5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Jadyn Rylee

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Jadyn Rylee is a Canadian singer and YouTube star who, in her teens, is already making waves and pulling quite a large fan base with her songs, including I Promise You and I’m not Invincible. It is quite advisable we follow up on such a raw talent. Interestingly, Jadyn Rylee did not just start aspiring to be a singer today, she started at a very younger age. According to her parents, she started singing almost immediately after she began to speak.

Jadyn Rylee Biography

Jadyn Rylee was born on February 14, 2006, in Toronto, Canada. Her parents are both Canadians and her father has been identified as Colin but information about her mother is not revealed. Rylee is a star in the making, the emerging talent started her singing career at a very young age and at the rate which her career is developing, in a few years from now, she would have established herself as a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

It’s not a walk in the park for Rylee at this young age as she has already started to deal with the pressure fame brings. She is still attending school and has to deal with the special attention given to her by her schoolmates and teachers, owing to the fact that she has now acquired fame.

Rylee sings country style music and she is signed to her own self-titled record label. The 13-year-old singer has an endorsement deal signed with Cheer is Possible and she serves as the company’s brand ambassador.

5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Jadyn Rylee

1. She stands against bullying

We can’t say for sure if Jadyn Rylee has been a victim of bullying but we know she is against it as she expressed her stand against through her anti-bullying song titled Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover. The song which she shared on her YouTube channel generated over 1.5 million views.

2. She started singing quite early

According to her parents, Rylee started singing from the moment she could speak. It baffled her parents that their little girl had so much zeal for singing at that age and even as they could barely hear the words that came out of their two-year-old kid’s mouth, they saw she enjoyed moving her lips to create rhythms. When she was 3, she had already started singing covers of songs and her favorite back then was The Climb which was originally sung by actress and singer .

Seeing the talent the little girl possessed, her parents got her a vocal coach named Aura Urziceanu. She began her vocal lessons with Aura when she was only 6 and this went on for a few years until her parents got her a more improved vocal teacher and performer in Sarah Hyde. Rylee described Sarah as a vocal teacher with incredible performance skills who helped expand her vocal capabilities and instilled stage confidence in her.

3. Jadyn Rylee’s musical collaborations

Rylee has a long-standing music collaboration with Curt Ryle. She travels regularly to Nashville, where Curt Ryle is based, so she could write and record songs with him. We know Curt Ryle from Big Matador Recording.

Earlier this year, Rylee flew to the United States, New York to be precise, where she met with Violet Young to work on several song covers. Together with fellow teenage YouTube star Brayden, Jadyn did a duet and they both released a beautiful single titled Only You.

4. Jadyn’s social media presence

At this young age, it is only right for her social media accounts to be handled by her parents so she does not get exposed to negative vices online. On Twitter, she has a little over 3k followers while on Instagram, she can boast of 14k followers. On her self-titled YouTube channel, Rylee has over 200k subscribers since the channel was created on April 28, 2015. Her YouTube videos have received over 53 million views so far.


5. What is Jadyn Rylee’s height?

Although she is still growing, her present height is recorded to be 1.47m. It is no doubt that in a couple of years, she will grow much taller than she is now.

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