Why Lucas Hedges Movies and TV Show Fans Think He Is Gay

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Lucas Hedges is, without doubt, one of the fast-rising actors in Hollywood. This is backed up by the fact that he has featured in several highly-acclaimed movies and collected many accolades in the course of his short career. Beyond his career, however, Hedges has also received a good dose of fame from the many speculations that have come up concerning his sexuality. The talk in many circles among his fans is that he is gay and the rumor has spread like wildfire prompting a closer inspection of his private affairs to determine what the truth is and why his fans seem to think so.

The actor who spent his formative years in New York dabbled into acting in middle school and subsequently studied theatre at the University of North Carolina School of Arts. He made his professional debut in his father’s 2007 film, Dan in Real Life and since then, he has gone on to appear in several theatrical productions including The Waverly Gallery, Yen >and in highly-acclaimed movies like Manchester by the Sea (2016) for which he scored an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

Why Do His Fans Think He Is Gay?

Hedges has faced several questions about his sexuality, and this is not unconnected with his movies and TV shows. The New Yorker has portrayed gay characters in several movies including Lady Bird, a 2017 comedy/drama which revolves around Christine ‘Lady Bird’ Macpherson, a high school senior who is determined to rise above her family’s ordinary circumstances. Hedges portrayed the role of Danny O’Neill, a rich teen who initially dates Lady Bird but, later comes out as gay and endures a harsh reception from his family.

His performance earned him rave reviews from the critics but also made some fans wonder if he was gay given the sheer brilliance, rawness, and passion with which he portrayed the role of Danny O’Neill. The actor, however, quelled these rumors and moved on with his life. 

Lucas Hedges also added more fuel to fire by portraying another gay character in the 2018 movie, Boy Erased. Boy Erased a biopic drama which revolves around Jared, a gay college student who is outed by his religious parents. The young man is subsequently sent to a gay conversion therapy where he endures several scientifically-unproven methods of conversion but would later leave and move to New York with his boyfriend. Hedges’ excellent portrayal of the gay character fetched him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. It also did nothing to quell the raging questions about his actual sexuality as fans pointed to his expertly-delivered performance as another evidence in their gay conspiracy. The New Yorker, however, remained unruffled and concentrated on consolidating his thriving career.

Is Lucas Hedges Actually Gay?

While it seems that only Hedges can tell the truth about his sexuality, the answer that many seek has not been forthcoming as it seems the star is not sure where he stands either. Hedges has been quite open concerning his confusion about his sexuality and has admitted that he envies people who are confident about theirs. He disclosed that he exists on a spectrum and as such, is not totally straight, but neither is he gay nor necessarily bisexual.

According to his admissions, he used to have crushes on people of both genders in the early stages of his life, and this fluid interest has not changed. In that vein, Hedges is a strong ally of the LGBTQ community. He is also in a budding relationship with fellow fast-rising Hollywood star, Taylor Russell. Russell is native of Vancouver, Canada, and was born on the 18th of July 1994. She has thus far appeared in several movies and tv series including Escape Room, Strange Empire, Falling Skies, Lost In Space, Down a Dark Hall and Before I Fall.

Hedges and Russell commenced their romance in mid-2018. They have been quite taciturn and have not dished out many details on how their romance commenced or even how they met. They have however been spotted together at several public events including the Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show. Hedges and his supremely-talented girlfriend also co-starred in the acclaimed 2019 drama, Waves. From all indications, they work well together and are likely to be on many more projects together.

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