What Other Movies Has Christopher Guest Produced Since ‘The Princess Bride’?

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Christopher Haden-Guest has done an amazing work when it comes to the show business and although he is not as popular as one may expect him to be, Hollywood has felt his impact in the many hats he has worn since he came onto the scene way back in the 70s. At different times, Guest has been recognized in different capacities as a screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor, comedian and now a producer.

The multi-talented star was born to Peter Haden-Guest and Jeane Pauline Hindes on February 5, 1948. His father was British, and a U.N diplomat, while his mother who happens to be his father’s second wife is an American, she used to be the vice president of a section on CBS. Guest’s parents were atheists and brought him up as such, so, he grew up practicing no religion.

A better part of Guest’s early years were spent in his home town in the U.K, up until high school when he was sent to school at the High School of Music and Art in New York. His love for music drew him to study classical music in Stockbridge school in Massachusett where he further fell in love with the mandolin and started playing it. He also learned to play the guitar and sooner than he expected, Guest started performing with bands and eventually made the move from country music to rock and roll.

Despite the distraction that his music stint with the different bands posed and the career path he had successfully carved, he went back to school to continue his education. Guest studied acting at a New York University’s graduate acting program and rounded off in 1971.

Career Timeline and The Princess Bride

Christopher Guest started off as an actor in 1970, though not much of him was seen then as he was often cast in minor stage appearances as seen in Moonchildren (1971). He started putting his comedic abilities to play in 1973 when he joined the host team of a comedy show on radio called The National Lampoon Radio Hour. His first appearance in a movie was in 1972, in the movie The Hot Rock, and then in Death Wish (1974), as well as in the series of All in the Family. He soon started to get lead roles in films he featured in, beginning with the comedy movie This is Spinal Tap.

In 1987, Christopher Guest featured in the romantic adventure movie The Princess Bride which was a big hit commercially and was nominated for an Oscar award. The movie was coined from William Goldman’s 1973 novel of the same name. It was directed and co-produced by Rob Reiner, featuring the likes of , , , Chris Saradon, Wallace Shawn and more, alongside Christopher Guest

In the movie, Christopher Guest took the role of Tyrone Rugen, the chief officer of the Odious Prince Humperdinck who murdered Inigo Montoya’s father and was eventually identified 20 years later by his 6 fingered right fist. Rugen had joined forces with the prince to search for princess buttercup and in an invasion of the princess castle, Inigo gets the chance to avenge his father’s death by killing Rugen.

What Other Movies Has Christopher Guest Produced

Although Guest did not direct or produce The Princess bride, in 1989, his role in the movie opened the doors to bigger opportunities for him. Following the movie, he got the opportunity to write and direct a movie titled The Big Picture. The movie was a hit and a big break for him in bigger waters. Next, he landed another movie which he directed and co-wrote – it was named Waiting for Guffman. This particular project was special for Guest because besides directing it, he also starred in the film. Though the movie was thought to have been well received, it didn’t do well commercially. Other movies he has written, directed and starred in are For Your Consideration (2006), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and The Invention of Lying.

Her Masters Voice (2012)

Since The Princess bride which he did not produce, Christopher Guest has only had producer duties on one other movie which is Her Master’s Voice. He was the executive producer of the movie while Nina Conti, the renowned ventriloquist, was its producer and director. In Her Masters Voice, ventriloquist Conti strives to take the puppets of her 60-year-old mentor and lover to a place of rest called Venthaven where dummies belonging to dead ventriloquists stay. The movie was successful and has a score of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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