Greg Paul – Bio, Family, Facts About Jake and Logan Paul’s Father

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A natural sequence would have sons following their father’s footsteps but in the case of Greg Paul, the chain took a different turn. He is the father of internet royalties and and also works as a realtor and commercial roofer. However, when his sons ventured into social media where they succeeded in building a solid career and celebrity status, Paul decided to give that line of career a try. Subsequently, he joined YouTube and other platforms where he has accumulated an admirable fanbase.

Though it can’t be compared to the fame his sons are enjoying as social media stars, Greg Paul has attained a level of success most young and vibrant social media users can only dream of.

Greg Paul’s Bio

He was born on October 28, 1963, in Ohio, USA. No account has been shared by Greg concerning his early life and the schools he attended. One thing that is clear about him is the fact that he doesn’t let any obstacle stand in the way of what he wants to achieve in life.

Greg Paul is a professional roofer and licensed realtor. While his career may have been doing fine, he decided to try new things when he saw his sons attain so much success on the internet. He created his own accounts on Vine and Instagram and within a short time, he became famous, perhaps as a result of his illustrious sons who enjoy massive popularity across several social media platforms. Asides riding on the waves of his sons’ fame, Paul is also talented and exudes a sense of humor that endears him to people.

On February 19th in 2014, Greg Paul took his talent to YouTube where he began uploading videos to much acclaim. Most of the initial contents on his channel were about his sons. Videos like JAKE PAUL SURFING and LOGAN PAUL’S HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL CAREER HIGHLIGHTS were among the first batch that made it on the channel. The videos became a hit among audiences, thanks to Paul’s presenting skills and admirable sense of humor.

Though still about family, Greg Paul widened his content on YouTube to include videos like PAUL FAMILY ATTACKS PAPARAZZI and PHOTO BOMBING STRANGERS. He then stepped out of the box to make videos that touch on general issues. The piece he titled CYBER BULLYING IS REAL, met a good reception from audiences. He also has other videos like COOKING WITH VLOG DAD, NEVER BEFORE SEEN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH, and a lot more. Needless to say, his videos are all interesting with a good sense of humor as the icing on the cake. Apparently, his hard work has turned him into an online star, though he may have gotten a few tips from his sons, Greg Paul takes the credit for the level of success he now enjoys on YouTube and any other social media account he operates.

Family Life of Greg Paul

Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick are the parents of Jake and his brother Logan Paul. Just like the rest of the family members, Pam is equally a celebrity on YouTube. She also did a regular job as a nurse at different medical centers, including the UHHS Westlake Surgery Center.

Pam and Greg must be proud of their online personality sons. Logan runs a Facebook account that is widely known and also has a huge presence on YouTube. In the same vein, Jake is a bigshot on YouTube, where his subscribers troop in for more of his comedy sketches, songs, and vlogs. Clearly, their father’s sense of humor rubbed off on them and they are putting it to good use.

Facts About Jake and Logan Paul’s Father

1. Greg Paul has a positive attitude that radiates good vibes around him. This enhances his sense of humor which takes the credit for most of the progress he has recorded online

2. The vlog dad as he likes to call himself commands popularity across major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. More than 471k fans follow him on Instagram while he has 553 followers on Twitter and over 179,569 subscribers on YouTube. The latter has also accumulated 3,185,040 views as of June 2019 and there is no sign of him resting on his oars.

3. Greg Paul cherishes hanging out with his family and he is also an outdoor lover.

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