Who is PeanutButterGamer, PBG, (Austin Hargrave)? His Wife, and Bio

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PeanutButterGamer (PBG) is an American YouTuber gamer and the star of The Peanut Butter Gamer Show. He is popularly known for his game reviews, Top 10 lists, and a host to a number of other features including To Kill An Avatar (exploring Video Game Cruelty Potential) andThe G-Files (looking at weird things in video games.

PBG is the co-founder of NormalBoots and has a gameplay channel he named PBGGameplay with several highly-edited Let’s Play series. He was a featured contributor on Blistered Thumbs, a subdivision of Channel Awesome where video games are usually the main topic of discussion.

PeanutButterGamer’s Biography

PeanutButterGamer whose real name is Austin Hargrave was born on July 25, 1990, in Dallas, Texas. He spent his early years in Texas before he relocated to Seattle, Washington.

As a kid, he has always loved games and started making videos of games at a very young age of 12. While he kept posting some of the videos he made with his friends on various YouTube channels, Hargrave finally decided to open his own channel that is all about game reviews and top 10s. He was 19 at that time and his unflinching effort has turned the YouTube channel “PeanutButterGamer” into one of the famous media outlets dedicated to games.


PBG uploaded his first YouTube video, Top 10 Weirdest and Creepiest Video Game Characters, in October of 2009. His journey towards making videos and reviews started in 2010 when he was working for ScrewAttack as a community member. As he gained popularity, the massive audience was enough for him to quit his job and began to make YouTube videos full time.

Over the years, PBG has gained huge followers ranging in thousands and millions. PeanutButterGamer, which is his main channel, has over 1.9 million subscribers, while his gameplay channel PBGGameplay has gained more than 850,000 subscribers. Also, PBG has gained over 700K views on where he posts videos such as Animal Crossing and The Elder Scroll Oblivion. 

He has posted several other videos including the popular Hardcore series and the Collection series where gather every item in a set in various games. PeanutButterGamer’s videos consist mostly of comedic montages that contain very random effects and text. PBGGameplay which is the second channel he created, focuses on Zelda collection series and Minecraft Hardcore.

Others popular videos include Diablo gaming adventures. Among his favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda. He introduced Zelda Month in 2011, around the time (November) the new Zelda game Skyward Sword was planned for release. It was in the same period that he added Zelda’s related gameplay, reviews, and Top 10’s to his channel.

Although he plays varieties of games, PBG is rarely stern when criticizing the games he reviews. Before his huge game review success, he originally featured skits surrounding gaming but later transitioned to Top 10 lists and series like To Kill An Avatar, which was about killing the innocent creatures in the games; and The G Files which was a show about weird things in video games.

However, he abandoned the shows saying it didn’t represent the message he wanted to pass across with his content, but he retained Top 10 lists and then started game reviews. So he has gained a reputation for his good-quality editing and random humor. PBG has a third channel which he said is created as a “meme channel.”

Beside his personal channels, PBG created Normal Boots (2010) in collaboration with Jonathan Jafari “JonTron,” to act as a hub where they could post content and receive advertisement revenue.

Although it was shut down in 2012, Normal Boot was relaunched on January 24, 2014, with the inclusion of other video game-focused channels, ProJared, Satchbag’s ‘Goods and The Completionist. 

PBG indulge periodically in hacking videos, where he plays around in games like Super Mario 64 using cheat codes and glitches, which has also turned out to become some of his most popular videos on his channel.

As for when he usually upload videos, there are no specific times or days, but he generally posts every 3 weeks on his main channel and several times a week on his gameplay channel.

His wife

PeanutButterGamer and his wife Danielle “Unicorism” Hargrave who’s an artist, got married in 2015 and the couple currently lives in Woodinville, Washington with there dog Luka. Not much information have been disclosed about his wife, she seems to have gotten popular due to her marriage to the YouTube star.

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