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Wendy Chavarriaga was Pablo Escobar’s ex-girlfriend who was ordered to be killed by Pablo himself. Please keep reading to learn more about what happened between them and how she died.

According to Colombian police data, 49 lovers of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the Medellin Cartel’s leader, were killed on the drug lord’s orders.

According to multiple sources, the drug lord ordered the assassinations because one of his partners was trying to conceive a child for him. Wendy Chavarriaga is one of the numerous victims.

Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was a glamorous, cultured model with “that seemed to come out of her neck” and one of Popeye’s favorite women.

Pablo Escobar And Wendy Chavarriaga Gil Past Relationship Explored

Popeye met Wendy when she was the mistress of Pablo Escobar. Popeye says that when Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was with Pablo Escobar, sHe led a life of luxury living with planes, expensive cars, the best jewelry, the best haute couture designers, luxury travel, and more.

Everything she asked for, Pablo gave it to her,” said the hitman.

In addition, he told why Pablo Escobar ended his relationship with the beautiful model. The only thing that Pablo forbade his lovers was that they get pregnant. And Wendy did not comply.

What Did Pablo Escobar Do To Wendy Chavarriaga?

Unacceptable was the birth of a child out of wedlock. Escobar considered his family to be sacred.

She became pregnant for financial gain, but Pablo Escobar was not interested in learning the truth and dispatched two men and a veterinarian to extract the child from her.

At Hacienda Napoles, they put her to sleep and forced her to have an abortion. When the woman regained consciousness, El Patron informed her that the relationship had come to an abrupt end.

How Did Wendy Chavarriaga Gil  And Popeye Met Again?

Jairo Velasquez Vasquez discovered her in a fashionable nightclub in Medellin. She offered him a drink, and the two of them conversed, danced, and eventually became seduced by one another.

And then they went together to the luxurious apartment that Escobar had given to the model during their time together as a couple. That same night, Popeye fell head over heels in love. The following day, the drug dealer informed his superiors of his involvement with Wendy.

“I was loyal to Pablo first and foremost,” he said, adding that he was always truthful with Pablo Escobar and that he never lied to him.

Jhon Jairo Velasquez And Pablo Escobar
Source: Busniessinsider.com

During his time with her, Velásquez recalls that Pablo Escobar granted him permission to be with her but advised him to be cautious. ‘Let me tell you that you aren’t a man for Wendy: she is interested in capos.’ Keep your eyes peeled, there’s something strange going on there,” the “Patron” cautioned him. Then Popeye kept his gaze fixed on Wendy.

How did Escobar Find Out?

Escobar became suspicious of Wendy and began to look into her. He sent her to tap the phone. He discovered that he had not been mistaken after listening to the recording. Earlier in the day, the model was speaking with members of the Search Block, a Colombian police special operations unit tasked with apprehending the drug lord dead or alive following his escape from the La Catedral prison.

“Popeye hasn’t given me any information about Pablo’s whereabouts.” “Yes, yes, as soon as you tell me, I’ll let you know,”

Wendy assured the officer, who was about to hand over the most wanted man in Colombia. “I’ll tell you when I find out,” Wendy added.  She had become an informer for the Bloc.

For all this time, he had wished to exact revenge on John Jairo.

Because of the decoy, she had chosen, she had ended up with the man who had miscarried her and despised her in the first place.

Then Pablo Escobar informed Popeye of what he had discovered and ordered Wendy Chavarriaga Gil’s assassination.

How Was Wendy Murdered?

One of the most fashionable restaurants in town was where Popeye had scheduled a meeting with Wendy. And he dispatched two of his men to complete the task.

Despite the fact that Popeye was a master assassin who had murdered hundreds of men. He was unable to kill Wendy because he cherished Wendy. When the waiter called out for Miss Wendy, his men were immediately ordered to action. Wendy’s heels were approaching her at the bar. And then he heard the gunshots and Wendy’s scream, according to Popeye’s account.

Popeye provided additional information about the crime: “When I saw her lying in a pool of blood, I was overcome with feelings of rage, love, sadness, and hatred. “It was as if an evil spirit had emerged from me,” he explained.

“I have never experienced anything like it since. When you kill someone you adore, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

“However, Wendy had betrayed my God, Pablo Escobar Gaviria, “added Popeye. Recounting the events of what he considers to be a watershed moment in his life.

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