Samuel Kiszka – Biography and Personal Details, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

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All through history, there have been different cases of a music band losing a key member but still managing to make chart-topping music, proving that a collection is always better than a piece. While the rock band members of Greta Van Fleet are yet to find themselves in such a position, the Grammy Award-winning band which consists of three brothers and a friend, might not be able to handle the breakaway of any member, seeing that their musical blend comes from a natural understanding of one another. Here is a look at Samuel Kiszka, one of the members of the rock quartet who serves as the bassist.

Samuel Kiszka’s Biography

On the 3rd of April, 1999, Samuel Kiszka was welcomed into the world by his parents in the city of Frankenmuth, a romantic Bavarian-style tourist town known for its family-style chicken dinners, boat cruises, and indoor water parks, in the US state of Michigan. The identity of his parents are not known, however, his other family members are sister Veronica, and twin brothers Jake and Josh, who are also members of Greta Van Fleet.

While details about Kiszka’s early life are few and far between, it is known is that he received his education in his hometown, attending Frankenmuth High School. His involvement in music and becoming a bass player was said to have begun somewhat by chance when he was 12 years of age.

As the story goes, his brother Jake was always bringing home a friend from school who played in a jazz band so they could play the drums and guitar together. Subsequently, Josh would join them and contribute vocals as the other two played the instruments. This was said to have made Sam feel left out, prompting him to decide to adopt the bass instrument in order to join them.

By 2012, Samuel Kiszka, his two older brothers, and Kyle Hauck went ahead to form the band , a name they borrowed from a resident of their hometown named Gretna Van Fleet. The boys perfected their sound and soon recorded two songs; “Cloud Train” and “Standing On” which was well received by the public. Standing On was notably featured in a 2014 advert for the Chevy Equinox in the Detroit area. Hauck later left the group in October 2013, paving way for Danny Wagner, a good friend of the brothers, to join the group, as the rest became history.

Net Worth

Having been described as the revivers of the “dying” rock and roll genre, Greta Van Fleet’s music has been received well by fans all across the world. Due to this, their music has performed very well in the market as their debut album, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’, released in October 2018, was the top-selling album in its debut week in the US. They have further been able to head out on tour and play in front of huge audiences, all of which translates to each band member having significant earnings from their work.

However, while it is public knowledge that the band is doing very well financially, the exact earnings and net worth of Samuel Kiszka and the other members are not public knowledge.


Personal Details – Is Samuel Kiszka Gay?

Ever since Greta Van Fleet rose to prominence, Samuel Kiszka and other members of the band have been speculated to be gay. The rumour seemed to have gathered more traction after five-time Grammy Award musician , who is openly gay, began to pay attention to their music.

John invited the quartet to play at his annual Oscar party where he was said to have joined them on stage. He subsequently took to Instagram to put up a picture of them with the caption; “These guys are so amazing they take my breath away. They’re bloody amazing.” During their tour stop in England, the Englishman again attended one of their shows and famously told them to “flaunt what you’ve got.”

These interactions, among other things, was what gave rise to the gay rumours, however, they all seem to be anything but the truth as the band’s bassist looks to be in a heterosexual relationship. While details of his said girlfriend are not available, pictures of the two in each other’s arms have flooded the internet to the disappointment of Kiszka’s many female fans who were hoping to get a shot with him.

Other Facts

1. Samuel Kiszka has described his early musical influences as being the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Joe Cocker, the Four Tops, and Cream among others.

2. He is said to have been a golf prodigy while in high school, playing in the state competition and getting all the way to the finals. Due to obligations to his band, however, he missed playing in the state finals game as Greta Van Fleet was scheduled to perform in Sweden.

3. Kiszka is the tallest of his siblings, with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He is, however, not the tallest member of the band as Wagner is said to stand somewhere between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet.

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