietnamese.

Darling is one of those stars who prefer to keep mum when it comes to their personal lives, much to the dismay of fans who are ever curious to know more about her roots.

Not even her real Vietnamese name is known to the media. She has many times teased about how unique the name is on her YouTube videos.


Well, did we say her Vietnamese real name isn’t known to the media? You can scratch that. So we did a little digging and Gina Darling’s Vietnamese name could be “TRAN.”

How did we know? Well, we found this music video where she featured as the model/vixen and in the opening credits her name was written as Gina Tran… BUSTED!!!!

Doubt us? The music video is by the popular Vietnamese singer And Quach and the song released in 2010 is titled Nho – Missing You. Head off to and see for yourself.

Guess the cat’s outta the bag now Darling… Well until Gina later confirms otherwise.

There is barely any information available on how Gina grew up. However, her curious fans got to know about her sister in 2015. This was after Gina took to her Instagram account where she boasts over 480,000 followers to post a photo of her and her sister having fun in Disneyland.

Also, subscribers to her channel have seen Gina’s dad who appears on some of her videos.

Hopefully, she’ll reveal some more about her background? Fingers crossed.

Gina began her YouTube channel ExSuperVillain on September 5, 2008, posting vlogs about beauty and gaming. Gradually she built a loyal fanbase enough to shoot her up to fame. On the model side of things, Gina did a photoshoot with a Hello Kitty mask on which was really appreciated and gained her popularity.


Beginning from 2012, Gina was featured in episodes of JustKiddingFilms, a popular YouTube channel co-founded by Bart Kwan. The channel centers on cultural, social and contemporary issues adding a unique comic touch. Gina became a cast member of Roll Models in 2013. The reality TV show explores the Asian American youth culture of Southern California. It also gives an exclusive look into worlds of import car modeling and gogo dancing.

Gina Darling has a Twitch account where she is registered as missginadarling.


Gina has an infamous ex-boyfriend named Dennis who threatened to hit her. He is a photographer. Dennis who has since moved on to dating another Instagram model is known for wearing shades in all of his photos and hiding his face with an edit in photos where he isn’t wearing any sunglasses. His Instagram handle is 

Gina’s current boyfriend is unknown to the media.


Net Worth

It isn’t known how much Gina makes from her numerous internet endeavors and modeling gigs, however, from the photo and videos, it is obvious that Gina has done quite well for herself. Some sources have estimated her net worth at $600,000, however, Heightline cannot confirm this.

Height: 1.68 m

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