Molly Elizabeth Brolin – Bio, Family, Facts About James Brolin’s Daughter

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Molly Elizabeth Brolin was born into a family of entertainers, so it is not much of a surprise that she is trying to make a career for herself in the entertainment industry. On most of the projects she has been involved in, she has fulfilled a production role. She is born to veteran director and actor, James Brolin, and retired television actress Jan Smithers.

Although her parents seemed to have had most of their career in front of the screen, it seems Molly is more comfortable behind it. In her portfolio, you will find movies like Men In Black 3 and Royal Reunion. She has also been involved in a stage production with the play Smile Swamp Princess. Molly has been around in a professional capacity since 2011 and still has a lot more to give.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin Bio

Molly was born in the entertainment capital of the world – Los Angeles, California, on November 28, 1987. She is the daughter of and . Growing up, she was fascinated with her parent’s careers and wanted to follow in their footsteps. Apart from the fact that she spent most of her childhood with her mother, there isn’t much else that is known about Molly’s early years, including her education.

Although the exact timeline is unknown, Molly Brolin did pass through Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Molly’s professional career began in 2011 when she served as a production assistant on the set of the short film Royal Reunion. The movie was about a large family of multiple generations planning their parent’s 40-year wedding anniversary. The film featured the likes of , Justin Baldoni, and her father, James Brolin, who was also the director.

The next year, Molly Elizabeth Brolin reprised her responsibility as a production assistant on the action-comedy film, Men In Black 3, starring , and . In the same year, she was again a production assistant on the special television documentary John Mulaney: New In Town.

In 2013, the producer decided to step into stage production. At the time, she had teamed up with Justin Johnson, a colleague she had met during her time at Berklee College of Music. The duo moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During this time, Justin told Molly of an unforgettable experience he had in SoHo, Lower Manhattan while he worked in a stockroom. The experience inspired the idea for their stage play Smile Swamp Princess. On the production, Molly Elizabeth Brolin worked as the art director and was responsible for the costumes and props. The play was written by actor Megan Lui. It had its premiere at the Wild Project theatre in East Village, New York.

Molly Brolin was away from television work for a few years. She eventually made her comeback with the Hallmark Channel’s made-for-television film, Royal Hearts. This time she worked as an assistant producer and worked closely with her father who directed the project and also played the lead character.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s Family

As stated earlier, Molly grew up with her mother. Her parents, James and Jan got married in 1986. After Molly was born the following year, her mother decided to quit her career and devote her entire time to raising her daughter. James’ career caused him to travel a lot and this put a strain on their relationship that eventually led to the dissolution of their marriage.

After their divorce in 1995, Jan took Molly and relocated to a more peaceful neighborhood. Molly has always maintained a good relationship with both her parents though. James Brolin’s marriage to Jan was his second. Molly boasts some famous half-siblings from her father’s first and third marriages.

James’ first marriage to wildlife activist and casting executive, Jane Cameron Agee, gave Molly her step-siblings – actor and his younger brother, Jess Brolin. He married actress Barbra Streisand after he had split from Molly’s mother. Through this union, she also got an older stepbrother, Jason Gould. Jason is a child from Barbra’s former relationship.


Facts About James Brolin’s Daughter

1. Molly made her first guest appearance in the drama movie Shadow of a Gun in 2018.

2. On the movie Men In Black 3, Molly Elizabeth Brolin got to work on set with her older half-brother, Josh Brolin.

3. Her play Smile Swamp Princess was directed by her half-niece, , daughter of Josh Brolin.

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