Madeleine Mantock Bio, Ethnicity, Quick Facts About The British Actress 

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Beautiful, talented and accomplished, Madeleine Mantock is on her way to becoming Hollywood’s newest sweetheart. The British actress is known for her roles on Into The Badlands, AMC’s hit show; The Tomorrow People and Edge Of Tomorrow.

The actress has proven, over the years, that she is one to watch out for. She was a scene stealer during her stint on The CW’s The Tomorrow People. The Tomorrow People focused on the life of Stephen Jameson, a new member of The Tomorrow People – a group of people who have superpowers as a result of an evolutionary development – as they are hunted by an organization that seeks to wipe them out. In the show, she played Astrid Finch, Stephen’s best friend whose life is put in danger when she finds out about his powers.

The Tomorrow people was one of Madeleine’s earliest roles in the United States and it opened up doors to many more opportunities for her.

Madeleine Mantock Bio & Ethnicity

The British actress was born on the 26th of May, 1990 at Nottingham, England. Madeleine got her Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre from the Arts Educational Schools, London. Being from Nottingham, she joins a list of other celebs from the same town including Joe Dempsie, Leslie Crowther, John Bird, Stephen Lowe, Justine Thornton, Samantha Morton and Georgia Groome.

As an up and coming actress, it is common for people to speculate about her life, especially about her ethnicity. To put those speculations to rest, here’s the answer: Madeleine McClintock is of Hispanic and Black British Ethnicity.


Madeleine Mantock Career

This beautiful Brit got her start in television as a main cast member on Casualty – a British medical drama series that airs weekly on BBC One. It is also the longest-running medical drama television series in the entire world. She starred as Scarlett Conway, a staff nurse. It was also the actress’s first role after graduating from drama school. She appeared in 36 episodes on Casualty before moving on.

She later appeared in Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People, a British comedy series which starred Simon Brodkin. She joined The Tomorrow People after her appearance on Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People.

She was later cast in a small role in the 2014’s hit movie – Edge of Tomorrow – which also starred and . After her appearance in Edge of Tomorrow, she starred in the 2017 film, Breaking Brooklyn, alongside the former Nickelodeon star – Nathan Kress.

3 Quick Facts About The British Actress

1. A Charmed Life

When news recently broke that the CW was rebooting its famed Charmed series, many people were sceptical. But as more information about the show started to get out, people could see it was going to be a good project. Then in March 2018, Madeleine Mantock was announced as one of the three main characters, alongside Sarah Jeffrey and Melonie Diaz

The new series will revolve around three sisters, who live in a college town, as they discover that they are witches. Madeleine will play Macy, the eldest sister who has “a PhD in quantum physics” and works in a university lab. Her power in the show will be telekinesis.

2. Beyond The ‘Veil’

Prior to getting cast in Charmed, she played one of the lead characters in Into The Badlands. Her character, Veil, is in a secret relationship with the lead character, Sunny (a warrior) as he journeys through a dangerous feudal land with a young boy seeking enlightenment.

Into The Badlands was a hit AMC and her character, especially, received a positive reception.

3. Relationship Status

Not a lot is known about her personal life as she is one of the few actresses who has managed to keep that side of her life away from the tabloids; but currently, it is speculated that she is single.

It’s hard to believe that the actress is currently single considering her beauty, physique and welcoming personality, however, we ought to take her word for it. The actress has admitted, though, that she is still friends with most of her exes and has managed to maintain cordial relationships with all of them.

On what she wants in her next boyfriend, she has said she is willing to date outside her ethnicity, he just has to be “completely British in nature and character”.

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