50 Celebrity Instagram Usernames You Need To Follow and Why

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One of the best ways to identify a celebrity is his/her popularity on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. This is why celebrity Instagram usernames are among the most searched for phrases on the internet. Celebrities have the most compelling feeds of loyal fandoms which they need to stay in touch with their fans from all over the world and with the new Instagram stories, every interested fan is able to see and be involved in what their favorite star is doing at every moment.

Thanks also to the rise of a new social media phenomenon that involves celebrities serving as online marketers to promote products, these celebrities now go beyond entertaining their fans with just pictures of themselves to also creating awareness. Following advertising watchdog rules that say anyone with more than 30,000 social media followers is considered a celebrity, it is now difficult to know which celebrity Instagram usernames to follow. For this reason, we have a list of 50 carefully selected celebrity usernames we would want you to check out and why you should follow them.

50 Celebrity Instagram Usernames You Need To Follow and Why

1. @cristiano

‘s Instagram username is one of the top engaging social media accounts. Being an international soccer star, his grid has it all—action shots, chiseled shirtless portraits and some other well-crafted posts that have contributed to his position on Instagram’s most-followed list. Christiano Ronaldo’s user account has over 181 million followers and if you are a fan of all things football, then this is the account to follow.

2. @arianagrande

is famous on social media for her singing, pony-tail hair, acting and of course, her whirlwind romance. Her username is also followed for her promotion pics, concert shots, music video promos, and campaign photos. Fans also like her black and white and vintage filtered photos. Her username has over 163 million followers.

3. @therock

With over 155 million followers, happens to be one of the most followed Instagram celebrities. In addition to his great acting skills, the wrestler is also followed by people with an interest in bodybuilding. He is, however, known by his ring name “The Rock”.

4. @selenagomez

This username as we know belongs to one of the biggest pop stars and it has over 155 million followers. ‘ page is flooded with her captivating pictures and short video clips of herself and her social engagements. You should follow Selena because she is just fabulous.

5. @kimkardashian

Get to know everything about on her official Instagram page, @kimkardashian which is massively followed by over 147 million followers. Aside from her personal pictures and that of her children, she also keeps fans engaged with video clips and pictures of her beauty products and entrepreneurial life.

6. @kyliejenner

‘s Instagram account has more than 145 million followers thanks to her never-ending picture and video posts on the page. Aside from her business pages @kyliecosmetics and @kylieskin, which also have massive followers, this Jenner’s personal Instagram page also has contents that include her personal pictures as well as her beauty and make-up products. Who better to follow than a young billionaire.

7. @beyonce

Wonder why this Instagram username has over 132m followers? Well, the answer is not far fetched. It is of course owned by the very own talented singer . She is followed by fans who are interested in her songs, entrepreneurial endeavors and of course, her current event activities. If you are a member of the beehive, you should definitely follow the queen bee.

8. @leomessi

This username with over 129m followers has already given a hint on who exactly we are talking about. If you have a keen interest in everything about , then this his official Instagram account is a must-follow. You have his family photos, special football events, social activities and lots more.

9. @neymarjr

@neymarjr is an Instagram account with 124 million followers belonging to the Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior or , as he is popularly known. The activities on the account are mostly related to the football player’s career and his family. Also included in his video-sharing page are pictures of himself with a good number of his reputable friends and fans.

10. @taylorswift

With over 121 million followers from various part of the world, @tylorSwift is another widely followed page on Instagram owned by another famous musician, . Tylor is into pop, pop-rock, synth-pop, electropop and country music but she is mostly known for her narrative song. To know more about Tylor Swift’s activities, tours and engagements, @taylorswift is the page to follow.

11. @nickiminaj

This Instagram username is owned and managed by the popular American rapper Niki Minaj. The content of the page includes music videos, photos and other activities by the music star. The Instagram Barbie’s page boasts of over 106 million followers from various parts of the world.

12. @mileycyrus

The singer-songwriter owns the @mileycyrus page which has garnered over 98.5m followers. Of course, the account is flooded with lots of photos and videos of her musical performances mostly loved by her fans worldwide.

13. @katyperry

we know is a popular figure in the entertainment industry which, of course influences her fame on the social community. Followers who are interested in the singer-songwriter’s day to day activities, as well as her private life, hook up with her on various social media platforms including the Instagram where she has over 84.8 million people following her.

14. @badgalriri

You guessed right! This username belongs to , originally known as ‘Robyn Fenty’ and the content of the page is not only centered on the singer’s musical career, videos and photoshoot, but also on other trending engagements, cosmetics and other beauty accessories. The Instagram page boasts of 74.4 million followers.

15. @champagnepapi

This, of course, belongs to Aubrey Drake Graham, aka . The Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and record producer has tons of interesting posts to entertain and engage his followers. His username has over 59.7 million followers.

16. @justintimberlake

This is one of the popular Celebrity Instagram Usernames garnering millions of followers worldwide. This page is the best for all ‘s fans needing firsthand information about everything he does. The page currently boasts of over 56.2 million followers.

17. @kingjames

This is the official username for the American basketball player, . You are sure to enjoy lots of James’ social and professional lifestyle. See also the player’s most memorable events, his family members and close pals. @kingjames has over 51.2 million followers.

18. @gigihadid

This American model is a must-follow for her classy picture poses that give you a complete glimpse of her beautiful skin. Get on Gigi’s Instagram account to find all her engagements, brand adverts and lots more. Gigi’s username has 49.3 million followers.

19. @zacefron

With a massive following from 40.3 million fans all over the world, the American actor and singer is Hollywood heartthrob thanks to his role in Disney’s High School Musical. Obviously, his acting career has earned him so much popularity around the world. ‘s account is mostly flooded with lots of personal pictures of vacations, family life, and other social events.

20. @paulpogba

is one footballer with style who you can’t get enough of when you follow him on any of the social media platforms. Want to know more about his roots and family members? Then link up with him on his Instagram username @paulpogba which has over 37.2 million followers.

21. @jessicaalba

This American actress is also a popular figure on social media with over 37 million followers on Instagram. The actress is known for founding the @honest_beauty and @honest. loves having pictures of her vacation, family and other organic products posted on her grid. You could also learn more about her organic products on her Instagram account @jessicaalba.

22. @snoopdogg

The American rapper has been in the industry for decades and it is therefore not surprising how his popularity has spread to Instagram. Like many other popular singers, fans of follow his insta page to get updates of his latest musical release as well as his family and personal time. @snoopdogg has over 35.5 million followers.

23. @tomholland2013

may not be a familiar name but his moniker, Spiderman is. His character which is mostly known to be nice and earnest has helped him gain unimaginable followership on the various social media platform. Tom Holland has over 30.9 million followers.

24. @krisjenner

Like the rest of the Jenner/Kardashians, also earned her fame through social media platforms like Instagram. The TV personality uses her platform to advertise different beauty products. Her account has over 28.9 million followers.

25. @victoriabeckham

@victoriabeckham is the Instagram username of English fashion designer, singer, and member of the now-defunct Spice Girls, . Known for her eponymous fashion label advertising various beauty products, the Instagram page is a perfect place for all lovers of fashion luxury and it boasts of over 26.5 million followers.

26. @chrissyteigen

‘s Instagram handle is one place you would learn how not to take life too seriously. The model’s account is full of hilarious activities including jokes that will leave you cracked up. It is no wonder she has a consistently growing followership of about 25.7 million followers.

27. @ciara

Ciara’s Instagram account is not all about her musical career and her business, fans also get to know her close friends and family members, including her kids and her husband Russell Wilson. The singer’s handle is followed by 23.3 million fans.

28. @britneyspears

Yes, is not an unknown under-the-radar celebrity which is why her Instagram account is massively followed. The singer’s account is one of the many celebrity accounts with trending facts about the celebrity owner. Britney’s account has  over 22.7 million followers.

29. @brunomars

With about 22.1 million people following his Instagram username, the American singer is one of the popular celebrities whose usernames are largely followed. Bruno’s account is no different from that of other celebrity singers who flood their pages with photos of their stage performance, events and family members.

30. @sofiavergara

The American-Colombian actress Sofia is a popular personality both in the entertainment industry and on social media platforms, including Instagram. As a model, the Colombian lady shows off her daily engagements with friends and fellow models. You can also find her travel pics on her account which has over 17 million followers.

31. @jamescharles

The username belonging to the American internet personality and make-up artist, @jamescharles is one of the top Celebrity Instagram usernames to follow for your make up training, ideas and product purchase. Also included on the account is the artist’s never-ending stream of stunning makeup art. The artist has over 15.9 million followers.

32. @Madonna

Owned by renowned celebrity, this Instagram Username is one of the many media outlets where the singer-songwriter engages her fans from all parts of the world with her daily activities. You could find videos of her musical performance as well as her photos and other highlights. Madona’s Instagram username currently boasts of over 14.3 million followers.

33. @shaq

Outside his professional life, retired basketball player Shaquille is known for his hilarious nature and his Instagram page does not depict less. His account has some videos of his past professional life plus photos of his kids and close friends. You can also get yourself engaged with his hilarious short videos. DR. Shaquille O’Neal Ed.D. has about 12.9 million followers.

34. @hilaryduff

Duff’s acting talent has seen her go places but she appears to be very personal with her Instagram posts so if you are interested in her family and close pals, then @hilaryduff is the best platform to meet Hilary Duff. The actress has over 12.9 million followers.

35. @adrianalima

is one celebrity model whose social media presences cannot be ignored. The model not only displays her different posses but also engage her followers on her routine workouts and so far, it has garnered over 12.2 million followers.

36. @serenawilliams

, we know is a power to reckon with in the world of tennis especially in the Women’s Tennis Association where she is ranked as the world best. Like every other celebrity Instagram usernames, Serena’s account has mostly her personal pictures which she deems fit to share with her friends and fans all over the world. Fans who follow Serena William’s username are more exposed to her life outside her career. Currently, the tennis player’s account has over 11.5 million followers.

37. @kristenanniebell

This username belongs to non-other than the American actress and it features mostly her personal family pictures, social activities as well as her movies roles. Also in included in her picture posts are some of her works’ behind the scenes for the Tv series The Good Place among many others. Kristen has over 11.2 million followers.

38. @ludacris

This is one Instagram account you need if you love funny content. It contains the rapper’s fun memes and videos. You would know more about the rapper because his handle is very well personalized. He has over 11.1 million followers.

39. @ansel

If there is anyone who loves lots of selfies, that person must be , the American actor with good looks. Also included in his post are pictures of adventures he enjoys. Ansel has over 10.1 million Instagram followers.

40. @johnlegend

John Legend’s account is a must-follow for all fans of the established singer who would want to get the first-hand gist about his professional and private life. The artist also has jaw-dropping followers of over 10.9 million.

41. @chancetherapper

How else will the rapper receive this jaw-dropping followership if not through his singing career? Get that new musical release by Chancellor Jonathan Bennett and other interesting and trending topics about the young rapper as he is not shy to show off his lifestyle. Chance the rapper has over 10.2 million followers.

42. @sussexroyal

Searching for the official Instagram account of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex? There you have it. It is also an official page where you could be a part of the activities and engagements of the English royal family, especially that of Prince Harry and his wife . The page has over 9.4 million followers.

43. @garyVee

Owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, a New York-based renowned businessman, investor, and CEO of two popular brands (VaynerMedia and vaynersports), GaryVee is one of the many celebrity usernames with millions of followers. The social media content which is often in video form is mostly centered on inspiring people on issues related to business, parenting other issues that relate to practical living. GaryVee currently boasts of 6.6 million followers.

44. @zuck

Zuck may be popular as a technology entrepreneur but he does has an interesting family that may also interest you. The young entrepreneur appears to be a sweet husband and father at home. Meet ‘s wife and beautiful kids. The Facebook CEO has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram.


45. @johnmayer

‘s insta handle tells of his sense of humor alongside his love for the guitar. You could also find pictures of some of his stage performances plus a handful pictures of himself with a number of legendary singers. Mayer’s Instagram account currently has over 4.7 million followers.

46. @violadavis

The American actress and producer is one of a kind. is the first black actress to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting and one of the most influential people in the world. On her Instagram handle, the actress inspires her fans with lots of messages and inspirational quotes. She also includes pictures of her family members and close pals. Hence, if you love to keep track of all Viola’s activities, her Instagram Username is the best to follow. Currently, the actress has over 4.1 million fans following her.

47. @alexachung

The British writer, model, fashion designer, and Tv presenter Alexa Chung is mostly followed on the photo and video sharing platform because of her fashion sense as well as her opinion on pop culture. @alexachung displays Chung’s multi-talent and her strong vibes. She is everything you want to enjoy in entertainment. @alexachung has over 3.4 million followers.

48. @doctor.mike

This username does not belong to an entertainer but it is quite famous. 𝐃𝐫. 𝐌𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐕𝐚𝐫𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐬𝐤𝐢 is an American-Russian internet celebrity doctor whose rise in fame is largely attributed to his inclusion in People magazine and Buzzfeed as one of The Sexiest Men Alive. As expected, the account which boasts of over 3.3 million followers has numerous pictures of the doctor. Mike created the social media account mainly to document his social life as a medical student.

What else can you say about the American television show host Andy Cohen, the original Bravolebrity? One thing you will first get to know about him is his loving nature both as a father and husband. Much of Andy’s pictures also reveals his love for his dog. Among other things, get to know more about the TV talk show host’s family members and vacations on his Instagram page which is currently flooded with about 3.5 million followers.

50. Oprah Winfrey

Best known as the richest African-American woman and the most influential woman in the world, s account is one of the most sought celebrity Instagram usernames. She engages her fans with lots of videos and photoshoots from her many shows, including the episodes of the @davidmakesman. Her account has over 1.1 million followers.

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