Where Is ‘Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros and What is She Doing Now?

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Andrea Tantaros is best known as a political analyst who worked with Fox News Channel between 2010 to 2016. She has been seen presenting on shows like Outnumbered as well as The Five. Prior to this, this eloquent lady worked as the spokeswoman for politicians like William Weld, the Massachusetts Governor, Thomas Reynolds, the former Republican Congress Committee Chairman and Pat Toomey a former Congressman. The enterprising lady is also the CEO of Andrea Tataros Media which she started in 2005. It is also known that Fox News Andrea Tantaros gained more popularity in 2016 when she filed a sexual harassment case against , former CEO of the news network.

Where is ‘Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Now?

As we have mentioned, in 2016 Andrea Tantaros drew a lot of attention to herself when she made it known that Roger Ailes had harassed her sexually sometime in 2015. She filed a lawsuit against Fox News Network and it was also gathered that Roger was not alone on Andrea’s list. The popular comedian and Fox News staff, Billy O’Reilly as well as the actor, were also named for harassing Andrea Tantaros. The journalist also revealed that their sexual advances took a toll on her career as she was subjected to what she called ”graveyard appearances” during that time.

However, after battling to prove her case in court, the Fox News staff did not get the verdict she desired. Her lawsuit was annulled in 2018 by Georg B. Daniels who was presiding on the case. He said he ruled out the case because it did not have any concrete evidence to support the claims under the provisions of Law and Crime.

After this incidence, we saw less of Andrea Tantaros in Fox News both in the career front and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, prior to this event, she usually uploaded posts about the ongoing sexual harassment case proceedings. It is also known that she Tweeted her last tweet on 12 November 2016. This was to share the good news that her predictions about would lose the 2017 presidential elections were accurate.

In recent times, it is also uncertain whether the journalist will be portrayed in the film Bombshell which is expected to be released soon. The movie which had Hollywood acts like playing Clarson, as Megyn Kelly, and as Kayla Pospisil revolves around women working in Fox News Network who had accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. However, the list of female employees does not include that of Andrea Tantaros. Moreso, the journalist was omitted from the mini-sitcom, The Loudest Voice which was centered on the claims by against Fox News Network.

What is Andrea Tantaros Doing Now?

The former Fox News employee Andrea Tantaros has had a tough time fighting to get justice since 2016. The journalist even revealed that the lawsuit against Fox News has cost her up to a million dollars. However, all these do not seem to stall her as we see that she intends to use the newly enacted law in New York about sexual harassment cases not being arbitrary. More so, it is known that this law which was passed by Governor in April 2018 was influenced by the claims made by Gretchen Carlson against Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. The case was taking a direction in which Carlson’s lawsuit will be thrown into arbitration hence the law was enacted to prevent it from occurring or else, it will be glaring that the law is weak in the protection of female employees treated abusively at their respective workplaces.

To date, Andrea Tantaros still maintains her claim that Ailes usually referred to her body in demeaning ways when she rejected his sexual advances. More so, he will make sure that she was given on air-time slot which is considered to be ‘graveyard’ – that is when the audience might not be chanced to watch the show. In addition to this, the former Fox News employee Andrea Tantaros revealed that the shamed comedian, Bill O’Reilly who admitted he was guilty of sexually harassing women in Fox News, did the same to her.

As of now, the journalist is doing all she can to prevent her case from being sidelined as arbitrary. Andrea intends to take the case to New York City, where the arbitration law concerning sexual harassment has been enacted. However, the Fox News network has refused to reveal what its next action will be if Andrea Tantaros’ petition is granted. They only gave a statement that they would leave the case to the court to decide and it is via the legal system they intend to fight Andrea’s petition.

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