Who Is Dale Bozzio? Husband, Children, Net Worth, Other Facts

Quick Facts of Dale Frances Consalvi

Net Worth$8 million
SalaryNot Known
Height4 ft 11 in
Date of Birth2 March, 1955

It was under the genre of Rock music that the sub-genre called New Wave was birthed. This kind of music was particularly popular in the 70s and 80s, it was created by incorporating elements of punk rock, pop, and rock.

One band that properly represented what new wave music sounded like was the band Missing Persons; it had the gifted Dale Bozzio as its lead singer. Bozzio was instrumental in the band’s growth as well as in the career of the composer, Frank Zappa. Dale Bozzio has also had a career where her talent as a solo artist has shone, keep reading to learn more about her.

Who Is Dale Bozzio?

On the 2nd of March 1955, Dale Frances Consalvi was born in Massachusetts, not much is known about her childhood or her immediate family members. It is however known to the public that at the age of 16, she was taking classes in Drama at the arts and communication privately owned college, Emerson College. Her career in music did not begin until she met the composer Frank Zappa.

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Their meeting happened by chance and ended with him giving her a job on his 1979 opera, Joe’s Opera. Thus began her career in show business. Dale’s monologue in the opera has been used in other types of media.

In 1980, Dale Bozzio created the group Missing Persons with her co-workers on Zappa’s team, Warren Cuccurullo and Terry Bozzio whom she later got married to. The band released three albums before their breakup in 1986, the same year Dale and Terry went their separate ways and got divorced. Bozzio kept her husband’s name and continued to make music, this marked the beginning of her solo career.

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What Is Her Net Worth?

Dale Bozzio has had a career in music for over four decades which has been fairly successful. With her roles in opera, the successes she enjoyed in her dealings with Missing Persons, and her solo career, it is hardly a surprise where her wealth comes from. The woman’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million as of 2022.

Husband and Children

While Dale Bozzio worked with Zappa, she had to work alongside other musicians, including Terry Bozzio, a drummer. The two of them met in 1976; by 1979, they were married and seven years later (in 1986) they got divorced. Their marriage produced two children –  Troy Sebastian and Shane Maximilian.

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Quick Facts About The Musician

1. After Dale Bozzio’s time at Emerson’s College, she moved to Los Angeles in 1976. It is said that had asked to see her in a bid to give her the position of a hostess at his Valentine’s party that year. She, however, refused to become a play bunny, losing an opportunity to have a place of residence in the city.

2. In 2009, Dale Bozzio was arrested on grounds of animal cruelty, she had rescued some cats, feral ones from the woods. However, she did not give them the care she had hoped to administer as she left on tour soon after rescuing the cats.

The cats were sick when she took them from the woods and as a result of her negligence, two died and the other 12 had to be euthanized. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail with a combined 250 hours of community service as well as payment of $2,700 for the euthanizing of the cats.

3. Fans of Dale Bozzio and the pop stars have connected lines of similarity between Gaga and Bozzio. At the beginning of their career, both women made audacious fashion choices, defied the norm, and are remembered for their amazing stage presence.

4. Dale Bozzio’s solo career started with her performing covers of various songs. Then in 1988, she released her first album, Riot in English. The next one, New Wave Sessions, was released in 2007. It is no secret that her most recent work is Make Love Not War and an EP, Talk Talk; both were released in 2010. She also performed songs from her time with the band, Missing Persons.

5. The second time she worked with Frank Zappa was in 1984; she played Rhonda in Thing-Fish – the wife of the character Harry. When the opera was created and released, she was already married to Terry Bozzio.

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