12 Christmas Movie Characters We Can Watch Over Again

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Have you ever thought of what your Christmas with family and friends would be like without interesting Christmas movie characters? This genre of television film has become a tool for rallying round family members and building stronger ties. From the unending wits to the happy endings that sometimes end in tears or laughter, the memories are forever cherished.

The entertainment industry and the world at large have seen quite a lot of epic Christmas movies that have forever remained evergreen in the hearts and minds of movie lovers. Remember the Home Alone series, A Christmas Story, Elf, A Christmas Prince and It’s a Wonderful Life? These are just a trickle of some of the movies that made our Christmas fantasies.

More so, in all of these Christmas movies we have cherished, we have had characters that endeared us to them. the Home Alone star, is just a perfect example. Read on as we relive those memories by bringing you 12 exceptional Christmas movie characters that we can never get tired of seeing.

12 Christmas Movie Characters We Can Watch Over Again

1. Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf famous for his pointy hat, tights, and a huge smile, was the lead character in the 2003 film titled Elf. His singing was always a Christmas cheer for everyone. This Christmas movie character was portrayed by award-winning actor, . Elf also ranks among notable classic Christmas movies and it was written by David Berenbaum.

2. Kevin McCallister

This Christmas movie character was the lead actor of the widely acclaimed 1990 film Home Alone. Kevin, the last child of the McCallisters, was left home alone by his family on the eve of Christmas. He was adored by fans and lovers of the film for his superb use of tricks and wit to overpower two burglars that invaded their house. Macaulay Culkin, who was a child actor back then, played the character. His performance earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination.

3. Harry Lime 

The Home Alone super villains were a joy to watch in the Christmas drama. Harry alongside Marvin formed the notorious robbery gang known as The Wet Bandits in Home Alone and as The Sticky Bandits in Home Alone 2. Nobody can practically get tired of watching the comic Harry Lime with his partner as they try to get into the house of Kevin McCallister. played the short and hot-tempered Harry Lime and he currently ranks as a notable Christmas movie character.

4. Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebenezer Scrooge was one of the outstanding characters from the classic 1951 film titled A Christmas Carol. Alastair Sim’s portrayal of the character received a lot of praise as well as acclaims from critics and fans all over the world.

5. Willie

Willie will always remain a must-watch Christmas movie character to look out for in Bad Santa. He was a known alcoholic and depressed fellow played by Billy Bob Thornton who portrayed the vile and mean character exceptionally well.

6. The Grinch

The 1966 American animation film How The Grinch Stole Christmas remains a classic Christmas movie for many years to come. The Grinch in the film was the notorious character responsible for planning to steal the world’s most celebrated holiday. Of course, just like all superhero movies, the villain and his sidekick’s plan did not work at the end of the day. This character was played by the popular actor, .

7. The Old Man

The film, A Christmas Story, has been referred to by many critics and film pundits as the greatest Christmas movie of all time. One of the notable characters for many persons that have seen the movie was the Old Man. He was well known for his grim face, dancing, celebration and his unparalleled love for claiming prizes. The particular scene of when he caught Ralphie saying the forbidden word was priceless. Late veteran actor, gave us a lasting memory with his superb performance of this Christmas movie character.

8. Ralphie

Ralphie was a central character in the film A Christmas Story. He was ruthless, schizophrenic and paranoid especially when it comes to ensuring he gets his Christmas goodies. Peter Billingsly played the eccentric Ralphie Christmas movie character.

9. Jacob Marley

Jacob Marley was a mysterious ghost character from the popular classic film A Christmas Carol released in 1970. He is an outstanding actor who is currently listed among popular Christmas movie characters.

10. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellingon is the animated Christmas movie character from The Nightmare Before Christmas remains one of the most loved from characters from the classic Christmas film. His performance earned him a lot of recognition and he is definitely a character we would love to see over and again in Christmas movies.

11. Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie was a memorable character from Christmas Vacation and he remains the reason why many would still look forward to watching the film. He, therefore, earned himself a spot among top Christmas movie characters and if you ever get to see the movie, you will know why he is loved by many

12. Marvin Merchant

This Christmas movie character was portrayed by Daniel Stern and he is one of the thieves from the sitcom, Home Alone 3. The Christmas character who also works with his partner Harry Lime in the Home Alone movies definitely knows how to make people laugh with his hilarious acts.

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