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While many see Susan Geston as simply the wife and better half of American actor and singer , others see her as an apostle of love. A person who can help anyone bring back one’s faith in love again, Geston and her husband is one of the very few marriages that have survived a very long time in the entertainment industry which has been plagued by failed marriages since almost forever.

She is also an actress who has appeared in some films including the 1980 film Forbidden Zone and the comedy-drama Stay Hungry (1976).

Susan Geston Biography

Now known as Susan Bridges, Geston was born in 1953 in North Dakota where she was also raised. Although not much is known about how she was raised it is known that after she was through with her high school education, she proceeded to college.

While she was having her college education, Susan took on different jobs in order to be able to see herself through it. One of the popular works she took was as a waitress. This job is very significant to her decades later because it is thanks to it that she met the man who would later become her husband, Jeffrey Leon Bridges.

Relationship with Jeff Bridges

For a good looking man like Jeff Bridges who was also on his rise to success as an actor, when he was in his 20s, one of the things he feared most was getting married. He believed that it was one very big step that would lead to death. Because of that, he tried as much as he could to resist everything about it.

Those feelings sustained until 1975 when he was in Montana shooting the movie Rancho Deluxe. He saw a young waiter at the Paradise Valley who was working towards paying for her college.

The moment he saw Susan Geston, the fears he has always had just vanished and in a minute he was deeply in love. At the time, the actor was 24 while the waitress was 20. He approached her and asked for a date but she turned him down.

With love and luck on his side, he met her again some nights after and this time around, the North Dakota native obliged. By the time the night was over, she was already in love with the young actor and without thinking about a thing, she was off to California with him when he was done shooting the movie.

At the time they met, he did not have the most impressive resume as an actor but that wasn’t what she was after. In 1977, he was on a knee asking if the beautiful woman he found close to two years earlier in Montana would marry him. Five days later, they were already man and wife.

Family of Jeff Bridges’ Wife

More than four decades since they began their journey of love, Susan and Jeff Bridges are still together. Their family has been blessed with three daughters, Isabelle Bridges who was born in 1981, Jessica Lily Bridges who was born in 1983, and Haley Roselouise Bridges born in 1985.

Of them all, it is only Isabelle who has been involved in acting and that was as far back as 1989 when she appeared in Termini Station. She got married in 2007 to Brandon Boesch. The couple gave Susan Geston and Jeff their first ever grandchild on March 31, 2011, when they had their daughter, Grace Louise Boesch.

Jessica Lily Bridges is also as creative as other members of her family. She is a songwriter and a guitarist. Although she is not the most popular singer you will find, she still performs, sometimes sharing the stage with her father.

You would think that the wild one of the house should be the youngest, Haley Roselouise. On the contrary, she is a businesswoman who owns and runs, Haley Bridges Design.

At the end of the day, Getson does not only have a successful marriage; she has also built a great family with kids any parent will be proud of.

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Celebrity Facts

1. She gave Bridges an ultimatum for marriage

Susan Getson has always been a family oriented woman. When they were still dating, she made it clear to Jeff that it was either they got serious and got married or she would leave him because she was interested in starting a family. Not wanting to get old and regret why he didn’t marry the beautiful girl he met in Montana, Jeff decided to marry her.

2. It’s not just love, they have also worked together

With the many years that they have spent as lovers, Jeff and Susan have worked on a lot of things together including movies and songs.

3. They have a shared interest in Photography

Both of them have a shared interest in photography, something that Susan has loved for a very long time. With their children now grown, they travel a lot to take pictures and spend some quality time.

4. Net Worth

When it comes to her fortune, it is not known what Susan Geston has as her net worth. However, her husband is estimated to have netted in a fortune of over $75 million. Bridges made this good net worth from his career as an actor as well as from other engagements.

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