Astrid Loch – Bio, Family, Facts About The Bachelor Contestant

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Keeping up with Astrid Loch, there are a lot of sentiments she shares that has endeared her to her ever-increasing followers on social media platforms. For instance, it is not surprising that she has found time in her tight schedules to be part of the Dream Street Foundation, an establishment that has tasked itself with the responsibility of providing camping programs to children and young adults battling life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

If you don’t know that Astrid supports this foundation which is out to prove that it takes more than just medicine to get well, then there are more than a handful of other interesting things that you probably didn’t know about the American Reality TV star.

Beyond just the basic facts related to her education, career, relationships, and what have you, here is a detailed description of Lady Loch’s life.

Astrid Loch – Bio

While almost everyone who can tell a thing or two about Astrid Loch knows that her claim to fame was as a result of her participation in the U.S. TV series, The Bachelor and another related show, Bachelor in Paradise, not many know that the lady from Tampa, Florida was actually born in Germany. Loch was born in East Germany on the 23rd of February and in the year 1990.

Even as details of the upbringing and early education of this reality tv star has been hard to come by, we can tell that she is of Caucasian descent and was able to pull through high school. How do we know that? Well, she is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. Although we are yet to authenticate the year she finished her studies at UNC, reports have it that she bagged a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications which was her Major. The secondary concentration of courses she did to complement her Major at the public university revolved around Gender and Women’s studies.

This maiden who is most scared of dying alone and growing old and wrinkly, worked as a plastic surgery office manager before she stormed the limelight. She embraced fame when she became one of the 30 contestants for the 21st season of The Bachelor. Despite the fact that she was eliminated in the fourth week of the show which premiered on the 2nd of January 2017, featuring Nick Viall and saw Vanessa Grimaldi become the first Canadian to win the show, Astrid Loch earned admiration that made it possible for her to take part in the spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise.

Like in The Bachelor, Astrid Loch didn’t get to take the day in Bachelor in Paradise as she was eliminated in the sixth week. Nonetheless, her participation in the latter show which premiered on the 7th of August 2018 solidified her celebrity status.

Her Family

Unsurprisingly, people have shown interest in knowing more about Astrid Loch’s family since she became famous. To a large extent, this has been a frustrating quest as practically nothing is known about her in this regard. But then, we know that she was born to parents Anton Loch and Marina Mogul. The TV star has a sister named Ingrid and her father, Anton, parted with her mom at some point. This is pretty obvious because her stepfather is Mark Mogul, a medical practitioner.


Facts About The Bachelor Contestant

Many questions have been asked about Astrid Loch since she attained the celebrity status, find answers to some of the things often inquired about her below.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

You wouldn’t have to search hard to that Kevin Wendt is the love of Loch’s life. Sometime in mid-December 2018, the TV star announced on Instagram that she will be moving over to Canada to move in with her lover. The two met on the Bachelor in Paradise show and have been waxing strong irrespective of the fact that many expected them to fall apart quickly.

Astrid Loch’s Body Measurements

Loch is attractive and considering the fact that she once worked as a plastic surgery office manager, many have assumed that she went under the knife to enhance her look. While we can’t authenticate anything about that, we know that she is 7.5 inches taller than 5 feet and weighs around 60 kg. Meanwhile, her bust-waist-hips measurements are believed to be 34, 24, and 35 inches.

What’s Her Net Worth? 

In the future, Astrid may get to accumulate an enviable wealth from her activities in the entertainment industry. For now, it is only safe to assume that she is just coping fine financially. Her net worth is not known.

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