Andie MacDowell List of Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Andie MacDowell's Net Worth as of March 2024 is $25 Million

Quick Facts of Andie MacDowell

Net Worth$25 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 8 in
Date of Birth21 April, 1958
ProfessionShowbiz and TV

Andie MacDowell whose full name is Rosalie Anderson MacDowell is an American actress and model whose acting career began in 1984. Before becoming a professional actress, however, Andie schooled at Winthrop University and then left for Columbia, South Carolina.

While on a trip to Los Angeles, a Wilhelmina Models rep spotted her and talked to her about modeling. However, it was Elite Model Management that Andie signed within the year 1978.

Six years later, the model made her acting debut in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes as Miss Jane Porter.

Since then, the model cum actress has gone on to star in a lot of movies and TV shows so much so that her fans are beginning to wonder which Andie MacDowell movies and TV shows are the best and which are the worst.

In this article, we compiled a list of some of the actress’ best and worst works as rated by viewers.

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Andie MacDowell wears her naturally curly locks and is a champion for cur;y-haired gals everywhere.

List of Andie MacDowell Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Groundhog Day (1993)

IMDb RatingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
8.0/1096% Tomatometer and 88% Audience scoreBudget – $14.6 million,  Box office – $70.9 million

Top on this list as one of the best Andie MacDowell movies is Groundhog Day. It is a 1993 film directed by American writer, comedian, and actor Harold Ramis.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The film starred Phil Connors, Andie MacDowell as Rita Hanson, Chris Elliott as Larry the cameraman, and some others.

In Groundhog Day, the cast in the fantasy comedy film acted out the events that happened to a weatherman life who is named Phil.

He feels reluctant to cover weather stories which he has been on for 4 years as he instead feels covering events for the national news should be his forte.

Working alongside him is his producer Rita and cameraman Larry. On Groundhog Day (February 2, 1992), the trio was sent as usual to cover the day’s festivities in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania which Phil unapologetically loathes.

However, while on the assignment, he woke up the next morning having a feeling of déjà vu after a snowstorm prevented them from leaving Punxsutawney the previous day.

He saw himself living and waking up to the same events every day. Initially, he used this rare occurrence to indulge in one-night stands, reckless driving, and binge drinking.

However, after some time, Phil had a change of heart and instead decided to use the repetition of events in his life to actually do good to other people as he knew what will exactly happen that day.

While at this, Phil also tries to win love of Rita and does everything he can to see if he can love her back. How he went about this and Rita’s responses stand out as one of the actress’s best character portrayals in film.

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Short Cuts (1993)

IMDb RatingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
7.7/1095% Tomatometer and 89% Audience scoreBox office – $6.1 million

Still in the year 1993, Andie MacDowell delighted us with the character of Ann Finnigan in this American comedy-drama film directed by Robert Altman.

Source: Schuster at the Movies

Other casts in the film who acted out what goes on in the day-to-day lives of several suburban Los Angeles residents are Bruce Davison as Howard Finnigan, Marian Wyman, as Dr. Ralph Wyman, Anne Archer as Claire Kane, Fred Ward as Stuart Kane, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lois Kaiser, Chris Penn as Jerry Kaiser and others.

Short Cuts told the story of 22 characters in 9 short stories. Ann and her husband Howard were thrown into severe emotional pain when their child Casey went into a coma after he was struck by a car before his 8th birthday.

The film went on to introduce another story of Stuart, Gordon, and Vern; three men who went on a fishing trip but discovered the lifeless body of a naked woman floating on the river.

Instead, of doing something about the corpse, the men chose to finish up with their fishing before giving a thought to what they should do about the corpse.

Other characters introduced in the film were Jerry who works as a pool cleaner and his wife Lois who works as a part-time phone sex performer, Gene a Los Angeles cop that cheats on his wife, and Doreen a limousine driver.

This is one of the notable Andie MacDowell movies every fan of the actress should see. Her portrayal of her character, as well as the performance of other cast members in the film, were all spot on.

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Jane by Design (2012)

IMDb RatingsExpenses and Returns
7.3/108.8Not Available

Jane by Design is an ABC Family American comedy-drama television series that starred in main roles, actors and actresses like Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby, Nick Roux as Billy Nutter, Jane’s best friend since childhood, Rowly Dennis as Jeremy Jones, Jane’s coworker, David Clayton Rogers as Benjamin Quimby, Jane’s older brother, India de Beaufort as India Jourdain, Meagan Tandy as Lulu Pope, Matthew Atkinson as Nick Fadden and Andie MacDowell as Gray Chandler Murray.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The TV series while it lasted, centered around Jane a teenager and high school student who in a case of mistaken identity, was taken to be an adult. She got offered a job in Donovan Decker, a top fashion house.

This sees her juggling her life as a student and an assistant to the fashion house executive. All the while, she kept her true identity a secret.

In the series, Andie who acted as Gray Chandler is a fashion designer and Jane’s boss. Despite her being strict, she still on occasions, acknowledges Jane’s value to her.

Cuckoo (2012)

IMDb ratingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
7.3/10Not AvailableNot Available

Cuckoo is a BBC sitcom that began airing on 25th September 2012. It later went worldwide on Netflix starting in 2016. The British television series has as its directors Ben Taylor for seasons 1 and 2, Paul Murphy for seasons 3 and 4, and Ben Gregor for the 5th season.

Source: IMDb

The sitcom has in its cast, Andie MacDowell, Helen Baxendale, Greg Davies, Tamla Kari, Matt Lacey, Tyger Drew-Honey, and Kenneth Collard.

The TV series revolves around the Thompson family headed by Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) who are the parents of Rachel (Tamla Kari) who went to spend a year abroad.

When she returned, her parents’ joy turned into sorrow to see that she came back with a husband named Dale “Cuckoo” Ashbrick (Andy Samberg) an American hippie, who is jobless and a drug addict.

The new couple began living together in Rachel’s parents’ house with a lot of drama playing out. In the 5th series, Andie MacDowell was introduced as Ivy a character who traveled from America to England.

The suspense-packed into this drama film as well as its unique and interesting storyline is what marks it out as one of the best Andie MacDowell movies.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

IMDb RatingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
7.2/1096% Tomatometer and 79% Audience scoreBudget – $1.2 million
Box office – $36.7 million

Sex, Lies, and Videotape is an American independent drama film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Source: IMDb

The film had as its cast Graham Dalton, Andie MacDowell as Ann Bishop Mullany, Peter Gallagher as John Mullany, Cynthia Patrice Bishop, Steven Brill as Barfly, and Ron Vawter as Therapist.

Just as its name aptly suggested, the film showed the events that happen in the Mullany household where Ann is an unhappily married woman who has lost every sense of intimacy with her successful lawyer husband named John Mullany.

Unknown to Ann, her husband regularly leaves his law office on middays to have a romantic rendezvous with Cynthia, her sister who lives in the same house with them.

After some time, John invited his school friend Graham Dalton who just moved back home to Baton Rouge to come live with them pending when he finds his own apartment.

John is sexually dysfunctional and only gets sexually gratified when he watches videotapes of women he recorded telling him about their lives, sexual experiences, and fantasies. Thus, he has quite a sizeable collection of such tapes.

A series of events that played out led to Cynthia making a videotape with Graham, same as her sister who went further to have sex with Graham as implied in the scene.

When John got to know of this, he got enraged and went to Graham’s place where he watches the tape. A twist came into the film’s storyline but in the end, we saw Ann and Graham become a couple.

Unstrung Heroes (1995)

IMDb RatingRottenTomatoes RatingsReturns
6.7/1074% Tomatometer and 61% Audience scoreBox office – $7,929,434

Unstrung Heroes is a 1995 American comedy-drama film whose principal cast comprised Andie MacDowell as Selma Lidz, John Turturro as Sid Lidz, Michael Richards as Danny Lidz, Maury Chaykin as Arthur Lidz, Nathan Watt as Steven/Franz, Celia Weston as Amelia, Jack McGee as Lindquist, and Candice Azzara as Joanie.

Source: IMDb

The film was ‘s directorial debut and it did earn positive reviews from critics after it was released.

It was about Steven/Franz’s family; his sick mother – Selma Lidz, father – Sid Lidz, and his dysfunctional, delusional, and paranoid uncles – Arthur Lidz and Danny Lidz.

When Steve’s mother got terribly sick with ovarian cancer, his father allowed him to go live with his uncles despite having some reservations about it.

On moving in with them, Steve’s uncle helped him understand and cope with his emotions better and also appreciate his own uniqueness. This helped him overcome the grief that fell on him when he finally lost his mother.

As the storyline of the film developed, several well-thought-out comedy scenes played out and all of these contributed to making Unstrung Heroes one of the best Andie MacDowell movies you should see.

The Beach House (2018)

IMDb RatingRottenTomatoes RatingsReturns
6.6/10Not AvailableNot Available

The Beach House is an adaption of Mary Alice Monroe’s 2002 novel of the same name. The film was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starred Cara Rudland, Andie MacDowell as Lovie Rudland, Donny Boaz as Palmer Rudland,
as Brett Beauchamps, Toy, and others.


The film is one of several interesting Andie MacDowell movies with a drama set. It told the story of Cara Rudland who lost her advertising job in Chicago and at the behest of her mother Lovie Rudland returned back to their family house in South Carolina.

When she finally settled down, her mother tried to set her up with an old love interest, Brett Beauchamps. But Cara who is not intending to stay that long was less interested in the relationship.

At home, she also contends with her brother Palmer Rudland who is still mad at her for leaving him with their domineering father.

As the siblings go on in loggerheads, Cara later learned that her mother has terminal cancer and won’t be around much longer.

She then begins to repair their broken relationship, fixes their family beach house, and also tends to her turtle nests on the beach which her mother is devoted to. Over time, she finally opens up to Brett’s love and one year later she was still living in South Carolina.

Daydream Nation (2010)

IMDb ratingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
6.4/1068% Tomatometer and 50% Audience scoreNot Available

In the year 2011, Andie MacDowell worked alongside, Reece Thompson, and Josh Lucas in Daydream Nation, a comedy-drama film where they played the characters of Enid Goldberg, Caroline Wexler, and Thurston Goldberg respectively.

Source: IMDb

The film was directed by Michael Goldbach while Christine Haebler, Trish Dolman, Jennifer Weiss, and Simone Urdl worked in its production.

In the film, a 17-year-old Caroline Wexler who recently moved from the big city to a small remote town saw herself being with a bunch of “burnout losers” in her new school.

The only person that excites her is her school teacher Barry Anderson and she set out to get his attention successfully. While on this, her classmate Thurston Goldberg also falls in love with her, and a love triangle was set amidst the trio.

Andie MacDowell’s role in the film is as Thurston’s mother who interceded in her son’s quest to win the love of Caroline. As the story had it, she got to know Caroline’s father and ended up spending an intimate moment with him over drinks.

Over time, Caroline decided to break off from her teacher lover after she observed that he was dysfunctional and instead show Thurston the attention he has been yearning for.

However, Mr. Anderson does everything possible to sabotage the duo. This led to the point of having a mental breakdown and taking his own life.

Muppets from Space (1999)

IMDb ratingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
6.3/1063% Tomatometer and 58% Audience scoreBudget – $24 million
Box office – $22.3 million

In contrast to the other Andie MacDowell movies, we have listed above and some others coming after this one, Muppets from Space is an American science fiction comedy film.

Source: IMDb

The film was directed by Tim Hill while Martin G. Baker and Brian Henson worked as its producers. Its cast includes the head of C.O.V.N.E.T., K. Edgar “Ed” Singer, Pat Hingle as General Luft, as the TV producer of UFO Mania, Andie MacDowell as Shelley Snipes, a UFO Mania anchorwoman, Gary Owens as UFO Mania Announcer, Dusty Kornegy as cop #2, Dave Goelz as The Great Gonzo and a host of other Muppet performers.

In Muppets from Space, Gonzo and his friend Rizzo set out on a mission to find out who they truly are. In their quest, Gonzo discovered that he was born to alien parents who live in another galaxy.

After he made his discovery public, Gonzo became wanted by the government led by K. Edgar “Ed” Singer who is zealous to prove that extraterrestrial life exists.

While his friends work to rescue him, he is faced with a hard choice to make on whether to leave for his parent’s planet or remain on earth with his friends.

Christmas Inheritance (2017)

IMDb ratingRottenTomatoes RatingsExpenses and Returns
5.7/1043% Tomatometer and 33% Audience scoreNot Available

Christmas Inheritance is not one of the best Andie MacDowell movies despite being made with an ensemble that includes Eliza Taylor as Ellen Langford, as Jake Collins, Michael Xavier as Gray Pittman, and Neil Crone as Jim Langford, and others.

Source: IMDb

The American Christmas comedy-drama which is a directorial credit of Ernie Barbarash was however poorly received.

In the film, our cynosure in this article played the character of Debbie Collins who runs a local diner. The storyline of the film centered much on Ellen Langford who went to Snow Falls to deliver a special Christmas card to her dad’s former business partner Uncle Zeke Langford/Santa.

While being held up by a snowstorm, she found shelter in an Inn where she gets befriended by Jake who runs the inn, and Debbie who runs a diner. Another snowstorm hits prolonging her stay in the town much to the angst of her boyfriend Gray.

Gray later visited and is disgusted that Ellen cared so much about the town to the detriment of their relationship.

When the weather was much better, the duo set out to leave but while they were still on the road, Ellen asked Gray to turn around in a gasoline station. There she gave him back his engagement ring and boarded a bus heading back to Snow Falls where she reunited with Jake.

Many people who watched the film expressed their opinion about the storyline being all too familiar with the typical Christmas romance/love stories. Some opine that Christmas Inheritance is one of the worst Andie MacDowell movies.

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