Willie Garson – 5 Facts You Should Know About The Actor

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With a career that started in 1986, Willie Garson mostly played characters that are like the sidekicks of the main star. He is a co-star, support, and someone that is rarely ever thought of until there is a dire need for him.

Willie had his big break in Sex and the City where he played the gay best friend of Carrie Bradshaw in the series. The show was a huge success while it lasted and is still famed today as one of the greatest works Garson has under his belt.

Who Is Willie Garson?

He is an American actor born in Highland Park, New Jersey, the U.S.A. on February 20, 1964, to Muriel (née Schwartz) and Donald M. Paszamant. As a child, he schooled at Highland Park High School and for 11 years, was a regular camper at Camp Wekeela.

After he left high school, Willie Garson enrolled at Wesleyan University and earned a degree in theatre in 1985. His educational records also have it that he attended Yale Drama School before kicking off his acting career.

William Garson Paszamant began his acting career with an uncredited role in a 1986 film titled The Deliberate Stranger. In this same year, he acted in some other television series in guest roles like Walter in Family Ties and Cheers, You Again? and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.

He thereafter portrayed several other characters in a number of films and television series which has earned him a respectable spot in the film industry.

Garson recorded his big break as an actor playing Stanford Blatch in Sex and the City (1998-2004) and its 2010 follow-up Sex and the City 2. In the series, he was the best friend of Carrie Bradshaw as a gay person.

His other notable roles include that of Mozzie in White Collar which ran from 2009 to 2014 and Gerard Hirsch in Hawaii Five-0 (2015-2018).

5 Facts You May Not Know About Willie Garson

1. Net Worth

With a career that has spanned over 3 decades boasting a diverse number of works in both films and television series, Willie Garson has been well rewarded for his spectacular contributions to the acting industry. He has a net worth of about $10 million.

2. Relationship

For a man whose acting career has been as successful as that of Garson, it is not out of place to ask questions about his better half. However, Willie has not been associated with any woman as his wife ever since he became a person of public interest. He has however disclosed that he dreams of getting married someday but he is yet to find the right person.

3. He Has a Son

Though it is a known fact that Willie Garson does not have any wife, in fact, he has never been reported to be in a relationship, but he has a child which he adopted.

Willie enrolled in parenting classes and attended an adoption fair in Los Angeles where he met a vivacious 7-year-old boy named Nathan.

After two years, he finalized his adoption process and began a new life as a parent. The two have over the years bonded perfectly as a family, often making appearances at public events to the delight of their fans.

4. Sexuality

People often assume and conclude about the sexuality of some actors and actresses based on the sexual orientation of the characters they play in films.

It is likely that an actor who plays a gay character will probably be assumed to be gay especially when such an actor is not married.

Willie Garson has been assumed to be gay for this reason. He played the character of an openly gay man on Sex and the City so perfectly that you will easily believe he is attracted to his gender in real life.

The actor has however not openly commented on his sexuality but a couple of online sources have reported that he is probably bisexual. We haven’t been able to substantiate this claim in any way.

5. He’s a Fine Poker Player

Garson earned the name ‘Evil Willie’ for the way he plays chess. He is credited with winning around a Celebrity Texas Hold ‘Em tournament.

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