Who is Nina Kouprianova Richard Spencer’s Wife? All You Need to Know

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The name Nina Kouprianova may not really ring a bell to many as the name Richard Spencer does. I mean who really doesn’t know Richard Spencer, the white supremacist, and founder of the National Policy Institute (a white supremacist think tank), as well as the Washington Summit Publishers.

Spencer has toured around the country giving speeches at several universities across the country and quoting Nazi theory/propaganda. Many of his speeches have sparked protests which have turned violent. Enough of Spencer, who then is Nina Kouprianova? Are they some sort of partner, associates or what?

Well, Kouprianova was married to the supremacist who rejected the name white supremacist and refers to be addressed as a white nationalist,  white identitarian, or better still an equivalent of a “Zionist” for white people for eight years before filing for a divorce in 2018 accusing the white nationalist leader of abusing her physically, emotionally and verbally.

Asides being married to the Supremacist, what is Nina Kouprianova known for? Who is she and where is she from? Here is all you need to know.

Who is Nina Kouprianova Richard Spencer’s Wife?

The former Mrs. Spencer was born in Moscow Russian on the 19th day of October sometime in the 1980s, her exact birth year has not been confirmed; although some report says 1988, Heightline has not been able to confirm the claims at the time of putting this article together.

  • Family

According to Nina Kouprianova, her parents were scientists and part of the popular brain-drain immigration wave of the mid-1990s in Russia. She recalled that her parents moved to Canada when she was small and in the following years, the family moved to other places including North America.

  • Education

She has a Ph.D. in History specializing in independent analysis in the area of modern and contemporary Russia alongside with translation and editing texts on philosophy, political science, and culture. Nina has translated several books written by renowned Russian Political Philosopher Alexander Dugin.

  • Career Beginnings

Kouprianova worked as a graphic designer for several years in the financial industry and was involved in all aspects of publishing together with illustration. While moving around North America and other places, Nina developed a keen interest in nature photography and she practiced it. According to her, her favorite shoot locations included Europe, Russia, and Japan. Most of her photographs can be found on Pinterest, Instagram, Vine,  Tumblr, and 500px.

  • Her Marriage

Nina Kouprianova met Richard for the first time in 2009 when he, worked at Takimag as an editor. According to her, she was intrigued by his interest in the Ron Paul for president movement. Soon after they met, they started off a romantic relationship which soon led to marriage the following year. They share two children together.

  • Family’s Violent Threats 

After their wedding, the couple began residing together in Whitefish, Montana, due to Spencer’s ideology which often sparks violent protests. Nina revealed that her young family became the victim of several “witch hunts” on different occasions. She once wrote to the Flathead Beacon comparing the personal attacks to the way her grandfather was forced to live in the Soviet Union.

  • Marital Abuses and Her Divorce Case

Nina cited an incident that happened in 2014 when she and her family were exposed to constant violent threats due to Spencers’ controversial ideological views and outspokenness. In 2016, it was reported that the couple had separated but it later turned out to be a rumor as they were still together.  However, It wasn’t long before the marriage began shaking terribly and in 2018, the Russian-Canadian filed for a divorce from her husband of eight years.

In the divorce filings, Kouprianova accused Spencer of being financial, physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. She alleged that the white supremacist has on several occasions hit, grabbed and dragged her around by her hair, and held her down in a manner that had caused her bruises, and also prevented her from calling for help.

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Nina Kouprianova claimed that much of the abuses she endured for long had happened before her children and that she couldn’t report to the police for fear of retaliation from Spencer. She also alleged that Spencer had punched her in the face when she was nine months pregnant and repeatedly told her, that the only language women understood is violence.

  • Richards’s Denials

Richard Spencer, of course, denied all the allegations claiming Nina has engaged in inflating and distorting of facts, gross mischaracterizations of him with a combination of cherry-picking. He also claimed that Kouprianova tried to rope their children into their dispute by saying they were witnesses to his abuse. Their divorce case is yet to be finalized at the time of writing this article.

  • Other Facts

Like Spencer, Kouprianova is also outspoken but her interest is majorly on Russian politics and other political happenings around the world. She told The Observer during in an interview that she loves and supports some of President ‘s policies but finds some others quite disappointing. She is a Putin supporter; she admires him for rescuing Russia from the brink of collapse in the 1990s.

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