Who Is Shannon Ihrke? 6 Quick Facts About the US Marine Model

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Career changes can be very tedious and straining; they also usually occur in close occupational proximity but not for Shannon Ihrke, who has had one of the most unusual career changes. Ihrke at the age of nineteen was barely making ends meet with the two jobs she worked. Choosing to make a change in her situation, she attended a job fair where she came in contact with an officer from the Corp who was trying to recruit new intakes and told Shannon that she did not look like a person who would withstand the rigorous process of boot camp. In a bid to disprove the theory Shannon signed up to join the Marines, and the rest, as they say, is history. Let’s introduce you to Shannon Ihrke aka the US Marine Model.

Who Is Shannon Ihrke?

Shannon Ihrke persevered, went through the process of becoming a Marine and by end of boot camp in 2008 she became a member of the corp. She served with the corps for four years and in 2012 got honorably discharged from the service. Few months after her discharge, Shannon chose to go into modeling. She did the needful; which included taking headshots and working on her body.

In a short time, she got a modeling job and her first appearance as a model was on the cover of Maxim, sporting a bikini in the colours of her country. Ihrke since then has worked with other magazines and has received national fame for her modeling and her looks.


Shannon Ihrke was born on the 15th of August in 1989. There is not a lot known about her family. However, it is known that she spent her childhood in various cities in Minnesota. She is the first child of her parents who divorced when she was still a child, and she also has two younger brothers.

6 Quick Facts about the US Marine Model

1. University Degree: Before Shannon Ihrke joined the Marines, she was a student at the St. Cloud University. She tried to juggle the demands of her education placed on her and two jobs at the same time, one of which was at a clothing store. She was working the jobs to be able to pay her student loan debts but was barely breaking even. Upon speaking to a counselor at school, she was advised that single moms and people who are in the military got a free ride at college. This, as well as a snarky remark from a Marine Corps recruiter, is what pushed her to join the force.

2. Military Family: When Ihrke joined the Marine Corp in 2008, she felt really welcomed in spite of the dismissive attitude she was served with by the recruiter. She considers all the people she met at boot camp and her platoon members as her family and holds each of them in high esteem. In various interviews she has given, Shannon Ihrke has spoken for the admiration she has for them and how appreciative she is of their support of her modeling.

3. Animal Lover: Ihrke is not just known for her modeling but her love for animals as well, especially horses. This love for horses is definitely what drove her to have a career as a horse trainer. In an interview she granted in 2018, she revealed that she volunteers at her local animal shelter to enable her to work with more animals.

4. Traveler: Another fact about this veteran who became a model and a horse trainer is her love for adventure, which she expresses by going on numerous journeys and hikes. Once a year she hits the road and tries to explore the world, for her, it is a necessary tradition, she also enjoys going on hikes with her father.

5. Brains: It turns out that Ihrke is a smarty pant who in all her time in college never failed a calculus test, exam or quiz. This is pretty impressive as calculus is a pretty complicated aspect of mathematics. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but she also has brains as well.

6. Social Media: Shannon Ihrke has a large audience on Social media with over thirteen thousand followers on Twitter and one hundred and forty on Instagram. She has mentioned that she prefers Instagram to Twitter and it is clear why she does.

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