The Untold Truth of Diego Tinoco and His Career as a TV Actor

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Despite being relatively new in the industry, Diego Tinoco stands out as one fast-rising actor currently having a smooth ride in Hollywood. He is not only talented and handsome but is also a role model to many budding actors. His wide range of abilities promises a long and productive career in Hollywood.

2015 was the year the actor formally launched his acting career. Even though his resume features more supporting roles than the main roles, he has been quite impressive on the screen. Being someone ready to learn from his superiors and grow his game, Diego’s major acting influences include Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Al Pacino. He is already looking forward to sharing screen time with these Hollywood elites and maybe hang out with them for some time.

Beyond acting and giving us sheer delight on screen, we haven’t heard a lot about this star. Tinoco isn’t just one of your regular actors, he has racked up more than 1 million followers on Instagram within a relatively short time in fame avenue. Although he is on the upward journey to success in the entertainment industry, you may be surprised to know that an acting career wasn’t part of his big plans growing up. But the 20-something-year-old actor had to work hard to get to where he is, which included calling off a relationship, doing odd jobs, and overcoming a skin condition. This is the untold truth of Diego Tinoco.

Diego Tinoco Is From a Mixed Ethnic Background

Diego Tinoco is the son of Quito and Borrelia Michoacan and was born on November 25th, 1997 in Anaheim, California, where he supposedly grew up. The actor is a Latin American. He is half Mexican on his father’s side and half Columbian on his mother’s side. He has an elder brother whose name is yet to be disclosed publicly. Going by his ethnicity, we could well assume that he grew up in an ethnic enclave.

Since Diego became a household name, he hasn’t spoken much about his early life and education. Information about the academic institutions he attended is also not available. However, Tinoco once shared that the best time of his life was in his 8th grade.

He Had a Skin Condition

While there are little details about his early life, Diego Tinoco revealed that he was diagnosed with a skin condition called Vitiligo when he was growing up. Although the condition is not as rare as it might sound and is quite common, Tinoco was teased because of his patchy skin. He used to wear long-sleeved shirts to hide it away.

The long-term skin disease causes the loss of skin color in botches. It can affect any part of the body, including hair, mouth, eyes and the extent of color loss is unpredictable. Fortunately for Tinoco, the disease disappeared as he grew up. This must have been a miracle, given that vitiligo is incurable though there are treatments that may improve the appearance of the skin.

Making a Living Through Acting was Not Something He Wanted as a Child

Tinoco would have rather been a musician than an actor. Despite boasting an impressive acting resume, he still aspires to become a successful musician sometime in the future. Acting was never a thing for him until he came across actor Leonardo DiCaprio on screen, and caught the acting bug. DiCaprio is most popular for playing Jack Dawson in the epic romance/disaster Titanic (1997).

According to Diego Tinoco, the older star inspired him to pursue a career in the movie industry. Today, his career is on the upward side and there are no signs he is ready to quit or switch careers. Tinoco has had roles in the following Hollywood productions; On My Block (2018, as Cesar Diaz), Teen Wolf (2016, as Mateo), Welcome to Valhalla (2017, as Diego), Drizzle of Hope (2015, as Marco), etc.

Diego Tinoco Leads an Active Social Life

The kid on the block star, who would wear hooded long-sleeved shirts to hide away his seeming imperfections is now a big star. Interestingly, he still wears long-sleeved garments with hoods and a cap but for a different reason. He sports those only when he’s outside the busy streets of Hollywood so that he could move around freely without being mobbed by people. Nevertheless, when he is recognized he’s not shy about taking a photo with a fan or giving an autograph. It’s all a matter of how the fan approaches him it would seem.

Tinoco gained widespread popularity following his role as Caesar Diaz, a loveable teenager who got blackmailed into gang life. He is equally active on social networking platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, where he has also earned a massive following. As he continues to grow and strive as an artist, as well as keeps making contributions to humanity, his popularity and followership would only skyrocket.

He Had a Guest Role in Teen Wolf

Before the Netflix exclusive teen comedy-drama series, On My Block, came up, the Latino star had already announced his presence on television. While the series was his ticket to fame and recognition, Tinoco made his TV debut in the first episode (Memory Lost) of Teen Wolf season 6 as Mateo, a member of the lacrosse team.

Furthermore, in his pre-fame days, Diego Tinoco did several odd jobs, including working in restaurants and Postmates (an American logistics firm that runs a network of couriers who deliver goods locally). He moved to Los Angeles straight out of high school, and according to him, with nothing but a dream and a passion for it. Within a year of relocating, he landed a role on the Netflix show.

Is Tinoco Dating His ‘On My Block’ Co-star?

Their off-screen chemistry couldn’t have suggested otherwise. Diego Tinoco could perhaps be single as information regarding his love life is missing on the map. Although he doesn’t give his fans the impression that he is dating any girl in real life, he is friends with Sierra Capri, his On My Block co-star and on-screen girlfriend. While their fans would love to see them become a real-life couple, the duo has maintained that they are very close friends.

According to unverified sources, Diego Tinoco was previously in a relationship before he moved down to Los Angeles to give his acting career a chase. He is said to have called off the relationship to focus more on his growing career.

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