The Real Reason Angelina Jolie Waited So Long To Get Married To Brad Pitt

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Right from the beginning, their love story followed an atypical path. graced several occasions as a couple for many years, almost a decade, before they finally made their union official in 2014. Though they seemed made for each other and even garnered a cult following with the brand name Brangelina, the picture-perfect couple didn’t last more than two years after their nuptials.

Perhaps they knew that making their union official would lead to the end of it, but is that really the reason they waited so long to get married? Let’s find out by going through their relationship timeline and other revealing details.

How Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Met

The Brangelina doomed relationship started when they landed the lead roles in the 2005 action-comedy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The Smiths are a married couple who live an assumedly normal life but are actually assassins. The chemistry they shared on the set of the movie was too intense but many were fooled, thinking they were just being incredibly talented professionals. Moreover, the fact that Brad was still married to Hollywood sweetheart at the time made it hard to believe that a romance was brewing between him and Jolie.

Notwithstanding, Brangelina happened and they started making public appearances together, shortly after it became clear that Brad and Jennifer’s relationship was heading for divorce. Notably, their affair started while filming was going on for Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004 and the next year, they went public. Despite the circumstances surrounding their love story, with Jolie being dubbed a ‘homewrecker’ at some point, the couple became one of the iconic ones to walk the streets of Hollywood. They were loved by many as they seemed like a match made in heaven.

From 2005 to 2012, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt grew stronger together and even built a family made up of six children – both adopted and biological. Their first child is Maddox whom Jolie adopted from Cambodia before she met Brad. In 2005, they became parents to who was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia and the next year, they welcomed their first biological child named . The family grew bigger again in 2007 with the arrival of another adopted son named from Vietnam. The next year, Jolie gave birth once again, but this time to twins – and . While the kids were being welcomed into the family, Angelina and Brad Pitt were not officially married but they were happy together. Nevertheless, there are several reasons given for their delay in getting married, including facts and speculations.


Why Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Waited Long To Get Married

After several years of cohabiting and co-parenting, Brad and Angie got engaged in 2012 but still didn’t seem to be in a hurry to walk down the aisle. Thus, their eager fans had to wait another two years before they finally tied the knot. One fact that is clear is that both Pitt and Jolie support gay marriage and made it known how much they wanted things to be normal for gay people. Speaking during an interview with , Brad said they wanted to stay unmarried until everyone in the country is free to marry who they want. This statement is linked to the restriction on gay marriage in many states in the United States of America at the time. They broke this promise when they exchanged vows one year before gay marriage was legalized.

Also, there was the rumor that Brad and Angelina’s alleged affair delayed their marriage as he didn’t want to rub it in Jennifer Aniston’s face. However, the absence of an official wedding didn’t stop the thespians from becoming one of the most loved couples to ever come out of Hollywood.

Finally, in August 2014, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married but unlike his first lavish wedding ceremony with Jennifer Aniston, Pitt opted for a secret wedding in France with all their children in attendance. While Maddox and Pax walked their mother down the aisle, Zahara and Vivienne were the flower girls. Shiloh and Knox were not left out as they played the role of ring bearers. The bride was clad in an Atelier Versace gown, spicing things up with a veil that featured designs from her kids’ drawings embroidered into the fabric.

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