6 Dogs – Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and Other Facts

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At the time 6 Dogs began to make waves in the music industry, he was a teenager having a hard time with depression. Things got worse for him when his mother grounded him but not the music vibes in him. The talented artist turned to music particularly rap which he used to express himself and how he sees the world. From doing this, he began to gain attention on Sound Cloud when he posted his song Flossing on the platform.

6 Dogs kept growing his music career quietly while still under the roof of his religious parents. But it came to a time when he could no longer hide his fame from them; since then, the young rapper has been growing bigger by the day. Here is an account of how he has been able to get to where he is today.

6 Dogs – Biography, Age

He was born on the 5th of May 1999 in the northern part of Georgia into a religious family. His real name is Chase Amick and he has a sister whom he grew up with. For his education, 6 Dogs was homeschooled up to 3rd grade before he got enrolled in a Christian private school where he was till his 5th grade. He thereafter enrolled in a public middle school where unfortunately racism became a big issue he had to deal with. The experience Chase had while there was a terrible one such that he asked his parents to enroll him in another high school which they did and by 2018, he graduated from the school.

Like most other kids who were born and/or raised in Christian backgrounds, 6 Dogs grew up listening to a lot of Christian music. The first rap song he listed to was made by MC Hammer and it had a firm grip over him. He then lent his ears to songs done by other A-list rappers like , Lily Wayne, , and these formed his early musical influences.

It wasn’t long before 6 Dogs began to make his own songs. However, for fear of what his mother might say or do about it, he kept his budding music interest a secret from her while living under her roof. He made his first song titled Demons and posted it online. But for its caring nature, he decided to delete it knowing that he will still do better songs. Next came which he released in the summer of 2016 and posted online as well. The song went viral and it became increasingly difficult for 6 Dogs to hide his budding fame from his mother. When she found out, Chase was grounded indefinitely.

Though he was down, he was not out as he was still able to record his songs. Perhaps his mother knew that her son’s passion for rap music was not one that he could be cowered out of. During this time, the budding rapper released Faygo Dreams in March 2017. His second song was immensely successful as it got streamed online millions of times within its first few months of being posted. In this same year, he consolidated on his fast-spreading popularity by releasing Spaceship, Mazi Love, and Getaway all in 2017. The following year, he didn’t relent as he dished out Buttcheeks, OK, and Off the Gas which featured . No doubt, more will still come from the rapper.

Net Worth

Chase is at a time in his career where his finances can’t possibly be topping the charts. But looking at how fast he is rising, it can only be a matter of time before we see him earning big from his music career. For now, however, 6 Dogs is estimated to have a net worth of about $100, 000.

Height and Other Facts

Height and Weight

The rapper stands at a height which we are yet to determine. Nevertheless, available estimates about his body weight have it that he weighs about 77kg.

Origin of the Name 6 Dogs

Every artist has a story behind the stage name he or she goes by. For Chase Amick, his choice of the name 6 Dogs is one that we are yet to determine what exactly inspired. The two versions of the story we came across have it that sometimes while riding his bicycle as a kid in their Northern Georgia neighborhood, their neighbor’s pack of dogs will often chase after him and from that, the name 6 Dogs came up. The other version of the story has it that while rapping with one of his cousins, he often referred to himself as 6 Dogs and from there, the name stuck.


Some reports have it that the rapper has a girlfriend who goes by the name Arlaina Axenroth. It was further revealed that she has convinced him to become a vegan.

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