10 Famous Female Wrestlers In United States

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More than what it has ever been, female wrestling in the US and in the world, in general, has changed a lot. Not only has it become a serious part of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but there are also other promotions that are giving it a serious boost while fans are also following it keenly. One of the main factors behind its growth is the hard work and dedication that many famous female wrestlers in the United States have brought to it.

If you have been following female wrestling, you will know that collecting the top most famous wrestlers will not be an enviable job because there are many that have made it to the top and have earned their place on any list. Nonetheless, since you can’t have them all, we have collected ten among them.

Famous Female Wrestlers In United States

1. Charlotte Flair

Born Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr on April 5, 1986, Charlotte Flair as she is popularly known in the ring, made her wrestling debut in 2000 when she was only 13 and has risen to not only be one of the best in the ring but also among the most famous female wrestlers.

She has fought in World Championship Wrestling which was where she began her professional career alongside her father, . Also, she has been signed to the WWE since 2012 and has won many championships including 4 WWE Raw Women’s Championship, 2 WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, and a WWE Divas Championship.

Apart from Flair and her father, her brother and half-brother, Reid Flair and David Flair are also wrestlers. In 2017, she made her debut as an actress when she appeared in Psych: The Movie.

2. Trish Stratus

The fame of Trish Stratus whose real name is Patricia Anne Stratigeas does not end in the ring as she is also a model, actress, TV personality, and fitness teacher among other things.

She was born on December 18, 1975, in Canada and made her debut as a professional wrestler in 2000 after becoming a fan of wrestling since she was just a little girl. She became a part of the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment under which she has recorded a lot of successes including winning as much as 7 WWE Women’s Championship and a WWE Hardcore Championship. She has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame since 2013 and in 2003, she was named the Diva of the Decade.

3. Nikki Bella

Born Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace on November 21, 1983, she adopted Nikki Bella as her ring name. The wrestler is the twin sister of Brianna Monique Danielson who is also a wrestler known as Brie Bella. Although she only made her debut as a wrestler in 2007, she has become one of the most famous through the years for her skills and the entertainment she brings to the ring.

Before she started wrestling together with her sister, Nikki got into modeling, acting, and other professional work until she was signed to the WWE in 2007 and then she was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Less than 10 years later, she was named by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as No 1 in its Female 50 in 2015 while she was named Diva of the year by Rolling Stone in the same year.

Nikki has 2 WWE Divas Championship to her name and was named Choice Female Athlete alongside her sister in 2016 at the Teen Choice Awards.

4. Asuka

Coming to a wrestler who has dominated WWE even better than most others, Asuka is someone who naturally commands respect in the ring not just because she has gained experience in different places, but because she has built herself into what can easily be described as the strongest woman in the promotion.

The wrestler was born Kanako Urai in 1981 in Osaka, Osaka, Japan. She made her debut as a professional wrestler in 2004. Before then, she worked as a graphic designer. Asuka fought in Japanese independent circuit from 2010 to 2015 before moving to Smash where she spent two years. From 2011 to 2014, she fought in the American independent circuit.

Asuka signed to the WWE in 2015 and fought in the NXT Women’s Championship until 2017 when she began in the SmackDown Women’s Championship. To her name, she has the NXT Women’s Championship and two Smash Diva Championship. More so, she was named Woman of the Year and the No. 1 in the top 50 women wrestlers by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2017.

5. Mickie James

James is one of those female wrestlers who has sustained for quite a long time in the ring as she began fighting in 1999 on the independent circuit. She is also known professionally as Alexis Laree and La Luchadora between December 2016 and January 2017.

She got to make her debut in the WWE in 2005 under the name of Alexis Laree, but her development deal with the Entertainment was signed in 2003. As the years went by, her fame with fans kept growing as apart from wrestling, she is also a country singer and a model.

A two time Pro Wrestling Illustrated woman of the year, she has won five WWE Women’s Championship, a WWE Divas Championship, three TNA Knockouts Championship, and was inducted into the Covey Pro Hall of Fame in 2014.

6. Sasha Banks

While it is as a wrestler that Sasha Banks has made a name for herself, her fame has gone much more beyond the ring, thanks to her star power. Born Mercedes Kestner-Varnado in 1992, she began professional wrestling in 2010 in Chaotic Wrestling under the name of Mercedes KV.

In 2012, she signed to WWE and that was when she adopted the name, Sasha Banks. As she fought in the NXT Women’s Championship, Women’s Revolution, and Raw Women’s Champion, one of the things that would separate her from the crowd is how she approaches everything differently and her daredevil stunts.

A cousin to people like , Brandy Norwood, Ray J, and Daz Dillinger, she has come to be famous through her skills and hard work. She has 4 WWE Raw Women’s Championships, an NXT Women’s Championship, and became Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Woman of the Year in 2015.

7. Alexis Bliss

Born Alexis Kaufman in 1991, Bliss is not only one of the most famous female wrestlers in America; she is also one of the most authoritative, even though she only made her debut in 2013 and is not necessarily one of the biggest fighters you would find.

One of the most interesting things about Alexis Bliss is that she grew up with skills in many sports, but she is now mainly into bodybuilding and wrestling. She was signed to WWE in 2013 and she made her debut in NXT in the same year. Alexis was drafted to the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 2016 and Raw Women’s Champion in 2017.

Thus far, she has got 3 WWE Raw Women’s Championship titles and 2 WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Also, she was ranked among the top 50 female singles wrestlers by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated in its 2018’s PWI Female 100 as No. 2.

8. Ember Moon

Ember Moon is another name not to be missed. Let’s face it, her career did not go as good as one may expect, but will always have her cut as far as it is the famous female wrestlers that you are talking about.

Born Adrienne Kristina Reese in 1988, she got introduced to wrestling by her grandfather and went on to make her professional debut in 2007. The interesting thing about Moon is that she only got to sign a WWE contract in 2015 and has battled in the NXT Women’s Champion where she tested her might against Askuka who dominated the championship; she moved on to Raw in 2018.

To her name, she has an NXT Women’s Championship, PWA Women’s Championship, and three ACW American Joshi Championship. Ember was also named Queen and King of the Ring with AR Fox in 2013 by the Women Superstars Uncensored/Combat Zone Wrestling.


9. Natalya

Yet another of the famous female wrestlers in America is Natalya Neidhart who has carved a niche for herself in the business; having built on the reputation of the family, the Hart wrestling family, which is very popular in Canada and the United States when it comes to wrestling.

Born in 1982, Natalya grew up around wrestling so it is not surprising that she has come this much of a very long way since making her debut in 2000 in the Independent circuit. In 2007, she got signed to the WWE where she has fought alongside others such as .

A one-time WWE Divas Champion, she has also won the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and was inducted both individually and with her family into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame.

10. Stephanie McMahon

There is no denying the fact that Stephanie McMahon Levesque has paid all her dues as far as female wrestling is concerned. Her fame does not only end in the ring; it also spreads to the WWE where she is the chief brand officer (CBO).

A member of the McMahon family, she has been around wrestling all her life doing everything from modeling T-shirts to fighting, and even serving as an authority figure in the business. She made her wrestling debut in 1998 and got signed to the WWE which was then WWF in 1991.

Seen as one of the most powerful women in wrestling, she has a WWF Women’s Championship and two Slammy Awards.

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