20 Celebrities Who Are Born Again Christians

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Born-again Christian celebrities are celebrities who have openly identified with Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls. The term “born again” is associated with people of the Christian faith, who follow the teachings of the Christian holy book, the Bible, especially teachings in the new testament where the principal subject is about the Jewish prophet, Jesus Christ.

It is a state of being converted and is used to qualify persons who have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives (a spiritual phenomenon) and have a deep and personal walk with Him. It involves taking heed to the Christian doctrines of water baptism, fellowship, and most importantly, prayers and daily reading (studying) of the Bible. These persons can be referred to as a “born-again Christians” and by extension born-again Christian celebrities when we refer to all those we idolize for one reason or the other.

As a man is born into the world and exists in the physical, so also, one needs to go through the process of a “spiritual birth” to be able to have a spiritual or eternal life – a life which qualifies whoever has it to enjoy the afterlife in heaven with Jesus Christ. Does that sound weird to you? Well, it doesn’t to so many born-again Christian celebrities who have chosen to follow the way of the cross, with most of them forsaking their careers, fame, affluence, all of which they have spent a whole lifetime for in the process. Some of them on this list had to go through a watershed moment to realize this deep truth about human existence.

Most of these born-again Christian celebrities have been persecuted for their newly found faith and belief, especially in the entertainment industry and most, have endured. Hollywood has not helped matters in any way and most of them have given up their careers and all the glitz and glamor (not forgetting the distractions too) to follow in the way of the Lord. This list is limited to 20 born-again Christian celebrities, but the actual number is inexhaustive.

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1. Mike Pence – VP, United States of America

was born June 7, 1959, to parents Edward Joseph Pence Jr. and Nancy Jane Cawley. Pence was governor of the state of Indiana before he was chosen by as his running mate in the 2016 US election. He is the 48th Vice President of the United States and also a lawyer.

Although he was born a Catholic, Pence became a born again Christain and evangelical while in college and has not looked back since. Even as VP, his stance on some US controversial policies can be clearly seen as he has no room for compromise on his faith in Jesus Christ.

2. George Foreman – Former Boxing Heavyweight Champion

is a two-time world boxing heavyweight champion who was the rave of the boxing world in his heydays. He won several of his bouts against other boxers but didn’t win against Jesus Christ when he was given a TKO in the dressing room after losing a fight to Jimmy Young in Puerto Rico in 1977. He said he became unconscious and had a near-death experience which after he woke up from, his life had changed for the better.

He became a born-again Christian as he said the Lord pulled him up from the dead and the following year in 1978, he was ordained a minister. Foreman is now the pastor of a church based in Houston which he founded in 1980 – The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Tyler Perry – Film Director & Actor

Known for bursting into the Hollywood space with the 2005 couple’s classic, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, is a Christian and is not afraid to tell whoever cares to hear it. Born on September 13, 1969, as Emmitt Perry Jr, he has stunned Hollywood with other productions including the famous Madea character. He found the Lord at a very young age as his mother always took him to church. His boldness about being a Christian is a source of encouragement in these times where so many hide their faith for immediate gains or just to “blend in.”

4. Angela Bassett – Actress & Activist

She was born on the 16th, day of August 1958, in New York City. and is a Yale University graduate with a BA in African-American Studies. She is also a lover of God and one of the born-again Christian celebrities in Hollywood. The award-winning actress who has shone like a million lights in Hollywood worships with the West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

5. Chuck Norris – Film & TV Producer, Author

is a well-known action film actor (the younger generation may find his name rather unfamiliar). Born in Ryan, Oklahoma, Norris was a martial artist for many years but found a new passion in Christ. He is now a leader in the Christian fold since he became a born-again Christian as well as a screenwriter, television, and film producer. He has also authored several books in regards to his new faith. He is one of the voices advocating for the Bible to be part of the curriculum in US public schools.

6. MC Hammer – Former Hip-Hop Artist & Rapper

Born Stanley Kirk Burrell, he adopted the name “MC Hammer” when he became famous as an American hip hop artist. Raised in a Christain home, Hammer deviated from the Christain path and became a successful rap artist and hip-hop icon. However, after a fast decline in his fortune and affluence in the 1990s, he found his path back to God and was formally ordained as a pastor. Today, he says MC means “Man of Christ” and has re-focused his energy and zeal to get many hip-hop stars as he can to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.

7. Sherri Shepherd – TV Personality & Comedian

Sherri Shepherd is a comedian and television personality who was born on April 22, 1967 and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in Chicago. She found Christ in the 1990s and believes that if she had not been a born-again Christian before joining Hollywood, she would have been either dead or a junkie. The View host is not ashamed to speak about her Christian beliefs even on national television, howbeit, sometimes controversially.

8. Chris Tucker – Stand-up Comedian

is a comedian and actor. He is popularly known for his widely acclaimed role in the movie Rush Hour (and its sequels) where he starred with the award-winning legendary actor, . He is known for using swear words in his conversations and comedy delivery (a culture accustomed to black folks). But since he became a born-again Christian in 1997, all that has changed about him. He even opted to discontinue movie roles he was involved in at the time, most notably was his refusal to continue his role as Smokey in Next Friday. The change can also be seen in the way he now delivers his stand-up comedy.

9. Lenny Kravitz – Singer & Record Producer

Lenny Kravitz is a Manhattan-born actor, singer and record producer. His dad was Jewish while his mother was a Christian. He was part of the California Boys Choir as a young boy, and the group was rated the best boys choir group at the time. He says he experienced God as a little choir boy when his choir mate talked to him about Jesus. he said the presence of God that hit the room was indescribable and both of them were in tears.

That experience formed the basis of his faith which he tries to showcase even in his music. One of his albums is titled Baptism. His song Are You Gonna Go My Way is about Jesus offering the world the gift of salvation. The actor cum fashion designer has a tattoo on his back which reads “My Heart Belongs to Jesus Christ.”

10. Mr. T – Former Wrestler & Actor

Born Laurence Tureaud on May 21, 1952, Mr. T may not look like a born-again Christian but in fact, he is. Although his father was a minister and he was baptized at the age of 4, Mr. T did not have a personal relationship with Jesus until 1977 and then, he was re-baptized. He used to be a gold collector and can be seen wearing them everywhere he went. But in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina struck the United States, Mr. T gave up ALL his gold to be used in rehabilitating the victims of the disaster and claimed it would be a sin if he continued keeping them (the gold jewelry) while the victims of the hurricane were suffering.


11. George W. Bush – Former US President

The former president of the United States of America, is a born-again Christian. He got born again in 1985 under the ministration of the late world renown evangelist, Billy Graham after years of drugs and leading a wasted life. Bush, who is also a pilot, acknowledges God divine assistance even as he held the highest political office in the United States, He says without God’s instructions on a daily basis, he wouldn’t have been able to do his job effectively.

12. Kim Fields – Actress & Public Speaker

Actress is firm in her belief in Jesus Christ and is very public with her chosen faith. Having known what life is without Jesus, the Living Single actress is not ready to live life without Him no matter the cost  – career or not! Her stance on her faith means limited roles in Hollywood, and so she now speaks in Christian conferences and seminars, especially for women and youths.

13. Denzel Washington – Actor

Multi award-winning actor, is on our list of born-again Christian celebrities and rightfully so. The New York-born thespian was exposed to the gospel from a very young age, having been born into a Christain home with a father who was a Pentecostal reverend with the Church of God in Christ for 60 years -Reverend Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr. Born December 28, 1954, Denzel says he grew up in the fear of the Lord and has been holding unto Him since.

14. Jim Caviezel – Actor & Public Speaker

is popular for his portrayal of the character of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the 2004 ‘s film, The Passion of the Christ. The film was well received by the Christian community, but the same cannot be said of the non-christian community and for Caviezel, his part in the film has “ruined” his Hollywood career. As a believer in Christ, he counts it all joy even though Hollywood has decided to avoid him like a plague. He sees it as a very little sacrifice when compared to what Christ did on the cross for the world.

15. Justin Bieber – Singer

also makes this list of born-again Christian celebrities. He is not ashamed of the gift of salvation he has received and he shares his Christian-based convictions to his 89.5 million Instagram followers. In the past, Bieber is known to lead a radical life and has gotten into police trouble a couple of times, but all he says all that has changed because he met Jesus. He encourages his fans to open their hearts to the savior.

16. Candace Cameron-Bure – TV Personality & Actress

is an actress who started her acting career as a child. The Full House actress is also one of the very outspoken born-again Christian celebrities in Hollywood. The beautiful fact is that her brother, Kirk Cameron is also a Christian and was instrumental in her finding the Lord. Although she went to church while growing up and asked Jesus into her life when she was twelve, she only began to understand God’s word in her adolescent age after reading a book – The Way of the Master – given to her by her brother.

17. Al Green – Songwriter & Musician

Born Albert Greene on a farm in Forrest City, Arkansas, the popular soul music sensation is known to have abandoned his music career at the height of fame and surrendered to the call of pastoral ministry, but it did not just happen as easily stated. Al got born again in 1973 while on a tour to promote his music, he, however, continued to release and sing his soul music until a life-threatening event happened to him in 1974 and his life was spared.

18. Manny Pacquiáo – Pro Boxer & Senator

He is the world’s greatest pound-for-pound boxer, a Philippine senator, and a born-again Christian. believes he is a vessel in God’s hands to inspire change in the lives of as many as possible. Born a Catholic, he says it did nothing to change his life. But his encounter with Jesus left him a changed man forever.

19. Stephen Baldwin – Film Director, Producer & Actor

Stephen Baldwin is an outspoken Christian who believes in Jesus Christ and is not ashamed to say it. And just like Jim Caviezel, he believes he has become a victim of his faith. He gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2011 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. He constantly bemoans the fact that the United States of America, which was a country founded on Christian doctrines have now become a country that does not want to have anything to do with God. He is one of the few American born-again Christian celebrities who are yearning for the restoration of a Godly America.

20. Alice Cooper – Singer & Songwriter

The conversion of Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier is proof that God can change (and equally use) anybody. Even though his father was an evangelist and preacher of the gospel, Cooper found his way into the practice of dark arts. God found him and he became a born-again Christian in the 1980s but only became vocal about his new found faith in 2002. He nows believes completely in the Bible and holds onto its teachings.

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