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Sarath Ton is one name that has been variously mentioned in wrestling circles over the years and the reason is quite simple –  he is married to one of the most popular and successful female wrestlers in the globe, Sasha Banks. Apparently, the world is filled with people who are in the limelight because they are linked to other famous figures, and Sarath Ton is one of these people.

Since he burst into the limelight, Sarath’s life has generated some level of curiosity about who he is and what he has been up to all his life. We have summed up all we know about his life and career in five points.

1. What Sarath Ton’s Early Years Were Like

Not so much information is available about Sarath Ton’s early life and background at the moment. However, our investigation has shown that he was birthed on the 9th day of June 1983. He was born in Springfield, a city in western Massachusetts, USA.

We can confirm that Ton developed an interest in wrestling from when he was still a young boy. He fell in love with the sport after getting the opportunity to watch a number of wrestlers in action. He decided this was what he wanted to do with his life.

2. He Was A Player In The Wrestling World Too

Everyone knows Sarath Ton as the husband of one of the well-known female wrestlers in the world today, however, not many realize that the man was also a wrestler himself. As a matter of fact, he did quite some exploits in the ring.

After developing an interest in wrestling at an early age, Ton went on to receive his basic training from a local trainer and wrestler named Kevin Landry. After mastering the skills, Ton started his professional career in 2001. He made his first professional appearance for the Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast in November 2002. Adopting the name Kid Mikaze, Ton had his first fight against KL Murphy at the PWF Northeast treachery.

After that, he rose above standards at the PWF Vindication tag team match; hence, teaming up with Mike Palva to clinch his first PWF Northeast Tag Team Championship title on November 16, 2002.

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His career at the PWF Northeast lasted for about ten years. During this time, he won the PWF Tag Team Championship twice and the PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight Championship. When he left the PWF Northeast in 2012, he signed a deal with the WWE, adopting the ring name Rutherford Hayes.

The levels at which he competed

Sarath Ton has competed at various levels of wrestling championships since the inception of his career. He has featured in small promotions such as the New England Frontier Wrestling, Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment, Chaotic Wrestling, and Top
Rope Promotions, among others. He also made his first appearance for the World Wrestling Entertainment in 2012.

He has teamed up with other WWE stars, including Willard Fillmore and Jason Jordan. While he was gradually getting to the peak of his professional career, Ton sustained a recurring injury in his last match in 2015. Following his injury, the wrestler made a quick retirement from professional wrestling that same year.

3. His Relationship With Sasha Banks Was Top Secret

One very interesting thing about Sarath Ton and Sasha Banks is how they managed to keep their romance very private at first. The couple has been together for several years but fans were kept in the dark about their romance for a long time before people got to know they were together.

They dated for some years before they decided to tie the knot as husband and wife in August 2016. However, their romance was so secret that almost nobody knew they were getting married. In fact, fans only got to know about the wedding when a photo from the secret event was shared online by one of the attendees. Neither of the lovebirds uploaded their wedding photos on the internet themselves.

Talking about why their romance has been so private, Sasha Banks once explained in an interview that many fans are so crazy sometimes that they constantly send her husband some hate vibes on social media. So, they have decided to keep their love off the limelight.

4. Rap Battles Are Their Thing

Apparently, one thing Sarath Ton and have a mutual love for is wrestling but that is not the only thing they love equally as a couple – they also love rap battles. One would think that being so concerned about fighting, the couple would not have time for such things as rapping but that is where we got it wrong.

This interesting detail about their personal lives was revealed by Sasha Banks in an interview on the WWE Network’s Unfiltered With Renee Young. According to Sasha, she and her man are head over heels in love with hip-hop and love to engage in rap battles occasionally. Apparently, this mutual love for music has gone a long way in helping to keep them together.

5. Sarath Ton Is Still Signed To WWE – But Not As A Fighter

Sarath Ton is no longer a professional wrestler as he has retired, but he is still signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). When his days as a professional wrestler came to an end in 2015; the star signed up with the WWE as a costume designer and he is very good at the job.

Over the years, he has designed wonderful costumes for mainly female WWE stars, including popular names like Summer Rae and Paige. Interestingly, he has been the designer of all Sasha Banks’ costumes right from day one.

Additionally, Ton has made several appearances on Monday Night Raw where he interacts with The New Day Backstage. He has also appeared in several episodes of Xavier Woods online gaming YouTube Channel called Up Up Down Down, among others.

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