Theresa Caputo – Bio, Marriage, Divorce, Net Worth and Family Life

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For a fan of the TLC reality TV series, Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is one individual never to miss in a crowd having been a part of the show since 2011 when it began. Caputo is a reality TV personality who portrays the medium in the TLC show, through which she became famous. With a lot of things said about her as a result of the show including bringing her integrity and person to question, there are so many things about her that still remain unknown.

Theresa Caputo Bio

While it is as Theresa Caputo that she has come to be known, the reality star was actually born Theresa Brigandi on June 10, 1966, in Long Island, Hicksville. She was raised by her parents, Nicholas Brigandi and Veronica Brigandi alongside a brother, Michael Brigandi.

While nothing is said about what her mother did, her father worked as a firefighter with the Fire Department of New York.

Unlike many kids who at the age of 4 would start finding names for their favorite toys, that was the age that Caputo had started feeling, sensing, and even seeing spirits. However, her journey to communicating with the spirits began in her twenties when in order to manage her anxiety issues, her mother took her to see a spiritual healer and teacher, Pat Longo. It was Longo that told Theresa that she had Spirit’s energy which she was suppressing and that was what was resulting in her anxiety issues.

Soon afterward, Pat Longo began helping Theresa Caputo to teach her how she could channel Spirits through her chakras and then release it with her words. Caputo revealed that after she accepted her powers, she decided to use it towards helping people to understand and embrace life.

As she continued doing her thing, she was encouraged by a friend that she was made for the TV. She was further encouraged by her friend’s sister and her friend Courtney Mullin and Jonathan Patridge who were both producers. With their help, the idea for her show began and that was how “Long Island Medium” began in 2011.

Marriage, Divorce, and Family Life

There are many things that Theresa Caputo has seen through the years with her psychic gifts, but one of such was not the end of her marriage from her husband, Larry Caputo.

Going back to how their love story began, Theresa revealed that she was told by her auntie who also had psychic powers that she was going to meet a man who had a beard and a mustache and who was much older than her. At first, Theresa did not believe this because she was in a relationship with someone else at that time. A couple of years down the line, she met Larry when she was working at his family’s oil company. Interestingly enough, he was the exact man she was told about.

The two began dating and two years later, they became man and wife. Although the marriage like all others had its own problems, the couple survived for close to three decades before announcing that they were separating on December 3, 2017. Following the separation, Larry moved to Los Angeles in 2018 and Theresa revealed that they were already headed to get a divorce.

Theresa Caputo’s parents were not happy about the separation, but it was even harder on the couple’s two children, Larry Caputo Jr. and Victoria Caputo who had before the separation, always appeared on the show.


Since the issue between their parents, they are not seen much on the show, with some pointing out that it is as a result of what is going on between their parents even though Theresa insisted that it is because the children are now more occupied with their personal lives. While Victoria works in Syosset, New York with a salon as a balayage specialist, her brother works at Madison Square Garden Networks as a Manager of Studio Operations.

It was recently reported that already, Larry was getting his life together and moving on as he has already started dating someone else.

Net Worth

Through her show, Theresa Caputo has not only become famous, but she has also amassed a generous amount of fortune. The reality TV personality has been estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. She made her fortune mainly from her work as a medium and also from the hit TLC series, Long Island Medium.

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