Aviva Mongillo – Bio, Relationship With Josh Bogert and Other Facts 

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It is said, an artist is not a special kind of person rather, each person is a special kind of artist and only a few are able to get hold of this talent from a young age. And just like a wise man once said that every child is an artist, the issue now becomes how to retain the artist in the child as he grows up. Nevertheless, this Canadian actress and singer, Aviva Mongillo who discovered her love for the stage as a child have been able to live up to her dreams. We would sure want to know everything about the starlet. Search no further, this write-up serves the purpose. Happy reading.

Aviva Mongillo Bio

The songstress was born to Maria and Frank Mongillo on the 6th day of February 1998 in Canada. She has a younger brother, Nicolas who came three years after in 2001 and a cousin, Alyssa Mongillo.

With the pitty patter slaps of her feet against the floor as a kid, she not only brought joy to the people who know her but her voice also warmed its way into the hearts of the many that heard her sing. It wasn’t surprising then that her friends discovered her ability to sing even before she knew she could sing. Left to her alone, it was all about acting and drama and she loves the stage.

It was in a karaoke party Aviva attended with friends as a child that she realized that she can sing and has loved singing since then. She thus set the image of a singer in her heart and started toward becoming one even though she doubted her ability at first. At the age of 10, Aviva started her singing career and performed in the school programs as well. She did not just stop at singing, she took a step further to hone her skills by taking guitar lessons from the age of 12.

Letting the beauty of what she loves translate into what she does, Aviva played the lead male role in the theatre production of Pippin. A challenging role you would say, but that’s what she loves. Something that challenges her. She has also acted in other projects most notably as Alya Kendrick on the Family Channel TV series, Backstage (2016) where she debuted as an actress. The actress so identified with her character Alya who is also an aspiring musician as well as excelled in the role which shot her into fame.

She has gone on to appear in other successful works. In 2017, she starred in the movie Don’t Talk to Irene as Sarah with Geena Davis. Talk about success, the movie won two awards at the 2017 Austin Film Festival. Aviva Mongillo is set to appear in the 2019 movie Flarsky as young Charlotte alongside , Andy Serkis, and Seth Rogen.

The starlet has not only recorded success in the acting arena but has taken it into her music career. She is signed to Cardinal Point Music and released her EP, Songs About Boys on September 15, 2017. It tells of the experiences a girl has when she opens her heart to boys and the attendant happiness or sadness. The singles in the album include Wild, Hurt Like Hell, Hype, and Princesses Don’t Cry. Hype has earned over 800k views on YouTube. The EP is followed by a merchandise line for her songs.

She’s got talents and brain in full as she always finds a way to develop them and let her voice or acts be heard or seen as the case may be. Aviva cover songs of notable artists which she posts on her eponymous YouTube channel. Some of the songs she has covered include Thinking Out Loud (with Josh) by , When We Were Young by , and Hearts On Fire by Passenger.

Aviva Mongillo’s Relationship with Josh Bogert

Who is Josh Bogert? He is the lead male character, Miles Lennox in the series, Backstage. He is a multi-talented dude; a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Josh was born in Vancouver, Canada on the 16th of August 2000 in a music-loving family and has done music almost all his life. He has worked as a sound engineer and has a brother who is also a musician. He is skilled on many instruments and plays the violin, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and saxophone.

The theme song, we just need a spark to spark to light up the dark may be talking about these two starlets who lights up the screen whenever they sing or play. The duo starred in the Family Channel series and had to shoot like 30 episodes in 30 days. Thus,  they have spent more time on set with their fellow casts than they have with their individual families and friends. It wouldn’t be out of place then, not to be friends and even close off the set.

Josh and Aviva are reportedly dating and have done a host of projects together. Apart from being signed to the same record label, they also cover songs together and are greatly enjoying each other’s company.


Other Facts

She described her Backstage character, Alya as determined, brave, and feisty.

Aviva designed the cover of her EP with the help of her photographer friend Luke Avoledo.

She is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall and has a body weight of 132 lbs (60 kg).

The songstress is one of the fastest rising musicians on Spotify Canada.

Aviva Mongillo described her work on the set of Backstage as a dream come true and defines the experience of doing daily what she loves surreal.

Her trademark includes her blonde hair, blue eyes, and her powerful voice.

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