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A hip-hop act who doesn’t smoke or brag about doing rounds of weed because he truly doesn’t… That sounds almost impossible in an era where bragging about flashing things have become the norm for rap stars. Well, Vince Staples is here to bring a revolution, although he doesn’t like to think of himself as any kind of revolutionary. A former member of the notorious Crip gang, he is just kicking against a lifestyle, he thinks deserves kicking.

Some sources have gone as far as labeling him the anti-rapper of our time, but make no mistake, Staples’ lines are just as good as the ones of those on the other side and even better than some. His repented lifestyle is thanks to the fact that he is an adherent of the straight edge culture. He does talk trash tho, an attribute that is difficult to miss should you listen to any of his tracks.

A member of XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class, Staples has been very successful with his music with at least two albums under his belt. He doesn’t even think of himself as successful. Call him controversial if you want, but the young lad doesn’t even care. Read on for more about the Summertime hitmaker.

Vince Staples Wiki, Mom/Family

Vincent Jamal Staples was born on July 2, 1993, in Compton, California, as the last child in a family of 6. He has two brothers and three sisters, however, one died in 2014. Raised in a crime-ridden environment, Staples and his family who were all involved in gangsterism one way or the other, lived in abject poverty.

His parents soon divorced, his father later arrested on Christmas day and subsequently sent to jail. A topic Staples prefer to be mum about, although he reveals some details in the lyrics of his song “Nate.”


In an effort to raise her kids away from violence, Vince’s mom Eloise Staples whom her son as described as a tomboy relocated the entire family to the Ramona Park neighborhood in North Long Beach, California. Vince was just in the first grade at the time. However, moving the family couldn’t stop Vince from getting involved in gang violence. As he has numerously confessed, everyone in his family was part of it.

Vince attended many high schools due to getting kicked out for one trouble or the other, or like the case in the white-dominated Mayfair High in Lakewood where he was framed for stealing a phone.

Despite living a rough life, Staples was one of the smartest kids in his class. His interests ranged from politics to current affairs and writing.

Prior to getting kicked out of Mayfair High, Vince had aspired to go to college and graduate school and even play basketball. However, constantly having to change schools saw his dreams go down the drain.

His mom had to send him away to live with one of her sisters in Atlanta for 8 months away from gang violence, however, when he returned he picked up from where he left off.

While Vince never ever thought of music as a career path, it sort of became his saving grace. His musical journey began in 2010 when he met and became friends with Dijon Samo who later took him to Los Angeles where he met with members of the Odd Future including Syd the Kid, Earl Sweatshirt, and Mike G.

Vince featured on some of their tracks just for fun. When the group split, Vince became tight friends with Earl and both absconded to Samoa where they recorded the controversial song epaR which earned them a certain level of popularity.

Vince later decided to take music seriously upon the suggestion of veteran manager Corey Smyth who had managed the likes of De La Soul and Dave Chappelle. Ultimately, Smyth was able to get Staples a recording deal with Def Jam after being impressed with his sophomore mixtape Winter In Prague produced by Michael Uzowuru.

He reconnected with Earl who made him meet with Mac Miller whose works he would use on his mixtape Stolen Youth (2013) which became his breakout.

In the fall of 2014, Staples released his first EP with Def Jam titled, Hell Can Wait. Staples has since been on the rise, featuring with the likes of  A$AP Rocky. His track BagBak from his 7-track EP Prima Donna was used for the trailer of the Marvel Studios film Black Panther.

His second album Big Fish Theory was released in July 2017 to much critical acclaim.

Net Worth: $4 million

While music saved him from the street and gave him a new life, Vince doesn’t like to think of himself as rich. U won’t see him going around with gold chains or flashing wads of cash. He is not that guy. He even drives uber to shows… But he does own a fancy Benz coupe E-Class.


“I have more money, I guess, which doesn’t mean anything to me,” he told . In addition to music sales and tour earnings, Staples has also benefitted from deals with Sprite Levi’s, and Alexander Wang.

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Staples’ Girlfriend

Vince has in the past dated a lot of women. In a February 2016 , he revealed the total number to be 8. However, he said only three were real.

He revealed to that he dated a particular gild on-and-off from their middle school days and that they even lived together in his house in Orange County. However, after he returned from touring in September 2015, he found that her stuff was gone and she left him a goodbye note.

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