Who Is Ryan Deluca? Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

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Although he is retired from the world of bodybuilding, Ryan Deluca is one name we will not forget in a hurry. He is an interesting enigma who achieved massive excellence by doing something he found pleasure in right from his childhood days.

Despite all the accusations and controversies that trailed him a number of times, he pursued his dreams with such singleness of purpose that eventually yielded the success he desired.

Who Is Ryan Deluca?

Ryan Deluca is a bodybuilder and the founder of BodyBuilding.com, an online retailer of all things fitness such as supplements for bodybuilding, sports equipment, and dietary supplements.

The story of how he built his empire from scratch has certainly influenced many to pursue their dreams irrespective of the many stumbling blocks that may want to stop them. He got immersed in the world of fitness right after high school and was so determined that he took the bold step of starting the business in his garage. At the time, he had very little experience about how a business is run but was determined to succeed because all he had in mind was creating a company that would appeal to any potential customer.

The beginning of his business right after high school did not deter him from attending college, it just meant that he had different priorities from the typical college kids. He hardly joined the parties and practically never did anything that would be classified as fun for a college kid because for him, taking his business to greater heights was all the fun he needed.

At the age of 21 after college, Ryan Deluca took his business to the next level by purchasing the BodyBuilding.com domain for $20,000. This was sure proof that his business was doing great.

He kept doing what he knew how to do best and within the next few years, the online presence he garnered took him to a new height as the site was even more recognized than those of many who began before him. More so, the site was not just doing well, it was raking in millions for Deluca so that in 2006, he made the list of “30 Under 30: America’s Coolest Entrepreneurs” as compiled by Inc Magazine at number 5. This in itself is a very impressive feat.

The company was doing well, but this did not mean that there were no challenges, he had quite a number of them. His lowest point came in 2012 when his brother Jeremy who runs the company alongside him and the company itself pleaded guilty to charges of selling falsely branded steroids sometime between 2006 and 2009. In the same year also, BodyBuilding.com’s workout supplement of the year Driven Sports Craze was found to contain a potentially dangerous amount of methamphetamine analog. This was a huge scandal because, at the time, methamphetamine analog has not been safely tested for human consumption. For all of these, the US Justice department fined BodyBuilding.com $7 million whereas Jeremy Deluca was fined $600,000.

After the ordeals of 2012, Ryan still did his best to keep the company afloat which was certainly not an easy task. But by 2015, it all came to an end when the CEO announced that he would retire from the business after 17 years of toiling at the helm of the company.

Prior to the troubles of 2012, Ryan Deluca had taken the bold move of selling off the controlling share of the company to Liberty Media Corporation for a whopping $100 million. So at the time of his retirement, Ryan Deluca is said to be worth $150 million but this is not a verified estimation of his wealth.


Does He have a Wife or Girlfriend? 

Ryan Deluca may not have a wife right now, but he sure did sometime back. He was once married to a woman whose details are not available at the moment because he kept everything about his marriage well away from the prying eyes of the media. However, we do know that Ryan had 3 beautiful kids with his wife before the union ended in a divorce.

After his divorce was finalized, Deluca began a relationship with a lady whose name is also unknown. They were together for a while and all seemed to be going well until they broke up.

Prior to the breakup, Deluca had sent a message to millionaire internet personality and gambler with his girlfriend’s phone. There has been no real proof of what the message said, but it apparently pissed Dan off who in retaliation, posted near-nude photos of Deluca’s girl on his social media page saying he had slept with her.

Many had, of course, expected Deluca to rise to the occasion at such provocation, but he went the other way and instead threw a challenge about having more Instagram followers than Dan in a year’s time. He later followed that up with an explanation which made it clear that he was not together with the said lady at the time she slept with Dan.

One year after the spate in 2016, eager fans took a survey to see who won the challenge of having more followers and of course Dan was way ahead of Deluca. The entire drama certified Dan’s nickname – the King of Instagram.

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