15 Aidan Quinn Movies and TV Shows Rated From Best To Worst

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This Irish actor is one of the most versatile and accomplished performers of the last century. He has starred in numerous films, plays, and television series to great acclaim. Aidan Quinn is an award-winning actor, whose career has traversed film industries in America, Ireland, and Britain. Thanks to the wealth of acting talent he has in the bag, Quinn has only a handful of movies that can be considered failures. We present you with the top 15 Aidan Quinn’s movies and TV shows ranked in order of how great they are.

Aidan Quinn Movies and TV Shows

1. THE PLAYBOYS (1992)

A small Irish village is thrown into an uproar when a young and unmarried woman, Tara Maguire, becomes pregnant out of wedlock and refuses to name the person responsible for putting her in the family way. She is gorgeous, headstrong, and ready to take on the entire world if need be. Tara is also one of the most sought-after women in town, but who will she fall for? Aidan Quinn plays the role of a love-smitten playboy to perfection. Every single aspect of this movie is enjoyable from the characterization to cinematography, music score, and plotlines.

2. STAKEOUT (1987)

The actor takes on the role of Stick Montgomery, an escaped hoodlum being pursued by two determined Seattle detectives in this gritty and hilarious drama. He actually manages to avoid capture at every turn until the very last moments when it all comes crashing down. Think of Stakeout as a classic buddy comedy fused with police procedural and romance. There’s a lot of fun and laughs to be had when watching this Aidan Quinn movie.

3. AVALON (1990)

Set in the early 1950s in Baltimore, Avalon chronicles four decades in the lives of a Jewish family as they try to assimilate into the American culture. The movie explores what it feels like to live as an outsider in a place far removed from your understanding of home and traditions. What kind of heritage can immigrants hope to bequeath to the generations that come after? What do we lose in the process of belonging? Avalon is a sweet, detailed, and rewarding drama that poses these questions and offers an in-depth exploration of family. It is one of the finest Aidan Turner movies on his resume.

4. ELEMENTARY (2012-2019)

If you’re a lover of mystery and suspense, then buckle up and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. The series follows Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Joan Watson, as they investigate crimes as a consulting detective for the NYPD. Quinn is charismatic and comfortable in his role as the head of Major Crimes, Captain Tommy Gregson. If there’s any Aidan Quinn TV show that we totally recommend you watch, it’s Elementary.


The central conceit of this film revolves around the question: can we ever hope to change the past or merely content ourselves with atoning for it? This is the question than a former officer in the Navy must answer as he sets out on a journey to help a dying friend gain forgiveness for a crime he committed long ago. Handsome Harry is studded with star power: Steve Buscemi, John Savage, Karen Young, Jamey Sheridan, Aidan Quinn, Campbell Scott, Mariann Mayberry, and Titus Welliver. It is a spellbinding film that manages to hit all the right notes.


A disillusioned and lonely teacher who has lost touch with his personal and professional life travels from Chicago to Ireland to look for his real father, after he learns that his mother had been lying to him about who his father is. As his journey unfolds, so does the story of how his mother and father (Aidan Quinn) met and fell in love many years ago. The actor is on top of his game and completely owns the role he plays, bringing an extra layer of richness into an already loaded drama.

7. PRIME SUSPECT (2011-2012)

One of the best Aidan Quinn TV shows you can watch is this refreshing police procedural drama about a female detective in the homicide department of an NYPD precinct who is struggling to do her job and be taken seriously by her mostly-male colleagues. Quinn plays Lt. Kevin Sweeney, the department’s squad commander who does his best to manage the detectives under his command while trying to come to terms with the profession he’s chosen. Prime Suspect is a compelling and entertaining show with strong characters and hard-to-fault storylines.

8. BENNY & JOON (1993)

This heartwarming comedy-drama stars Quinn as Benny, a car repair shop owner, saddled with the responsibility of taking care of his mentally ill sister Joon, and his friend’s quirky cousin, Sam. When his sister and Sam develop intimate feelings for each other, Benny finds himself feeling lost and jealous. The simple comedic and crazy nature of this film makes for a delightful and riveting viewing


A bored suburban wife finds a new lease on life after she suffers amnesia and erroneously assumes the identity of another woman with an extremely shady life. The result of this mistake is a gripping, fascinating, and hilarious drama that impacts both women’s life in powerful and fulfilling ways.

Aidan Quinn plays the ruggedly handsome Dez, who falls in love with Roberta, believing she’s actually Susan. There are so many wonderful moments in this film that you’ll often catch yourself grinning constantly just watching the characters glide from one scene to the next. Desperately Seeking Susan is one of those movies you want to escape into and live forever in. It shouldn’t be left out when counting Aidan Quinn’s movies that are worth seeing.

10. WHITE COLLAR (2009-2014)

This delightful drama follows a brilliant criminal named Neal Caffrey, who teams up with the FBI to find and catch resourceful white-collar criminals in exchange for his freedom. Who doesn’t love a show about a really smart guy, using all the tricks up his sleeves to pull one over other people and come out on top of almost every situation? One of the things that make White Collar so special is that it never drops in quality throughout its six seasons. When you think the show can’t possibly get any better, it does; and it’s all thanks to the copious amounts of intrigue, and snappy dialogue that its spectacular cast does wonders with.

11. HAUNTED (1995)

Aidan Quinn takes the lead as Professor David Ash, who spends his time researching and proving claims of the supernatural are nothing but hocus-pocus. However, everything he believes he knows is tested when he is invited to investigate Edbrook Manor which is believed to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. As he tries to unravel the fears and secrets that bind the residents of the haunted house, things begin to make less sense and he soon realizes there may be something at play in the creepy town that he cannot disprove with logic. Although it feels a little tedious in some moments, Haunted is one of the more memorable Aidan Turner movies.


Based on a true story, Michael Collins follows the titular character’s remarkable achievements and his fight for Ireland to become a free state. Collins was one of the most significant faces behind the Irish revolution, which led to the Emerald Isle being partitioned and liberated from British rule. This magnificent biopic was brought to life by the talents an ensemble cast featuring Liam Neeson, , Aidan Quinn, Alan Rickman, Stephen Rea, Ian Hart, Charles Dance, Brendan Gleeson, and others.

13. WEEDS (2005-2012)

After her husband died unexpectedly, a widow in suburban California decides to earn a living to support her family by growing and selling marijuana in her neighborhood. Weeds is one of the best comedy series out there, and the episodes featuring Aidan Quinn are a total blast. The show’s dark humor and delightful plotlines are just some of the things that made Weeds one of the most beloved television series on air throughout its eight-season run.

14. EVELYN (2002)

A struggling father is put in a terrible situation after he loses his job; his wife leaves him and the state takes his children away from him. However, he is determined to do whatever it takes to regain custody of his children even if it means going up against the Catholic Church and the entire Irish family law system. Evelyn is a sentimental, crowd-pleasing drama based on a true story. It features some of the brightest performers in the business such as Pierce Brosnan, Frank Kelly, Julianna Marguiles, Alan Bates, Stephen Rea, and Aidan Quinn. The actor puts up one of the most absorbing performances of his career as Nick Barron, one of the lawyers who help fight the case. Evelyn is without a doubt one of the Aidan Quinn movies everyone should see.


This courtroom drama follows Elizabeth Canterbury, a determined defense attorney who is really great at her job. She often takes on unpopular and risky cases that most people are reluctant to touch, helping the wrongly accused find justice. However, her work brings with it twisted relief, serving as a reminder of the fact that her son has been missing for a long time and those responsible for his disappearance have not been brought to justice. Aidan Quinn plays Matt Furey, Elizabeth’s law professor husband who is also struggling to come to terms with the loss they’ve suffered.

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