Who is Ariane Bellamar? 6 Quick Facts You Need to Know

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If you were a fan of Beverly Hills Nannies, the ABC reality television series, chances are that you must have seen Ariane Bellamar, the mother of Emma Bellamar who stared in the show. other than being associated with the show also got popular for some other reasons. She at one time Ariane accused an actor of sexually harassing her. For this reason, many people might have already formed their opinions on who she is, however, beyond such notions, see who we know her to be in addition to learning about 6 hitherto unknown facts about the celebrity.

Who is Ariane Bellamar?

On the 27th of June in the year 1984, Ariane Bellamar was born in Florida but her family would later come to relocate to Canada where she was then raised up in Hamilton, Ontario outside of Toronto. She had what could be described as a troubled childhood as her parents were alcoholics. This disturbed the little girl a lot coupled with the financial hardship her family was seated in then. It got to a point where as a result of the unconducive atmosphere of her parents’ marriage, Child Protection Services had to put her under the care of her grandmother.

There was little respite when Ariane was living with her granny in her one-room apartment. Nevertheless, the financial difficulty that was prevalent in her parents home was very much present in her grandmother’s abode. As a result of this, Bellamar took up a job in a truck shop, however, her earnings were still not enough as she had to take up another job where she waited on tables in an Italian eatery. Due to the cumbersome nature of doing both jobs at a young age and also having high school to worry about, she decided to quit school at the age of 15 in pursuit of a better life.

Before her decision to quit high school, however, Ariane Bellamar had already cultivated a deep interest in the arts while still living with her parents as a young girl. She often spent time singing and dancing which she used to isolate herself from the many troubles of life. Ariane at the time also loved watching Disney and would often write to them requesting to be cast in one of their productions. At other times, she took her closest companion, a camera, and filmed herself singing or dancing. In the time she was in school, she wrote, directed and acted in plays with her high school drama group. In doing these, Ariane felt fulfilled despite the many troubles in her young life.

6 Quick Facts About Ariane Bellamar You Need to Know

1. Career Beginnings

Ariane Bellamar recorded her first screen appearance as a background player in Disney TV series Flash Forward. It was during one of her bus trips to Toronto while working on the film that she got discovered as she was walking past the set of Radiant City. The actress was asked to casually play as an angry shopper alongside  and others; to this, she put up an impressive performance which had the director and other actors on set impressed with her. This instantly opened up more opportunities for Ariane.

2. Rise to Stardom

While working on a small role in Entourage, Ariane Bellamar met late , the editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine who she quickly became friends with. She also began modeling for his magazine and still does same till today.

Ariane then met while working on the set of a film and following how impressive she was, Pauly decided to cast her on his Minding the Store on TBS. From this, she discovered that she had a knack for comedy and subsequently began making appearances on TV shows like ABC Family’s Beverly Hills Nannies, Suicide Squad and others.

3. Net Worth

Ariane Audra Kays’ (Ariane Bellamar) actual net worth is not known but considering how hard she has worked to be where she is today and being the wife of a successful businessman, the actress is sure worth some millions.

4. Sexual Assault Allegations

In October 2017, Ariane made a couple of revelations on Twitter with the #MeToo hashtag where she alleged that actor, comedian and film producer Jeremy Piven sexually assaulted her. She claimed that she was led to Piven’s trailer while working on Entourage by a supposed PA of his to discuss her supposed career progression. On getting to the trailer, she disclosed that Piven instead forcefully fondled her breasts and when she tried to leave, he grabbed her ass, all without her consent.

When asked by E! on his response to the allegations, the Wisdom of the Crowd star denied her claims.

5. Relationship/Marriage and Kids

Prior to her 4th October 2014 marriage to Texan businessman Tanner Slaught, Ariane formerly dated southern California real estate mogul Barry Pettitt, however, their relationship wasn’t one that would lead up to marriage as they went their separate ways. Ariane Bellamar and Slaught have been married since 2014 and they now have two kids; both girls named Emma and Melitta.


6. Body Stats

The actress stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 173cm. At this height, she weighs about 55kg or 121lbs. Her bust, waist, and hips measurements are not known currently but we do know she spots a blonde hair color with blue eyes.

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