Who Is Talinda Ann Bentley? 6 Things You Need To Know

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The name Talinda Ann Bentley may not ring a bell but Chester Bennington is definitely still a popular name in the music scene and the American entertainment industry at large. The musician and occasional actor is remembered as the lead vocalist for Linkin Park and the Dead by Sunrise band. The world was certainly willing to have more of him as one of the top rock musicians when he was discovered dead at his home in California. This was on the 20th of July, 2017 and the cause of death has been long ruled as suicide by hanging.

Chester was known for many things in his lifetime, one of those was what he had with Talinda Ann Bentley. Want to find out who she is? Come with us…

Who Is Talinda Ann Bentley?

Talinda Ann Bentley is best known as the wife of the famous lead singer of the Linkin Park Chester Bennington, who was regarded as one of the top rock musicians of our time. Those who know a thing or two about her apart from her marriage to the late musician may be able to tell that she’s a former Playboy model.

We peeped into her life and fished out some facts you may not have known about her. In all, the following are the things one ought to know about the woman.

Things You Need to Know about Her

1. How She Met Chester

Talinda Ann Bentley and her husband Chester met through musician Ryan Shuck who happened to be a mutual friend. They both had a connection from the get-go and their bond grew with each passing day. Chester said he knew Talinda was the one instantly.

The couple started dating in December 2004 as they desired to make something out of their accrescent chemistry. She moved into his apartment within a week and they got married the following year. Talinda walked into Chester’s life during one of his low points of existence. He just got out of a shitty divorce. He was broke, devastated, and depressed.

Talinda Ann Bentley was not deterred by that. She became his sunshine in those gloomy days as she patiently helped him through it all. Chester returned to being his cheerful lively self again. He even sang a song “Give Me Your Name” which he dedicated to Talinda. We were all relieved thinking the worst was now over. We had been terribly mistaken; Chester Bennington took his own life and his death came as a rude shock to his family and fans.

2. She Was Once a Runway Girl

In the early 2000s, Talinda Ann Bentley ventured into modeling. Her slender physique must have made her fit for the jobs. Talinda is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a slim waist measuring 28 inches and a 34 inches hips. The brunette weighs 55 kg and has enticing dark brown eyes.

For the first few years, all she was given were some little modeling gigs. Her big break came when she was featured in the College Girls section of the Playboy magazine. Afterward, she became a regular face in the magazine’s spring issues for a period of two years.

3. Talinda Ann Bentley Has Tasted the Hard Life

Talinda was born and bred in Phoenix, Arizona. Hers was no silver spoon as her family struggled to feed. They couldn’t even afford to pay their bills. Thus, Talinda learned to fend for herself at an early age. She began doing menial jobs when she was only 14. Her first place of work was at a burger joint.

For Talinda, it wasn’t just about earning a living or making ends meet. The poor girl needed to survive just another day. She did a ton of jobs including teaching, bartending, and animal training. She once worked as a science teacher, covering students from sixth to eighth grade. Talinda saved some money from her little earnings and was able to see herself through school. She enrolled in a music academy in Los Angeles and graduated in 1995.

4. She Is a Caregiver

was the typical father of nations. The singer has his seeds scattered across broad. His first girlfriend, Elka Brand bore him a son Jaime on May 12, 1996. Due to some stifling circumstances, Chester also took over custody of Elka’s older son, Isaiah. He also had a child with his estranged wife, Samantha Marie. The boy, Daven Sebastian was born on 16th April 2002. Chester had three more children with his new wife Talinda Ann Bentley. The first was Tyler Lee who was born on 6th March 2006. Afterward, the twins Lilly and Lila came in November 2011. Chester died on July 20, 2017, leaving Talinda with the responsibility of catering for all his children.

5. She Was a Victim of Cyberstalking

After Talinda’s glamorous wedding with Chester, some crazy dude began trolling them on the internet. The stalker was identified as Devon Townsend. He would trail their cyber activities, meddle with their personal information, and threaten them on their social media handle. This ridiculous situation went on for almost a year. The cops eventually swung into action and Devon was reprimanded for his misconducts. He was arrayed before a judge who found him guilty of cyberstalking. He was then sentenced to two years in prison.


6. She Loves the Little Things

Talinda Ann Bentley may look all glamorous and sophisticated but she is a simple woman at heart. You would be surprised to find that it is the seemingly trivial things that sweep her off her feet. Talinda has an undying love for pets. Her home is basically a zoo for the harmless creatures. She has four dogs, three horses, and a tank full of saltwater fish.

Talinda is also fascinated by tattoos. She has a half sleeve inscription which symbolizes her cherished family. The tattoo was designed by her late husband. Talinda explained that the inscription has the birthdays of each member of her family inside little hearts; sweet right?

She loves the “The Real Housewives of New York” show and would rather snack on cheeseburger and salsa. She can spend all day listening to songs by the Silversun Pickups, MGMT, Depeche Mode, and Dead By Sunrise.

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