10 Famous Brothers And Sisters In Acting And Entertainment

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The movie icon, Robert A. Wilson breathed his last in May 2017 at the age of 76, leaving behind – not just his successful record as a television Executive and Producer but also his family. Robert has three very successful sons in the movie industry, Owen, Andrew, and Luke. These brothers are enjoying the spotlight together and bringing fame, respect, and power to the Wilson name. One memorable event for the trio was the movie The Wendell Baker Story which was written by Luke, directed by Luke and Andrew and starred in by Owen and Luke. There is definitely a super brotherly cord between these famous brothers.

Just like them, there are a good number of other siblings in the industry. Below are 10 famous brothers and sisters in acting and entertainment.

Famous Brothers And Sisters In Acting And Entertainment

1. The Hemsworth Brothers

Luke seems to be a successful name. If you watch Westworld, then you should know Ashley Stubbs, a character played by Luke Hemsworth, a popular Australian actor, and brother to and . Of course, you should know Chris. He played the role of Thor in all of Marvel’s movies from 2011 to the recent in 2018 (Avengers: Infinity War) and has even booked for the 2019 reprisal. The equally handsome Liam has so many acting credits to his name also, including Independence Day: Resurgence (released in 2016).

Without a doubt, it would be difficult to make a list of famous brothers and sisters in acting and entertainment without naming the Hemsworth brothers. It is said that their maternal granddad is a Dutch immigrant. That aside, their heritage has been traced to include German, English, Scottish, and Irish. If you ask most people, they’d quickly assert that Luke, the oldest of the brothers, is the least famous. This is probably because of his laid-back nature. Regardless, Chris and Liam would easily agree that their big bro is the inspiration behind their accomplishments in the industry.

2. The Olsen Siblings

The Olsen sisters have the same beautiful blue-green eye color and strawberry blonde hair. However, these aren’t the only features they share, they are also famous. and are biovular twins who played their first acting roles at 9 months in the Jeff Franklin created TV situational comedy titled Full House as Michelle Tanner. The sisters who were born in Sherman Oaks on the 13th of June 1986 are presently fashion icons and co-presidents of their company, Dualstar. Way back in 2007, the popular American business magazine (Forbes) estimated that the sisters have a combined net worth of $100 million and ranked them 11th in its list of richest women in the entertainment industry.

Their younger sister, Elizabeth Chase Olsen (born February 16, 1989) is also a well-known Actress for her roles in movies like the 2014 Godzilla and 2017 Ingrid Goes West. Her role as Martha in the 2011 drama film Martha Marcy May Marlene won her a handful of awards and many nominations. Disregarding that, she bagged the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best Leading Actress and the Deauville American Film Festival’s Hollywood Rising Star Award. Respectively, the awards were for her role as Sarah in 2011’s horror film, Silent House and Audrey Williams in 2015’s biographical drama film, I Saw the Light.

Definitely, these sisters have accomplished quite a lot. But wait a minute; Trent Olsen, their elder brother, is also a bit popular himself.

Born on May 6, 1984, it is said that he abandoned the acting profession when he was a 12-years-old lad. Should that stop us from affirming that the Olsen siblings are one of the famous brothers and sisters in acting and entertainment?

3. The Quaid Brothers

As early as 1973, Randy Quaid was nominated for three prestigious awards (Academy, Golden Globe and BAFTA) for his role as Seaman Larry Meadows in the American comedy-drama, The Last Detail. He has credits in about 91 movies till date (2018) and is no doubt famous, like his brother . Dennis is also a popular multiple award-winning American actor, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 by the Houston Film Critics Society.

Born as Randy Randall Rudy Quaid on the 1st of October and in the year 1950, this Quaid married a former model, Ella Marie sometime in May 1980 and they had their daughter whom they named Amanda Marie in May 1983. Sadly, the union collapsed in September 1986 with Randy finding love again in the arms of Evi Quaid, he married her in October 1989.

Like his older brother, Dennis William Quaid is no longer married to his first wife, actress P.J. Soles whom he married in November 1978. The actor married another actress, Meg Ryan in February 1991 after his divorce with Soles in 1983. July 2001 would see Dennis and Meg perfect their divorce and three years later, precisely on the 4th of July 2004, the actor married his third wife Kimberly Buffington. Even though the Dennis-Kimberly union produced a fraternal twin, it was a troubled one. They attempted divorce on several occasions before they eventually parted ways in April 2018. Dennis was born on 9th April 1954.

4. The Gyllenhaals 

The Gyllenhaal family is a well-known noble family originally from Sweden. The first recorded being late Lieutenant Nils Gunnarsson Haal who died sometime in 1680. Living descendants of the family are and Jake Gyllenhaal who are both accomplished actors and children of movie icons – Stephen and Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal.

In view of that, the Gyllenhalls shouldn’t only be named in any list of famous brothers and sisters in acting and entertainment; they have equally earned the right to be proclaimed as one of the famous families that propelled the advancement of the industry.

5. The Walkers

It was a really emotional and sad time for the cast, crew, and lovers of the Fast and Furious movie when who played Brian O’Connor died on the 30th of November 2013. Cody Walker, Paul’s younger brother made his acting debut in 2013 in Abandoned Mine, a horror movie. Alongside another brother (Caleb), he stood in for Paul in the remaining scenes of Furious 7 following Paul’s death.

6. Derek and Julianne Hough

Dancing with the Stars made its premiere edition in 2005 and has had a number of stars as its participants including . The professional dancer, actress, and singer appeared as a dancing partner in seasons 4 to 8 and became a judge by season 17. She is also known for other accomplishments in the entertainment industry and as the sister of the six-time winner of Dancing with the Stars, Derek Hough. Derek is a professional dancer, singer, actor, and choreographer.

7. The Smollett Siblings

Jamal Lyon is the second son of the Lyon family in the American music-drama TV series, Empire, as portrayed by Jussie Smollett. Jussie started acting as a child but actually gained fame from Empire. Jake Smollett, Jussie’s brother, also started his career as a model for a baby diaper and has featured in several sitcoms and films including the 1997 film Eve’s Bayou where he co-starred with his elder sister, Jurnee Smollett. Jurnee also began as a child actor and is currently a successful actress and three-time award winner.

8. Chace Crawford and His Sister

Christopher Chace Crawford is well-known for his role in Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012. His sister, Candice Loren Crawford, is also popular. She was crowned Miss Missouri USA in 2008 and is a 2009 Journalism graduate of the University of Missouri.

9. Rachel and Kayleen McAdams

Rachel Anne McAdams is a Canadian actress and activist. Her most recent works are the 2016 Marvel Superhero movie titled Doctor Strange, a 2018 comedy drama, Game Night and Disobedience, the 2018 romantic movie. She also has a younger sister named Kayleen McAdams. Kayleen is a celebrity makeup artist with a lot of celebrity clients.


10. The Gallagher Musical Siblings

Think of being in a band with your bro, scheduling a show together and then refusing to perform when its time. Take the assholeness a bit further and heckle the already angered bro while he’s trying to entertain the crowd you guys gathered together. This is only one of the many scenarios that characterized the Oasis, a defunct English rock band which had and as its members.

Even though the band was one of the most successful in UK’s history, the widely publicized feud between the brothers saw to its death in 2009. Nonetheless, the musical siblings have kept their rivalry alive with their various separate projects.

While a good number of the people who enjoyed having the brothers perform together have been fantasizing about their reunion, it’s most likely to never happen. Noel was once quoted to have stated that Oasis wouldn’t get back together even if all the starving kids across the globe depended on it. Cut him some slack for that remark, Liam has been a fine tough nut, little wonder he’s won NME’s Dickhead of the Year award more than twice; yeah, that’s a thing.

There are so many other famous brothers and sisters in acting and entertainment, more than you can imagine. Do you know any? Let us know.

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