SevenSuperGirls – Facts, Who are The Members, Why Was It Shut Down?

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Internet celebrity status, fame, and massive online followings are just one of the perks of being a successful social media star. However, the magnitude of the success attained might make the fall all that much harder and painful when it happens. Such is the story of SevenSuperGirls (SSG) which was one of the most popular tween channels ever on YouTube until the scandal that drove it and the entire parent network out of existence.

Even after the network’s demise, people still talk about it because it was a really big deal. It used to be the biggest go-to channel for girls in their adolescent and teens who are looking for anything from entertainment to inspiration. Here is everything we could find out about the SevenSuperGirls, its members, parent network and their current situation.

Who Are The Members Of SevenSuperGirls?

The member list of the SevenSuperGirls channel went through changes throughout its time in existence, with girls being transferred to other channels or leaving the network and being replaced due to outgrowing the age limit or other personal reasons. The members include:

Kaelyn Wilkins

One of the longest-serving members on the channel, she currently runs two personal channels, one for gaming and the other for vlogging.

Jazzy Anne

She had one of the most popular SSG videos of 2015 but left the network in mid-2017 and currently runs her own self-titled Youtube channel.

Ellie Louise

She joined the SevenAwesomeKids network in 2014 and was part of two of their channels before joining SSG in 2017, filling the Sunday slot. Currently, she runs a beauty, fitness, and gymnastics-oriented channel.

Jenna Arend

Was one of the SSG stars during her time there. She joined in June 2011, months after her 11th birthday. She is currently known as Cupcake Cutie 170.

Emily Jade

The Brit was once a part of the SevenPerfectAngels and SevenSuperGirls channels. Currently runs a makeup and hair tutorial channel.

Katherine SSG

Failed her first audition to join the SAK’s network. Eventually, she joined SevenFuntasticGirls before her time on SSG. She left the network in May 2017.

Rachael SSG

The Brit is the younger sister of Katherine SSG. She auditioned with her sister the first time but did not get in. She eventually joined SSG and left with her sister in 2017.

Mimi Drabik

Her real name is Megan. She joined SSG in 2015 after previously serving on the roster of SevenPerfectAngels.

Nicole Luellen

Before SSG, she was on SevenPerfectAngels and SevenCoolTweens. She goes by the moniker Purplecupcake031 on her personal channel.

Oceane Marie

She was born and raised in Canada. She became one of the first to quit the network when she left SSG in 2014 to start her own comedy and fashion vlog.

Alexis Smith

Joined the network from the SevenAwesomeKids channel in April 2015. She was moved to SevenSuperGirls in August 2017. She now runs her own channel with her younger sister

Ella SevenAwesomeKids

Joined SAK’s SSG in August 2017 at the age of ten. She was a member until its termination in 2019.

Kayla TheSkype111

Became part of the network when she joined SevenCoolTweens before being moved to SSG. She filled the Saturday spot before quitting to run her own channel.

Caitlin Jane Kiffiemy

She was born and raised in Australia. Ran her own channel and filled the SSG’s Tuesday spot simultaneously. Left the network in 2014 after she surpassed the group’s under-16 age limit.


Why Was It Shut Down?

There were a lot of red flags about the network’s structure, how it was being run, and the appropriateness of its content and if it was fit for children’s consumption. However, most of the problem stemmed from the fact that the entire SevenSuperGirls’ ship was essentially run by one man – Ian Rylett.

Some parents of the girls didn’t feel comfortable with the fact that Ian, a relatively elderly man, was the one who ran the show, came up with video themes for the girls to explore and was generally always hanging around them. He was the reason many of the girls left the network because they felt uncomfortable around him and the entire arrangement.

Everything came to a head when Rylett was arrested in Florida on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation. On August 16, one of the SSG girls accused Ian of fondling her breasts and trying to forcefully remove her underwear. As the reports go, Ian was trying to prepare her for a video shoot when he ordered her to take off her shirt and practice wrapping her breasts so that they could appear smaller. She initially refused to do it in his presence but eventually yielded to his request.

After taking off her shirt, Rylett ordered her to take off her bra as well, a request she did not comply with. He went on to forcefully wrap her himself, fondling her repeatedly in the process and threatening her with her SSG contract.

Ian Rylett initially pleaded not guilty to the charges on August 22, 2018, but eventually accepted a plea agreement when he realized that a trial could land him a 15-year sentence for child molestation. He was sentenced to 90 days in Florida’s Orange County Jail and further 5-year probation during which he is to have no contact with any minor except for his daughter.

Upon his arrest, YouTube moved to demonetize all videos on all the SAK channels. After he was found guilty and sentenced, Youtube deleted all the content for the entire SAK network, including those for SevenSuperGirls on March 12, 2019. Facebook also deleted all the Instagram accounts for the network’s channels.

Facts About SevenSuperGirls

1. The channel was shut down in March 2019

The channel was a huge deal until its termination in March 2019. It is the flagship channel of the collaborative network known as SevenAwesomeKids (SAK), which was founded in 2008. The network, at different points, has consisted of six to nine channels but it has stayed at the seven channel count for the longest period of time. It was the largest collaborative channel ever on Youtube.

2. Every member of the channel was paid a monthly salary

Each channel under the network, including SSG, consists of eight girls aged between 8 to 16. Every girl was assigned a day of the week in which they were to make and submit videos for upload on their respective channels. The network was structured, such that it paid each girl a monthly salary for their troubles.

3. SevenSuperGirls was the most popular SAK channel

The SevenAwesomeKids network was established in 2008 and up until the ensuing scandal, it boasted about 20 million subscribers and billions of views across all channels. It’s flagship channel, SevenSuperGirls boasted about 9 million subscribers and about 5 billion views. The channel was launched on November 27, 2008, and uploaded its first video three days later, on November 30, 2018. The final video that was uploaded before its termination came on August 14, 2018.

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