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Sylvester Stallone is one of the popular action movie stars/celebrities in the world. He has appeared in several blockbusters that have been successful across the globe. Aside from action movies and thrillers, Stallone has also appeared in TV series and earned various popular main character roles. He is an icon and a force to reckon in Hollywood acting industry.

He is also a notable star for his unique physique and body measurements. Here is a brief description of Sylvester Stallone height, weight and body measurements as well as how he has been able to achieve such a physique:

Sylvester Stallone’ Height and Weight measurements

Sylvester Stallone has always had a sturdy fit and tanned body befitting his action movie roles as one who can handle hazardous working conditions and desolate environments. Even at his current age, he still has a toned body. His actual height is 1.77 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and his weight is 185 lbs. (84 kg). Other measurements include a 44-inch chest, 39-inch waist and 17-inch biceps. Stallone’s left-side face is paralyzed including parts of his chin, tongue and lips. He became highly interested in acting and writing movie scripts at an early age and made the decision to choose this career path.

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It was said that Stallone wrote the scripts for his breakthrough 1976 film (Rocky) only after three days of watching Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner boxing fight, something that a whole lot of screen-writers spend months and years putting together.

Looking at his movie roles and, it is very clear that he has been always been fascinated by boxing fights and physical action movies which explains his boxing endorsements. He is also a prolific actor with an incredible mastery in ammunition use. His fairly big frame allows him to act in roles that demand the use of great strength including lifting heavy items and fighting against monsters. Sylvester Stallone’s height, weight and measurements are perfect for the tedious action roles. His charming demeanor and abilities have earned him such a great reputation among his many fans.

Sylvester Stallone’ unique workouts and body measurements

Sylvester Stallone’s height has remained the same since maturity, but his weight and other body measurements have kept changing from movie to movie. In most cases, he has been adding and dropping a few pounds along the way as he aims to achieve the perfect body mass for his movie roles. In Rocky and Rambo I, he weighed around 180 pounds before the figure went up to 197 in Rambo II. His chest also grew to 50 inches due to the intensity workouts he was taking under the direction of his Sardinian-born fitness trainer 2-time Olympian Francesco Columbu.

After a few years, he wanted to change the physique and cut down weight lifting while changing other aspects of his lifestyle. Although this gave him 168 lbs weight for some time, he wound up weighing 200 pounds. Nonetheless, the action star has since lost the extra pounds and now weighs 185 lbs. and a 3.0% fat mass. His workout has not changed much, and most differences are attributed to aspects of time, dieting and intensity. Sylvester Stallone is one of the most loved Hollywood celebrities in the action movie world and has a worldwide stardom that is decades old.

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Although Sylvester is gradually becoming old and focusing more on movie directing rather than acting, most fans still expect a few action thrillers from the highly experienced actor down the line. Hopefully, he can keep that sturdy physique and weight that fans have become accustomed to seeing when he hits the screens. In many ways, he still remains one of the most inspiring movie actors ever to grace Hollywood.

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