Why Did Domo & Crissy Break Up, What Really Happened?

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Breakups between beloved celebrities seem to be interwoven into the fabrics of America’s entertainment industry, Hollywood. The particular concern of this write-up is the Domo and Crissy break up. Those who are not familiar with the gorgeous lesbian couple might be wondering who they are. If that’s the case, then it’s your lucky day as this article seeks to explore the lives, relationship, and eventual break up of the homosexual couple.

Domo and Crissy Background Details

Domo (Dominique Wilson) is an internet personality known for her songs and comedy. She was born in Chicago on June 24, 1994, but was raised in Valparaiso, Indiana and she belongs to the African American ethnicity. Domo was raised alongside five siblings – four brothers and a sister. She grew up without her parent as her father was sentenced to prison when she was three years old and her mother left her with her grandmother. The tomboyish lady has a YouTube channel, Domo and Crissy, which she ran jointly with her now ex-fiancee, Crissy Danielle. The channel is quite popular and earns Domo a fortune. She also owns another YouTube channel dedicated to vlogging efforts.

Crissy Danielle, on the other hand, is also a lesbian YouTube personality who owns her own channel as well as the one she managed with her ex-partner, Domo. Their joint channel is now dormant as they have stopped posting on it. She was born in the United States on the 23rd of April 1996 and her mother’s name is Debbie. She first came out to her mother when the latter found a love note she had written about a female in high school.

Domo and Crissy break up broke the hearts of many when they announced that they were calling it quits as they looked perfect for each other. Their relationship was so admired that it became an example for other homosexual relationships. Together, the couple even had a son, Dominic, which implied to many that things would go beyond engagement. However, the couple split in 2018 through a YouTube post they both featured in.

How Did They Meet?

Domo and Crissy met as freshmen in high school. It all happened when Domo accompanied a friend of hers to Olive Garden where Crissy worked at the time. At first, Domo was hesitant to go with her friend but was glad she did when she saw Crissy. She thought Crissy was very attractive and it became even more interesting when she found out that Crissy was also a lesbian. Domo would get Crissy’s number from her that day and that began the Domo and Crissy romance which many were so fond of until their split.

Before Domo met Crissy, she was involved in a toxic relationship. She never disclosed much about her former partners. She only mentioned her ex in a tweet in 2015. The tweet suggested that her ex had done wrong by her. Crissy had also been in a toxic relationship and like Domo, she hasn’t disclosed much about her past.

The couple seemed to be helplessly in love with each other. They created YouTube channels that bore their names to show their bond. The first was a prank channel called Domo and Crissy. The channel had over a million followers about a year after it was launched. The couple posted once a week and had over 30,000 views per post. They also earned about $450 per day from each monetized post.

The channel contents included pranks they played on each other and other activities such as challenges. They had another channel that earned them a fortune. From their pictures and videos, it was obvious that the couple cherished one another. Their social media accounts were always buzzing with photos and videos of themselves.

In July 2016, the couple announced that Domo was pregnant via artificial insemination. She gave birth to a boy they named Dominic Christopher Wilson on March 17, 2017. The couple was so excited to have an addition to their lives and weren’t secretive about it. They posted many pictures of Dominic on social media.


Why Did Domo and Crissy Break Up?

It is often said that there is a lot hidden behind a smile. This axiom is exemplified in the relationship between Domo and Crissy. The couple shattered the hearts of many fans when they parted on August 1, 2018. They made a tearful video and posted it on their collaborative channel, Domo and Crissy. The video explained why they were calling it quits.

Before this post, they made a prank video that they were breaking up but later revealed it was a false alarm and was a plot to increase their number of subscribers. As much as their fans would wish their video on August 1st was also a prank, it wasn’t. The reason being that they have grown apart over the years. A fan disclosed that they had even been going for therapy for a year but couldn’t reconcile their differences. The couple disclosed that although they were splitting up, they would still remain friends and had only good feelings about each other. They also agreed to nurture their child Dominic together.

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