Who Is Joan Lin, Jackie Chan’s Wife? Her Height, Age, Bio

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There is a drawback that comes from being married to someone supremely more accomplished and famous than you are; it reduces your entire achievement to ‘spouse of said person’. It is a position that strips you of your own personality and revolves your value around who you are married to. The negative drawback, however, comes with the benefit of influence and prestige and that makes it a worthy trade-off for a lot of people. For Joan Lin, despite being an actress with over 70 films in her resume, she’s known as no more than just the wife of the famous actor, and stuntman. Read below to find out more about the Taiwanese actress.

Who Is Joan Lin? – Bio & Age

Joan Lin may now live a life of wealth and comfort, but she did not grow up with any of those. She grew up in a poor family of five children in the city of Taipei in Taiwan, back when China and its environs were a haven for poverty and suffering. The Taiwanese film veteran was born on June 30, 1953. Perhaps as a result of the limited media interest in her life as against that of her husband, there is limited information regarding her parents and siblings.

Education for Joan Lin was also too great a commodity for her parents to afford. She had to drop out of high school at the age of 12 due to her parents’ inability to fund her education. Between the ages of 12 and 19, one does not know what Joan Lin did with her life, having dropped out of school but at the age of 19, she began to star in films. In fact, she appeared in her first film, The Hero of Chiu at the age of 19 and it would be the first of 70 films throughout her entire career.

During the 70s, Joan Lin became one of the biggest names in Taiwanese and Chinese cinema. Lin, along with Chin Han, Charlie Chin, Brigitte Lin, were the leading names in the industry. Her film repertoire featured a lot of adaptation of novel stories into cinema works, especially novels by Chiung Yao. Her 70s domination featured a lot of box office hits and culminated in Joan Lin getting nominated twice for One of Taiwan’s biggest movie awards, The Golden Horse Awards. She was nominated twice as Best Leading Actress in 1978 and 1979 for the movies, He Never Gives Up and The Story of a Small Town, respectively. Although she lost the first nomination to Tien Niu for The Dairy of Di-Di, she won the following year’s nomination. Joan Lin’s career came to an abrupt end shortly after in 1982.

Life as Jackie Chan’s Wife

Lin met Jackie Chan two years after her Golden Horse Award win and the two started dating. The couple got married in 1981 and moved to Los Angeles in what was a service of Jackie Chan’s career who was having a golden period in Hollywood at the time. The couple, Jackie Chan and Joan Lin, welcomed a baby boy a day after their marriage and named him Jaycee Chan.

Her marriage to Chan was forced by her pregnancy, as was confirmed by Jackie Chan himself in an interview in 2015. However, thankfully, the couple have grown to love each other and Jackie Chan, recently in 2017, released a new song in celebration of his wife as a Valentine’s Day gift.


Their marriage hasn’t always been perfect. Over the course of their 37 years of marriage, Chan has been accused of cheating on Lin multiple times, with the highlight of the string of infidelity being fathering a daughter with Hong Kong actress, Elaine Ng. The couple has however managed to overcome their troubles and are currently happy together. Their son, Jaycee Chan is an actor and singer, just like his father.

Although her net worth is currently unknown, with 70 films that featured many box office hits in a short career span of 10 years, Joan Lin has her own share of wealth from her acting career, outside of the material benefit of being married to Jackie Chan.

Joan Lin’s Height

Standing at similar height with her husband, Joan Lin stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. A beautiful woman in her younger days who has grown older with grace. She had brown eyes and black hair.

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