Valkyrae – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Real Name

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Valkyrae is an alias used by popular YouTuber and online video-game streamer on Twitch, a commercial platform created by Amazon for mainly live streaming of video games and online broadcasts. The online video gamer’s new found love when it comes to video games is Fortnite which is responsible for her recent successes, little wonder she spends ample time playing it. Fortnite was created and released by Epic Games, an American company that specializes in software and video game development. Read on as we reveal the identity, net worth and more, including the love life of our mystery video-gamer.

Valkyrae’s Bio (Age, Real Name, Ethnicity)

According to official birth records, the online gamer was born in the capital city of the United States of America (Washington) on 8th January 1992. Most persons, including her fans, may not know this but her real name is Rachell Marie Hofstetter. Despite being born in America, Rachell is also of Spanish, German, Filipino and Caucasian ethnicities. She spent her growing up years living in her hometown of Washington and Los Angeles.

Her journey into the gaming world started with working for video game and electronic retailer GameStop while studying to obtain a degree at a community college. Rachell started a gaming channel on popular social media platform Instagram, shortly after leaving GameStop. By 2015, she switched over to Twitch, growing from doing part-time streaming to full-time streaming. Valkyrae became her channel name which has gained massive followership of over 782,000 followers with over 10 million views. Fortnite is her favorite and the most played game on the Twitch platform. Before venturing into Fortnite, she has also played and aired live streams of action games such as Bloodborne and The Walking Dead, which were huge successes as it played a role in increasing her fan base.

Valkyrae also operates a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her gaming escapades for her fans who may not be able to watch her live streaming due to school or work schedules. Her YouTube channel currently has about 725,000 subscribers with overwhelming 38.7million views as of June 2019. Hofstetter became associated with Los Angeles based esports company, 100Thieves, becoming its first ever female gamer and content creator.

The name Valkyrae has grown to become one of the most popular names on the lips of Fortnite players globally. Her skill set, coupled with her mind-blowing commentary has earned her a huge following. Her career has come under some major attacks as she has been harassed on countless occasions online by her male counterparts who believe that women have no place in online video-gaming. She had to threaten one of such notorious persons who sent her sexist and racist spams with legal action before he left her alone. Rachell has been known to render her voice to female participation in online gaming playing in an all-female team in some gaming competitions.


Owing to her beautiful looks and appearance, it is no wonder that Valkyrae has received many advances and proposals from men seeking to date her. Sorry to disappoint them though, the talented gamer is currently dating her heartthrob and fellow Twitch video-gamer streamer Michael Sherman. Michael, popularly known by gaming fans as SonyD, was born on 8th October 1993 in California, United States of America. The couple has been together since 2016 and might take things to a new level as soon as possible.

Net Worth

The American-born video-game streamer has gained fame and a considerable amount of wealth from her gaming activities on Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms. There has been no released statement showing Valkyrae’s net worth as of yet but online sources have placed her wealth at an estimated value of $450,000. Through her monthly earnings, subscriptions, and pay gotten from corporate sponsors, she has been able to support herself, her mum and her only sister. Some of her known sponsors include Urban Outfitters, Gymshark, and Forever 21.


The Washington-born dancer stands not that tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. She has a slim body structure, maintained by constant exercising. Rachell does not weigh much either and this is good for her because she is an avid dancer and stunt performer.

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