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Brooks Nielsen is a fairly popular American rock singer. He is better known as a member of the band called The Growlers, in which he is both lead singer and co-founder, along with his friend Matt Taylor. Brooks has made quite a name for himself in the music industry as an excellent and talented songwriter whose lyrics have stolen the hearts of fans and listeners around the world. Whether he is drawing from past experiences or simply inventing a story, Brooks musical talent is guaranteed to have you feeling things you didn’t know were possible.

Brooks Nielsen Bio (Age)

The famous rock singer was born on January 3, 1984. Details about Brooks Nielsen’s early life, family background, and education have not been revealed, so there is not much to learn in that regard. The singer has tried to keep this aspect of his life private and doesn’t talk a lot about it, even in interviews.

Brooks has always been interested in music. Whenever he was hanging with friends, everyone would pick up guitars and he would sing along until one day, he suggested that they should try and start a band. A friend heard that and asked them to play at his party, so they immediately started writing songs, screening members, and everything just fit spectacularly. The band moved to Long Beach to work on more songs and things just kept going fine.

Initially, the band was called The Heebie-Geebies, but Brooks and the others agreed that the name was a little childish, so they all tried to come up with a better one. After a lot of joking around and poking fun at Matt for growling while taking a shit, they decided to call themselves The Growlers.

Brooks Nielsen admits that although the music he makes with the band sounds like psychedelic garage-rock, it was never intended to be that way. They bought old machines while they were starting out, so it influenced a lot of their sound but mostly, they just try to make pretty music.

The singer’s father was a bit of a tough guy and he always tried to get his son to man up. Brooks draws inspiration from his relationship with his father when writing some of his songs like Someone Something Jr.

A lot of Brooks’ creativity comes from drinking, which he enjoys doing a lot because it allows him to be weird and wild, but he has been trying to find a balance because it can get a little too much and affect the craft. The right amount of drunk is the secret recipe according to the vocalist.

Brooks Nielsen’s Wife

Unfortunately for admirers who have been dreaming up love scenarios involving the singer, Brooks Nielsen is no longer a single man. The singer married his girlfriend – Melissa, whom he dated for a long time. The lovebirds tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2015.

If his songs are anything to go by, Brooks has had a difficult time with women and relationships. Some fans have accused his music of taking a very harsh view of women. It’s hard to tell if Brooks has really suffered a lot at love or if the way he sings about relationships is just meant to add value to his music.

Either way, the singer is in a committed marriage to the love of his life at present and, things do not seem to be going sour for them. The couple has a beautiful son called Valentino. Their social media pages are filled with pictures of the beautiful baby. The family lives together in a beautiful house and all is right with them.


Other Facts about the Musician

1. Brooks Nielsen loves reading or listening to morning radio while he’s trying to get his creative juices flowing. It helps him loosen up and get into a zone that helps him relax and write songs.

2. Unlike most musicians who like to write songs first before finding the instrumentals to match it, Brooks prefers to sit with the beats and let the lyrics come to him after listening over and over. It’s cool and challenging for him to work this way.

3. the actor and comedian is a big fan of The Growlers and Brooks Nielsen has met him a couple of times when the actor attended some of their shows.

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