5 Thrilling Facts about ‘Doctor Sleep’ from ‘The Shining’ Film Series

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All is set for Doctor Sleep, the long-awaited sequel to The Shining which is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures to hit the theatres on November 8, 2019. Thus, we bring to you five thrilling facts about this film adaptation of ‘s novel. Published in 2013, King’s fans would finally get a cinematic sequel to his 1977 novel The Shining as well as its Stanley Kubrick movie adaptation (1980).

5 Thrilling Facts about Doctor Sleep

1) It is a Direct Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novel

Stephen King, who has expressed distaste with Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining considers Doctor Sleep to be the true continuation of the Torrance family’s story. However, given that the original movie is obsessively-loved by moviegoers, most of whom have awaited the sequel of the 1980 film, Flanagan did acknowledge that Doctor Sleep would still pay homage to The Shining film in some way.

2) Doctor Sleep Leans Heavily on the Original Movie

Prior to the trailer, we do know that a sequel is coming for the 1980 film. What we never anticipated, however, was how much the distinct look of the original film would factor into Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep.

When Flanagan said that the film would exist “in the same cinematic universe” as Kubrick’s movie, that he as also made efforts to reconcile the differences between The Shining novel and film, and that he would also acknowledge Kubrick’s original movie in some way, we began to think he meant in a large way.

As a way to adapt both sources, he recreated scenes from the original film to use in flashbacks. From the production design to locations and major events of the original film, all feature very prominently, we wonder how many more are still in wait. As far as we have seen, from the trailer at least, we come to these conclusions; it’s possible more elements from Kubrick’s movie could feature as crucial plot points in Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep or those scenes have been overplayed for early marketing and could be significantly less pronounced in the final cut.

3) Danny Torrence is Still Afraid

Remember Danny from The Shining, the child who has psychic powers known as “the shining”. He is all grown up, but is surprisingly, still afraid and still dealing with his turbulent childhood. From the trailer, it looks like he is going to be forced to explore his gifts and powers as never before. Adult Danny is brought to the screen by Ewan McGregor who clearly channels a lot of timidness and fear with his performance.

, , Kyliegh Curran of Lion King (2016) will also star in the movie.

4) Doctor Sleep Will Take Us Back to the Overlook Hotel

As Danny reaches into his gifts, he came face to face with his fear, reawakening the ghosts of the past. It seems he would take us back, physically to where his trauma all began more than four decades ago, the Overlook Hotel, one of the most famous movie sets of all time.

As much as we don’t know how much of the visit is going to exist outside of his head, it looks some if not all the iconic rooms and scenes are making an appearance. They include flashes of the old woman in the bathtub of room 237, the eerie Grady twins in the hallway, and of course, the blood spilling from the elevator.

5) Are You Ready for Time Jumps?

Flanagan has avoided the horror film trope of jump scares as The Shining did but has incorporated jumps throughout various time periods in the film. From some scenes like McGregor’s facial hair to some of the recreated scenes from the original movie, it seems Doctor Sleep will move across a large expanse of time.

What are films and TV shows these days without time jumps? Thank goodness, Mike Flanagan has made it a trademark in his career. The filmmaker has made a point of injecting it throughout various time periods in the same story, gliding effortlessly between scenes in different time periods. Thus, Doctor Sleep won’t be anything new for him. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be quite the epic saga. He can handle it.

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