5 Fast Facts About Glam and Gore, The YouTube Star

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If you are a makeup enthusiast and a fan of YouTube then you must have come across one of Mykie’s numerous videos on her Glam and Gore channel. She is a Los Angeles-based professional special effect and beauty makeup artist who does an amazing job of making pretty things look awfully ugly. While a good number of people in the makeup business prefer to make people look glamorous and beautiful, Mykie decided to do both glamorous and gory makeups hence the name of her YouTube channel, Glam and Gore

There is no doubt that the beautiful lady has proven her talent with beauty makeups, however, it will not be wrong to say that she earned the attention she enjoys today as a result of her special effects makeups. Find out more about the Glam and Gore queen below.

Here Is What We Know About Mykie – The Glam and Gore Queen

1. Her Background

Ever since the makeup artist became a YouTube star, a lot of people have attempted to know more about her by trying to find out information about her background. However, their efforts has been futile due to the fact that she has consistently referred to herself as just Mykie, which is not her real name. Even though our attempt at uncovering details of her early life is yet to yield a positive result, we have succeeded in finding out her real name, which is Lauren Mychal.

While this is yet to be fully authenticated, a number of things point to the fact that Lauren was born on November 1, 1989, in Philadelphia, where she was also raised. She eventually moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dream of becoming a makeup artist.

2. She Never Trained To Be A Makeup Artist 

In case you see Mykie encouraging aspiring makeup artists not to bother about attending a cosmetology school, don’t be surprised (even though we are sure she’ll not give such advice). Nevertheless, it might interest you to know that she practically acquired all her makeup knowledge on her own. Judging by this, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she does not believe that everyone who wants to build a career in makeup must first pass through a cosmetology school.

3. The Glam and Gore Queen’s Popularity On Social Media Has Been Skyrocketing

Mykie, just like many other young stars, may never have become as popular as they are today if not the internet and various social media platforms available today. For the Glam and Gore queen, YouTube gave her the opportunity to take her talent to the entire world from the comfort of her home.

She got a YouTube channel on March 16th, 2014 and as of November 2019, she already has well over 3 million subscribers and more than 406 million views. In addition to YouTube, the beautiful lady is also making waves on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where she has a combined 1.8 million followers.

4. Mykie Once Had a Nose Job

At the age of 17, Mykie, who said she was in senior high then, was involved in a car crash with her then-boyfriend and damaged her nose among other injuries she sustained on different parts of her body both internally and externally. As a result of the nose injury, she started breathing through her mouth and this affected her daily life, including dancing which was her major thing at the time.

Unable to deal with the discomfort of breathing through her mouth, the makeup artist decided to seek medical help and was told by a specialist that her nose could only be fixed through surgery. Unfortunately, after the procedure, her nose, which was supposed to be reshaped in order to get rid of a bump she got from the accident, became more disfigured. Nevertheless, that’s all in the past know as she eventually got it fixed by another doctor.

5. She Once Dealt With A Mental Health Problem

Speaking in a Q&A session on her YouTube channel in April 2018, the makeup artist revealed that she had dealt with really crippling anxiety twice in her life. Even though it hasn’t been an ongoing thing, it was ‘extremely bad’ on the two occasions she suffered it and it lasted for about a month both times. The first time it happened was towards the end of her job at a casino where, according to her, some bad things happened, causing her to go into a panic attack that continued for a while.

This left her stuck in a mental circle of terrible thoughts and she was unable to slow down her heart rate, unable to sleep, and was constantly tortured with the thought that she was never going to leave her house again nor go ahead with her plan to move to Los Angeles. She just couldn’t function! The only solution at the time was to quit her job at the casino but unfortunately, before she could finish her two weeks there, another incident occurred which prolonged and made her already bad condition worse. Thankfully, she was eventually able to get out of it and move to LA.

Mykie’s second time of suffering anxiety was in November 2015 when she was on YouTube – not long after she won the Face Awards and hit a million subscribers. From the time she started YouTube, she never had any sort of breather. She was 100% devoted to growing the channel and thus, went from zero subscribers to a million. She worked all the time even while on vacation visiting family and never gave herself time to relax.

Coming off the heels of winning the Face Awards, she had a lot of ‘self-inflicted’ pressure to do something epic and big for Halloween but the award event had so drained her creatively, mentally, and physically that it was really hard for her to produce something extravagant for her YouTube fans. However, she still tried but sadly, her effort was met with a lot of criticisms about the videos she put out during that Halloween season because a lot of people felt it wasn’t enough and they weren’t happy, which was her biggest fear.

Unconsciously, Mykie had internalized all of this and eventually slipped into a depression during a vacation. This saw her battle with anxiety again for about two months but just like the first time, she managed to get through it by meditating. In a bid to prevent another anxiety issue, the YouTube star says she has learned to interrupt her bad mental habits.

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