Nicole Franzel (Big Brother) Biography and Amazing Facts To Know About Her 

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Nicole Franzel is famed across the globe as – the sultry American television personality. She is renowned for featuring on Big Brother show in the year 2014 and winning the prize for Big Brother 18 in the year 2016. Franzel was fortunate to be the second youngest contestant in the house during the Big Brother 16 show. She was an ardent fan of the show, which eventually propelled her to be a partaker of the show.

While she was in the house, she was able to garner a reputation which made her a competitive threat to other contestants in the house. Furthermore, she was able to win the head of house three times in week 3, 6 and 7. Though considering the rules of the contest of the block competition, she was deposed on two of these reigns when her nominees won safety. She also escaped eviction in the second and fifth week courtesy of her smart struggle through the block competition.

Nicole Franzel (Big Brother) Biography

Nicole Ann Franzel was born on the 30th of June 1992 in Ubly, Michigan, United States of America. She was raised by her parents, Jennifer and Dave Franzel. In the year 2014, she graduated from college as an ER nurse.

Big Brother 16 and Rise to Fame

During the Big Brother 16 show, Nicole Franzel got evicted on the 56th day by a vote of 6-0. On the 63rd day, Nicole went back to the house, winning the challenge between Jocasta, Hayden, and Zach. Moving on, on the 71st day, Nicole Franzel got a nomination from the jury for the sixth consecutive time and got re-evicted.

Franzel voted for Derrick Levasseur, her fellow housemate and the winner of the Big Brother 16 show during the finale. After Derrick was announced as the winner, Nicole was disclosed to be one of those who clinched the highest vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest in company with Zack Rance and the person who won the $25,000 prize of America’s Houseguest Donny Thompson.

Big Brother 18

After she featured on Big Brother 16, Franzel rejoined the Big Brother 18 show as a returnee alongside three other contestants from earlier seasons. She became so powerful in the house, winning the head of the house for two times, in the first and 10th week during the season. Franzel became so powerful that she had the veto power and the capacity of removing any of the housemates who have been nominated for eviction. However, she decided not to be intoxicated by the power and didn’t make use of it.


Unlike in her previous season, Franzel made every possible effort to escape being nominated for eviction. Ultimately, she survived being evicted because James Huling, the only Houseguest privileged to vote for eviction, chose to evict Brooks over Franzel. Franzel made a grand entrance into the finale night after she had won the second part of the three-part Final Head of the Household. She further qualified for the third and final stage of the competition.

Notwithstanding, Nicole Franzel lost to Paul Abrahamian during the Head of House Hold competition. Paul decided to evict Huling over Franzel, which made her clinch a spot in the final two. Franzel ended up winning the Big Brother 18 show. She got votes from fellow housemates such as; Natalie Negrotti, Pauli Califiore, Brooks, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne Rogers to defeat Abrahamian by a margin of 5-4. As a result of this achievement, Franzel, in the history of the U.S. broadcast series, became the first female Houseguest to win against a male Houseguest in the final two.

Amazing Facts About Nicole Franzel

1. While on the Big Brother show, she dated Hayden Voss and Victor Arroyo.

2. She likes sporting activities. Her parents wanted her to be a sportsperson.

3. Before joining the Big Brother show, she was a big fan of the show.

4. She had the dream of being part of the Big Brother show which eventually turned into a reality.

5. Nicole Franzel has a very good relationship with her fans on her social media platforms.

6. She made the sum of $300,000 from the Big Brother show.

Her Net Worth

Franzel has an estimated net worth of over $400,000 with an annual salary of $150,000. She was able to make this huge amount of money from the Big Brother shows she appeared in.


She is 5 ft 2 inches tall.

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